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 Fraulein Punctually Challenged

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Name: Berlynn Stabler
Blood Rank: Pureblood
Career: Auror

PostSubject: Fraulein Punctually Challenged    Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:37 pm

Near the entrance hall where the Conference at Berlin was to be held, Members of the Stabler clan arrived via floo from their respective homes across Europe and gathered together at one corner. Gustav Stabler, the patriarch of the Clan stood at the center with his wife, Hildegarde at his side, regarding each of his children, Annika, Liesel, Alfons, and Dagmar, as well as all of their spouses/mates warmly. Hildegarde, however, ever the socialite, eyed all of their clothing critically, much like a hawk studies it's prey.

"See, I told you we should have had Hedda dress us all. Granted, it would have been a bit of a loss to our dignity having to have our Mother pick out our clothing, but at least we wouldn't get the evil eye, eh?" Alfons joked lightly to his sisters. Annika and Dagmar rolled their eyes but Liesel offered a light laugh.

"Hedda, they look fine. More than fine, in fact. As beautiful as Aphrodite herself," Gustav beamed affectionately at his children.

A pursed lips was only Hildegarde's response. "They need to make a good impression. This conference is, after all, International, and in our home country. We need to do Mother Germany proud. Especially since we are at the heart of her: Berlin. Speaking of Berlynn, where is she?        
I swear, that child is always la-" 

A gentle touch of her husband's finger upon her crimson lips silenced her though, as sapphire orbs turned to the nearby fireplace. With a small, knowing smile, the wizard began to count down. "Three, two, one..."

Sure enough, perfectly synchronized with his count, his second to youngest born appeared in an emerald flurry. Instead of her usual black robes with dragonskin pants that she wore for work, Berlynn was, like the other attendants of the conference, dressed for formality, working as an undercover Auror. A long black dress adorned her, it's dark color adding a sharp contrast to her fair skin. It was simple, yet clung to her figure, allowing a slight drop for cleavage, though nothing that would make it appear inappropriate. This was, after all, not a nightclub. Her copper hair was done up, though with her bangs still hanging and gracing the sides of her face. Tonight was a busy night indeed for the witch, for not only did she have to be an Auror, but also Fraulein. 

Gustav smiled warmly at his fourth born, though his wife, unfortunately, scowled. "Berlynn, you dress so plain..." Hedda sighed in annoyance. "I would have thought you would have put more effort into your clothing tonight, considering the conference is taking place in the city of your birth."

A feminine eyebrow arched. "I'm sorry, Mother. You're right. Next time, shall I wear the German flag?" she jested lightly in response, rolling her eyes at her Mother's comment.

A loud ripple of snickers escaped Gustav, though a sharp look from his irate wife silenced him. However, so too did Hedda have no response aside from a glare.

"Shall we go in?" Gustav asked his family, all of whom nodded. However, it was the okay from Hedda that lead the family onwards, as she slipped her arm through her husband's. 

Berlynn followed her family as well, though as she entered where all the others were, she separated from them, as she was still in duty. Finding another fellow Auror to the side of the scene, she approached her colleague. To other eyes it would appear that two people had merely seen each other and opted to mingle, but in reality, the two undercover Aurors were exchanging reports and information on any suspicious activity that may have been noted. As she listened to her colleague shoot off a plethora of information, Berlynn allowed her gaze to wander through the crowd, scanning for any familiar faces. 

"You're late, Stabler, Benson." The Auror Sergeant reprimanded the two Aurors under his disguise of being a small child. It was a rather comical sight, having two fully grown adults being chastised by what appeared to be a boy no older than five. Still though, the two Aurors resisted the urge to laugh.

"We're not late, sir. Everyone else is simply early." Berlynn replied light-heartedly. Knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity before her since her boss couldn't do anything else his cover would be broken, the witch took the opportunity to teasingly pinch his cheeks, speaking in a baby voice, "Aren't you the cutest thing ever?"

The child-disguised Sergeant scowled but knew he could do nothing. "I'll deal with you later..." he hissed as he trudged off.

Allowing herself to laugh once he was out of earshot, the witch returned to scanning for people she knew though continued to listen and be alert through her hidden ear piece.
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Vinzent Zolnerowich


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Wizarding ID Card
Name: Vinzent Zolnerowich
Blood Rank: Pureblood
Career: Politician

PostSubject: Re: Fraulein Punctually Challenged    Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:33 pm

Vinzent lurked away from the other Ministers and the press for a moment once he noticed the next family to enter the ballroom. The Stabler Clan and he were good friends. It was about time some more purebloods showed up! Vinzent preferred the company of the Stablers to any half-blooded family, and any half-blooded family over even the mere notion that muggleborns – referenced by him under another less-polite moniker – were in attendance here tonight. However, as it was a Magical Cooperation conference, the momentary reality check that such individuals were indeed present made the wizard’s sizeable nose crinkle with distaste. In fact... from what he could see, his own daughter was schmoozing with one of the muggle-mutants. That was just wrong in his eyes.

Before approaching the Stablers, Vinzent took a little detour to collect his daughter. He glared at the clearly muggleborn gentleman wearing a beret and garments that were two shades too loud. Without introducing himself, excusing Charisma, or any other notice to the couple Vinzent grabbed Charisma’s arm just above the elbow and gave a tug.

Charisma shrieked. “Father!” she continued on shrilly, “That was beyond rude! Let me go!”

Vinzent cringed at the high pitch of her voice as though she had screamed in his ear. “Keep your voice down! He’s not your type and the Stablers are here,” he snarled back and continued to lead his daughter toward the assembled family. Glancing in their direction, Vinzent blinked in surprise a little at the sight of Berlynn’s appearance. She wasn’t working this evening with everyone and their dog attending? No... that didn’t seem right. Especially with his competition present. Vinzent decided that his former bodyguard must be undercover.

“Well, good. Why don’t you go rub noses with them while I get back to Trent...?” Charisma grunted in protest. She noticed Berlynn as well. While she loved the woman that was like a sister and a mom to her, the teen really wanted to talk more with the potential date her father had discourteously pulled her from. Surely the fellow witch would understand? Maybe even help her out a bit...?

“Shh! Be polite,” Vinzent hissed at Charisma.

“I will if you do,” Charisma returned in a whisper.

”Good Evening,” Vinzent said in German once he reached the Stablers, ignoring Charisma. He loosened his grip on the girl’s arm so it didn’t quite look as though he nearly dragged her over. ”Delighted you all could come. If I may, the ladies of the group are absolutely stunning tonight,” the wizard continued and offered a formal half-bow. “I do hope everyone is well?”

If the Stablers weren’t friends of her father, Charisma probably wouldn’t have been able to suppress an eyeroll. She spotted Berlynn and smiled in her direction. Now if only Vinzent would take his paws off her arm so she could go mingle...
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Fraulein Punctually Challenged
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