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 Imaginarium ~ A Description

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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

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Name: Gage Hall
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PostSubject: Imaginarium ~ A Description   Tue May 24, 2011 5:39 pm

Just a description of what the Imaginarium looks like. Feel free to post in the (soon-to-come) predetermined topics or post your own!

The outside: On the outside, the Imaginarium appears to be your average wizarding bookstore. It advertises quite clearly that it is a used bookstore carrying wizard and muggle works alike, and that one can trade their books in for books from the shop, much like certain video game stores work these days.

The word "Imaginarium" is embroidered upon the sky blue awning in a delicate yet bold dark purple script. There is a miniature patio where one may take a book and some refreshment with them outside to read, however there is a magic upon an unchecked book to make sure it does not leave the store.

First floor: Upon first walking in, if the spell did not immediately take effect, one will notice that the shop is an interesting combination of a bright naturally-lit conservatory and mysterious, dim-lighted library. The umbrella genres of Fiction and Comic Books, as well as New Arrival and Bargain shelves, can be found on this floor. A House-elf or some other prompt will urge you to pick up a sort of brochure, which outlines features of the Imaginarium for first-time visitors as well as highlight sales.

A few lecterns and easy chairs can be found here and there, although the lectern in the shape of a dragon is in actuality a fully interactive information kiosk for those needing assistance when Alan is busy or for those shy types that would rather find what they are looking for by themselves.

Some books on the topic of education may be found in the back near the spiral staircase which leads both up and down.

Basement: The basement looks a bit like a place where an orchestra might play, with lecterns before couches and easy chairs alike for a good two-thirds of the floor. This is, instead, the reading lounge. In the exact middle of the room is a long table that contains inexpensive refreshment. It is guarded and stocked by a House-Elf.

The remaining one-third of the basement is sectioned off from wanderers. It contains rare books, books being held for individuals by request, and rare books in need of restoration. Alan does not sell any books of the erotica genre in order to keep the shop mostly family-friendly. Only Alan, his House-Elf, or select clientele are allowed back here.

Second Floor: The second floor is most like a sunroom near the patio/balcony at the front of the store, and more like a library towards the back. The rest of the educational books may be found here, as well as news archives (both muggle and magical) and a plethora of non-fiction tomes. Much like the first floor, there are some chairs and lecterns scattered about. There is also yet another interactive dragon lectern for those in need of assistance.

"The Attic-Loft": This is where Alan lives, and it is always kept locked. If ever invited into this portion of Alan's home, one will find all the furnishings and trappings of home for a muggle-born wizard. He owns a kitchenette instead of a full-size kitchen, there is a television with a few game systems, a reading room/office type section, a mini dining room, and a fold-out bed hidden in the wall. His wardrobe is also built into the wall. The first week Alan lived here, he kept opening his wardrobe when he meant to pull out his bed. If ever he wants to sit out on a balcony, Alan does so from the second story of his shop. The color scheme of Alan's home is warm yet light with varying browns, blues, some yellow, and light green.

--- Other Special Features ---
Lights: Customers visiting the Imaginarium are more than welcome to sit a spell and read some of a possible purchase. A lectern, comfortable chair, and some form of lighting will be made available all in one spot. Much like a three-way lightbulb, the customer may choose the level of brightness they desire. All they need to do is cast a predetermined spell to magnify the amount of light. 'Lumos' causes the light to "click on". Lumos in conjunction with either 'magnus' or 'maximus' will increase the light further. It will automatically shut off if the customer leaves the area and does not return within fifteen minutes (or less, if the customer leaves).

Imaginarum Lecterns, Standard: The lecterns within Imaginarium are designed to be either makeshift mini-tables for one's books or to increase the ease of reading. By placing one's hand on a lectern, one can command it to morph into a more table-like form, magically read the text of a book placed on it (performed telepathically, as though the listener were wearing headphones), turn the pages of said book as you read, provide summaries, and/or name the store's price listing for the book.

The lecterns do not recommend books or perform comparative price checking.

The user's imagination controls whether the voice heard is male or female, and any accent or style if desired. Volume and noise-control are also controlled by the user.

Mushu and Falkor; Imaginarium's AI Lecterns: Mushu and Falkor are the two dragon-shaped lecterns within the Imaginarium. One is on the first floor, while the other is on the second floor. Unlike the standard lecterns, these two are much like a library's card catalog or other database. Mushu and/or Falkor are able to direct you to the section you're looking for, recommend similar titles, comparatively check Imaginarium's price against a competitor's, and price check or tally up your bill. These lecterns practically come to life to serve the customer's needs, with the exception of handling the financial part of the transaction, and may project miniature versions of themselves (much like a patronus) to lead you to the area you seek.

Alan designed these lecterns but commissioned a friend to make and enchant them. He felt the pair of lecterns may provide a sense of fun to the store.

The name 'Mushu' is from the dragon in the film Mulan, and 'Falkor' from The Neverending Story.

Anti-Theft Barrier Charm: The anti-theft charm is but one of several devices cast upon the frontmost portion of the store. A warning goes off once one goes passed the door with an unpaid-for book, which Alan must acknowledge before the warning shuts off. Attempts to take the unpaid book off the premises are futile: book and handler will be forced apart, with the book solidly remaining on shop premises. It is possible to break the sensitivity of this charm by casting it on the book itself, but it is exceedingly tricky as only Alan and his House-Elf are aware of the particulars of said spell's mechanics.

Ever-Changing Decor: This enchantment is one that Alan believes makes the Imaginarium what it is supposed to be. When imaginative or creative processes spark within an individual as they enter the shop, the enchantment activates to provide for them an overlay of scenery precisely as they imagine. Everything is subject to change and reordering as they go. Even "holographic" images of people or creatures may appear in the aisles if they so desire. The enchantment may be paused, shared, and/or dispersed by the user at any time with a simple thought-spell as outlined in the brochure they receive upon entering the establishment. Reminders of these thought-spells are posted around the walls and shelves, just in case.
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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

Posts : 593
Join date : 2011-04-27
Age : 32

Wizarding ID Card
Name: Gage Hall
Blood Rank: Muggle-born
Career: [H] Potions Professor

PostSubject: Re: Imaginarium ~ A Description   Tue May 24, 2011 5:49 pm

Images of the standard lecterns one will find at the Imaginarium:

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Imaginarium ~ A Description
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