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 Theresa Gordon

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PostSubject: Theresa Gordon   Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:17 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Note:I also play Liara, Bastian and Aerilyn

In Character

Name:Theresa Gordon
Gender: Female
Blood Rank:Muggleborn
School: Hogwarts
Career:Hogwarts Divinations professor


Your Class:Divinations


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Jason and Vivian Hall
Grandparents: Paternal: Michael and Eliza Hall; Maternal: Benjamin and Janette Richardson
Siblings: Laura Michelle Kent, Gabriel Hall, Anthony Benjamin Hall
Aunts & Uncles: Paternal: Gordon Hall and Renee Clarke; Maternal: Joseph and Hale Richardson
Nieces & Nephews: Sophia, Rhett, Rachel Kent; Kyle and Zachary Hall (Anthony)
Cousins: Douglas Hall (Gordon); James Clarke, Addison Clarke (Renee); Crystal Richardson, Christopher Richardson (Joseph); Melinda, Daniel, and Samuel Richardson (Hale)
Children: Sarah Gordon
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Creamy pale
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair length: Wavy past shoulders
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5,6
Build: Fit and slim


Crushes: N/A
Mates/Spouse: Husband; Hayden Gordon
Status: Faithfully Married

-How I act-

Personality: Theresa is always the peace keeper in the family, and self declared messenger of the family. Often she will change words to make them sound more palatable to a person. She is very loyal to her family, and often the most sensitive of them all. She can often tell when another is upset and sometimes even why. She doesn't get mad easily, though her feelings can be hurt without much effort.

Your Story Please?
Theresa Hall was Born to Jason and Vivian Hall, their third child and youngest daughter. Theresa grew up learning how keep the peace in her family. She was always a sensitive child and was always at the side of her father and mother, or if they were not at arm's reach she was happy to play games with her siblings. She was especially close with Joseph or Joe. It was a interesting time when she noticed strange thing happening around her and her brother, she was scared of it at first wondering if there was something wrong with them or if ghost were haunting them. But as her older brother discovered it was them, there was something about them and they could control it if they practiced. Theresa also discovered something, she had very actuate intuition, she had strong feelings when something was wrong or about to go wrong. She usually knew when one of her siblings or parents was ill even before they did.

She always enjoyed it when Joe sent letters back from Hogwarts, he was the only person to actually send letters, as all her muggle friends send Email or texts. Hogwarts was a magical place that almost seemed it was still unreal to her.. even though her brother was going to it. Or it almost seemed like a fun theme park, needless to say the young girl couldn't wait to go. However the magical wizarding world wasn't what she thought it would be.

Once getting to Hogwarts she was enwrapped in the epicenes of the old school, she was in a real castle that felt like a fairytale. She was happy to be sorted in to the same house as her Brother, Ravenclaw and was plenty welcomed there. However she soon discovered the world of magic wasn't all good. She learned being born to non magical people was a undesirable thing, They were considered threats to the wizarding world it was almost confusing to her. However because of her friends and her brother she eventually ignored to people who ridiculed her and many others like her. Though Hogwarts was no longer the magical place she thought it was. She did well in her classes like any Ravenclaw would, though she excelled at Divinations. Which wasn't a surprise considering her ease with intuition.

During her fifth year Theresa met her first serious boyfirend, a 7th year Pureblood Slytherin named Sylar Selwyn. At first glance they were a happy couple, Sylar treated Theresa like a queen and he was her humble courter.. However after they had been going out for afew months things started to change. Sylar followed Resa around everywhere she went, never giving her a moments peace and at times seemed Rather controling. However Theresa always defended her boyfriends actions from her friends and often times her brother as well, even though she looked miserably around Salar to those that new her it was also known Theresa well, and she was hiding something only remaining tight lipped about it.

It wasn't until almost summer time when the two were having a argument, that Theresa's dark secret was witnessed by a fellow 7th year Ravenclaw. When Sylar punched Theresa across the face when she accused him of being a control freak. After the initial sting of the hit and shock settled in Theresa wanted to make a break for it, as far as she was concerned the relationship was over. He had grabbed her when the witness to the attack decided it was best to interfere. he used a spell to knock Sylar back and escorted Theresa away. He brought Theresa to the head boy and Girl bathroom to let her wash her face and helped treat her bruised face. Theresa wanted him to keep it a secret, however word had spread like wild fire about a fight breaking out and the pureblood Syler and Hayden Gordon over her. Eventually however her brother found out, and threats and chaos ensued. Sylar was eventually "Taught a lesson" By Gage and expelled. Theresa had asked not to mention what happened to their father to Gage, worried her father might over react and get himself in trouble. After getting a hesitant agreement out of him she vows never to speak of the incident again.

Theresa remained happily single for her remaining years at hogwarts, though her and Hayden remained close firends even after he graduated along with her brother. Theresa later went on to open her own shop in Hogsmeade a small but simple divinations store that she owned and managed, she hired a student over the summer occasionally if the year was busy. It was also then when she met Hayden Gordon again, so happened he owned a shop across from her.

As the years passed things went by rather well, tentions towards muggle borns was rising as attacks on purebloods and Muggle borns alike rose.. But she dealt with such things in stride.. She and Hayden entered a serious relationship, and one night while out on vacation he asked her to marry him, that night, and she did. Before getting married she wrote a letter to her family members telling them of what she planned to do, hoping they would understand they got married. However through out the entire wedding she got a sickening feeling something was horribly wrong, moments after the wedding ended she got word something had happened to her mother, she broke down after that knowing somehow her mother was dead.

She went back to her parents house to be with her Father and family in the horrible time, it all went by in a blurr, she hardly remembered any of it just lots of saddness and cold. Life started to move again after afew months, but Theresa still felt horrible and she worried for her older brother Gage, getting the feeling he took their mothers Death harder then she thought initailly..

A year had passed and the feeling she got about her Brother only grew worse, she tried talking with him asking if he was alright, but she was more less told not to worry and all was fine.. However her feeling of worry didn't pass, another shoe would drop.. she could feel it. Then it eventually did, when it was revealed Gage was using his resorces and power as an Auror to torture his prisoners. This news casued another break in the family.. and to her heartbreak her father all but disowned her brother, and her brother left, changed his name and never spoke of there father again...Civily anyways. She however was unable to let her brother leave like that and she continued to keep in touch with him.. She was unwilling to believe he did those things to his prisoners purely for the fact he enjoyed it.. that wasn't him.

Things took a surprising turn a few months later, it seemed Gage had acquainted himself with their new minister, Liara Lightle, she had never thought her brother would fall for a Politician.. but he was head over heals for her, there was no denying that she had never seen him so happy.. she didn't only have that to be happy about, for she also found out she and Hayden would be having their first child, whom she had a feeling was going to be a girl.

It wasn't until a few months later Theresa got another sickening feeling something was wrong, she didn't want to worry anyone just then.. and plus few people believed her when she got "that feeling" anyways. But a day or two went by and she nor Liara had heard a word from Gage, it was then the feeling got 10 times worse.. almost to the point she made herself sick. Her brother was in danger, she knew it now and she had to do something about it. She went to Liara and even the Daily Prophet to encourage if anyone had any knowledge on where her brother was, they would be rewarded. When she found out Liara was going out with a team of Aurors to look for him she asked if she could come along, Getting the feeling she knew where her brother might be.. As luck would have it they managed to find him very out of it and beaten up.. he murmured something about wanting to kill the guys that had done it. She was stricken with a horrible anger at that point, how dare anyone hurt anyone like that? as Gage left with Liara for St. Mungo's Theresa stayed behind a moment longer only and placed several curses on the compound her brother had been in... Anyone who entered the shack with ill fated thoughts.. they would be forever plauged with there worst nightmares.

She was relieved again to her Gage would be alright, though was sorry she hadn't been able to help him sooner so his leg could be healed and he could have kept is career as a Auror, but as long as Her brother was content with the situation, so was she. It wasn't long after that she gave birth to her baby girl Sarah. Who was of course the little bundle of joy in her life, whom she brought happily to her uncle Gages wedding.. Well almost wedding.. as Liara the bride simply vanished. She felt so bad for her brother, standing at the alter waiting for his bride to come down the isle and have nothing.. She had been angery at Liara for what she had done to her brother, if she had been playing with her brothers heart the woman would have hell to pay. She payed the woman a visit after leaving little Sarah with her dad and yelled outside the ministers house for hours until the woman finally let her in and tearfully explained what happened. The situation with the press and Politics was horrible, but she felt a little less angry at the minister and more at the world that they lived. Though she did demand Liara go to her brother tell him everything... weather he let her in the house or not.. She was thankful she did for she hoped her brother didn't fall back into the hoop he had been in before the last time he was in a mood.

Months past her little daughter grew and grew and kept her very busy. which was saying something since seeing bits of the future was what she was wouderful at.. was even more interesting when the little girl started to walk.

She was proud the day she heard Gage was working at St. Mungos and going for his masters in potions.. Finally she felt the world start spin normally..

A couple years passed and nothing big happened, Theresa occasionally tried to soften her father up when it came to Gage.. even brought little Sarah along to see if her innocents and comments about Uncle Gage would work.. but to no avail he was as stuborn as a mule.. One evening she got news from her brotherhe would be teaching at Hogwarts, and she was happy for him of course, she was starting to feel her brother should try settling down..

Then a near disaster struck.. her shop in hogsmeade was destroied by a magical bomb, she had been partially caught in the explosion though suffered only minor injuries, the worst being a broken arm and a couple cuts from dubries. Luckly Haydens wing of the shop survived, but all her divination products, books and supplies were gone and because of her fully claimed muggle-born was then she decided to try her luck as a teacher at hogwarts.

She planned to speak with the headmistress right away about it, she only hoped Gage being her brother wouldn't be a problem...


Magic Specialty Divinations
Favorite Spell: None

-Other information-

Weakness:Overly Sensitive, Shy, Submissive
Strengths: Divinations, Empathy, Morally Centred
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Theme song:Imagine, Cover by Avril Lavinge

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Theresa Gordon
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