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 Michelle “Shelly” Archer

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PostSubject: Michelle “Shelly” Archer   Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:45 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub
Note: I play several characters; the one listed below is exceedingly minor compared to the others

In Character

Name: Michelle “Shelly” Archer
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Muggle-born (muggle-born father drained of his magic; muggle mother)
House: Gryffindor
School: Hogwarts
Career: Student – Hogwarts “Firstie”


Parents: Travis and Miranda Archer; Step-mother/Aunt: Nicole Archer (refers to her as ‘Nikki’)
Grandparents: Brendan and Katrina Archer; (maternal grandparents deceased)
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Nicole Archer (doubles as step-mom), James Archer; (maternal aunts/uncles unknown)
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: None
Children: TBA (too young at present)
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Golden brown
Hair length: Mid-back; often braided in twin “pigtails”
Eye color: Blue
Size: Small
Build: Between skinny-average, for a child


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: None Yet
Status: Too Young

-How I act-

Personality: Shelly Archer is at the forefront a sweet and charming little girl. She most definitely takes after her biological mother moreso than her father. A bit of a tomboy, she will gladly take someone up on an offer to play Quidditch or softball but will outright refuse to ‘play house’. Shelly only has a very few dolls, and most of them are dressed in military fatigues like her step-mother. One or two deliberately have parts of their limbs missing because of “wounds” suffered. She also loves to play war with plastic army figures. Nicole has introduced her to games such as Risk, Backgammon, and Chess, and Shelly loves all of these, too, despite the drastic change from high-energy play to quiet play.

The girl is creative and despite the rowdy streak can be highly affectionate. If you were to ask her if she knew what a stranger was, she’d probably tell you she doesn’t have a clue. Her caring heart sees everyone she meets as a new friend and if she sees them often enough will apply a familial term to their name. Shelly’s favorite terms are ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ regardless of how old a person is, unless they are obviously older than what she considers ‘aunt-and-uncle’-age. Nicole has tried to instruct Shelly to not be so open, which leads her to be gullible and could potentially make the child vulnerable, but to no avail. One would think Michelle tends to weave between being overly sensitive and somewhat oblivious. Whether such a thing is intentional or accidental is anyone’s guess. Being an optimistic spirit and too young to see certain things in people could also be a factor.

At this point in her young life, Shelly’s goals are to: have fun, make friends, laugh, learn a little, and make ‘Nikki’ proud. She loves the world and just about everything in it. Like many children she is full of questions, and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Overall she is a very well-mannered, outgoing child that is exceedingly easy to befriend. Just beware should that trust be broken... Explosive tempers apparently run in the family, though for now Shelly’s only lasts a short time.


Your Story Please? Michelle Archer is the first and only child born to Travis and Miranda Archer. Miranda sadly died shortly after Michelle’s birth, leaving Travis a single father. Despite Travis’s determinedly fun-loving ways he made a good single dad, often with the help of some of his buddies and their wives. Insofar as Shelly is aware, she had a good early childhood even though she didn’t grow up with a Mommy.

At first she thought her family was just her, her daddy, and poor Uncle James who was confined to a wheelchair after he had an accident. So, wanting to have a big family like she seen other kids did on television, Shelly began to call different people she saw everyday by different family titles. Most of these people were around her daddy’s age, so needless to say she had lots of uncles. Most of them had wives and kids, which became her aunties and cousins. It wouldn’t be until she reached the age of three that Michelle met her biological aunt, Nicole Archer.

Nicole, or ‘Nikki’ as Michelle took to calling her, looked tired and sad upon their first meeting. She also had purple spots on her arms and face that she could see beneath the makeup. The woman talked with her daddy for some time, especially because Travis needed a babysitter for her. Travis and one of Shelly’s declared ‘aunties’ were getting close and she was in the way. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out – although she’d never put it in those particular words, Michelle knew that was the case. What Michelle didn’t realize was that her father was jealous that his baby girl had magical powers while he no longer had his, just as Travis had resented Nicole for still retaining some of her powers.

Just like every new person Shelly met, Nicole and she got along famously by their second evening in the other’s company. The only thing the little girl didn’t like was ‘mean old Mr. Delaney’ whom Nicole was married to. After a few shouts from the wizard, it didn’t take long for the bright little girl to figure out where Nikki’s purple spots – bruises – came from.

The little girl was devastated one morning after spending the night at Nikki’s house (ironically for the thirteenth time), when she was told her daddy had died. No one would tell her how or why. When Nikki attempted to go and take Michelle to Travis’s funeral, Brian Delaney stopped the woman. The moment things got abusive Michelle ran back to her guestroom and tried not to pay too much attention to the goings on. Yet, she was worried for her auntie’s safety and prepared to call the authorities should the wizard severely hurt Nicole. When Nicole shot her husband, Michelle jumped and then ran to hide in the closet. It took a great deal of coaxing to get Michelle to come out. When Nicole succeeded, however, they left the house and never returned. The little girl did not understand the need for a funeral, nor the true concept of death. All she knew was that her daddy was sleeping in a strange bed and wouldn’t wake up. Not only that, but someone had put makeup on him.

Michelle introduced Blair Ashcroft, one of her many ‘aunties’, to Nicole. The pair hit it off rather well in the little girl’s opinion, and it was with Blair that she and Nicole spent the next few nights. Shelly had no idea that in a short time they would be moving very far away. In fact, they moved to a completely different country: England. Things seemed normal enough for a long time after that, though Michelle still greatly missed her father. Although Nicole knew the girl was destined for Hogwarts, she placed Michelle in a regular Muggle school for the time being. It took several lectures to not mention or perform magic while she was there which ended in a few little tantrums on Shelly’s part, but was overall an accepted rule. The reward was that if she was really good during the week that Nicole would take her into the magical communities on the weekend. When Nicole found a job that involved working a night shift, she hired a nanny to look after the girl. Despite the nanny’s youth, Shelly dubbed the young woman ‘Nana’.

At present, Shelly has recently turned the long-awaited eleven years of age. She is Hogwarts bound in the fall, and even had all of her school things purchased months in advance. However, before Shelly leaves for the term Nicole has decided that she wants the girl to meet a particular friend of hers. Little does the child realize that beyond the motherly nature Nicole has acquired, the woman also wonders if maybe her step-daughter’s magic might be able to be used as a tool against her and Mark’s common foes...


Magic Specialty None yet
Favorite Spell: Rictusempra

-Other information-

- Gullible
- Loves chocolate
- Explosive temper
- Weaves between being overly sensitive and somewhat oblivious
- Can’t stand seeing other people in pain
- Requires at least some noise; becomes paranoid when it’s too quiet
- Afraid of spiders
- Has no fear of weaponry, thanks to her aunt/step-mother (may be counted as a strength)

~ Optimistic
~ Creative
~ Loyal
~ Energetic
~ Affectionate (may be seen as a weakness as well)
~ Approachable
~ Obedient (to a degree)
~ Strong morals despite youth

Favorite Color: Denim blue

Theme song: Witch Doctor (link here)

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Michelle “Shelly” Archer
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