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 Jason Hall's Character Extras

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Gabriel Hall
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PostSubject: Jason Hall's Character Extras   Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:52 pm

Jason Hall

About the Family
Ancestry: A blend of British, German, Scottish-Irish, Italian, and a trace hint of Native American. If asked, though, he will tell you with great pride he was born American.

Family in General: The Hall family is mostly muggle, with some exceptions. Gage is the oldest individual to be declared a wizard in the most recent era of adults in this bloodline. They are friendly, though they do come from the Southeast United States (which means -don’t- mention the Civil War!). The patriarch, Jason Hall (pictured above), is a highly religious man and has very high standards he expects for his sons, referring to it as the ‘old Southern chivalry/hospitality’. Visitors to the Hall residence are generally received amicably. However, if the family has a “feud” with a given individual or family... expect to look down the business end of a few rifles! Most of the family were or are either involved with the police force or some other aspect of the good side of criminology.

Important Persons (to Jason; arranged by approximate age):
Michael and Eliza Hall; parents – What sort of child of Jason’s raising wouldn’t have his parents on this list? Although they are dead he still fondly speaks of them, often pausing long enough mid-sentence to add or concluding with a “Lord rest their souls.” Not much is known about these two, but with the occupations common in this family it can be assumed they each were somehow involved with the law.

Renee Clarke; sister – Between his siblings, Jason has always been closest to Renee. He is very protective of his sister despite the fact that she is fully capable of defending herself. They often keep on the lookout for things in the other’s family and give warnings when they see something amiss on the rise.

Vivian Hall; wife – While not the cuddliest of men, Jason dearly loved his wife Vivian. It tore him apart when his wife was murdered. Being a detective he struck out on his own to find his wife’s killer. Somehow he knew Gage was doing the same. What he didn’t know was the lengths Gage was taking in order to make progress. Jason often uses phrases expressing Vivian’s alleged wants or feelings to manipulate the younger man’s mind and put guilt in his heart. She was less religious than Jason.

Laura Michelle Kent; eldest daughter – For some reason, Laura did not have many of the duties of a firstborn. She acted more like an only or one of the younger child. This is because Jason and Vivian spoiled the girl rotten.

Joseph Michael Hall (now named Gabriel); second born, eldest son – In Jason’s heart, “Gage” will always be Joseph in spite of being the child he treats harshest. He does not like the fact that Gage changed his name. In fact after the falling out there were quite a few things about this particular child Jason did not and does not like. Jason more or less hides behind his religion and the ‘ghost’ of Vivian so as to avoid making amends for his own hot-headed temper and having to concede that something (or more aptly someone) whacked the evil out of the man’s ways. In time, with Theresa’s help, the pair will mend. Although... he wonders when ‘Joseph’ and his belle will finally tie the knot, and if he’ll see grandchildren spring from that union like all the others have. ((Jason finds it suspicious Gage is the only one of his children to have not gotten married; one time insultingly insinuated Gage was gay)).

Theresa Jean Gordon; youngest daughter – Theresa, or Resa as Jason often calls her, is the man’s pride and joy. She is easily the “favorite supreme” in regard to his own kids. He isn’t quite sure what to make of her occupation and field as divination is not vastly understood by many. However, Jason cannot deny he has seen many of her predictions come to pass and she always had a knack for knowing what to say moments before the person who needed to hear it realized they needed it. He has a hope that someday she will use this power to help the police with investigations. Jokingly he has referred to Theresa as “the little diplomat” in her youth, due to her ability to ensure peace even when the household was on the brink of sibling war. She has even interrupted a few small marital spats with a wisdom and compassion that seemed beyond her years.

Anthony Benjamin Hall; youngest son – Where Laura, Joseph, and Theresa all worked in some manner to achieve their status, Anthony Benjamin Hall is quite plainly the lazy lay-about of the family. It’s really no wonder that this police officer is barely “out of his cadet diapers” as Jason so frankly and puts it with a mix of jest and disdain.

James and Addison Clarke; nephew and niece – These two children are the product of Jason’s sister, Renee Hall, and Russell Clarke. Having always been close to Renee, Jason is naturally interested in the lives of her children.

Sophia, Rhett, Rachel Kent; Sarah Gordon; Kyle and Zachary Hall; grandchildren – Although Jason could easily pluck just Sarah Gordon, Zachary Hall, and Rachel Kent from this list to call his favorites the man refuses to. In his ascension to grandfather status he has mellowed out insofar as little children are concerned and is a doting grandfather to as many as he can tend to at a single given time (last count was five at once, which is/was about the size of his team as a detective).

Distinguishing Features (not previously mentioned)
~ Bony knees (which Gage inherited)
~ Left-handed
~ Scar across left shoulder and left side of chest (seven inches long)
~ Tattoo of the Confederate American Flag on the stretch of back/neck often covered by a t-shirt’s tag
~ Tattoo of an antique cannon on left bicep

General Extras
Amortentia: Has never encountered it
Animagus?: Not a wizard
Boggart: Jason’s greatest fear is losing his faith. He has already faced the fear of losing a loved one.
Best Memory: The births of each of his children
Birthday: July 3
Organizations and Affiliates: Virginia Police Department, INTERPOL, organizes weekly poker games with police friends
Medical Proxy: Renee Clarke (doesn’t want to burden Theresa with this)
Patronus: Not a wizard
Phobias (if any): Snakes
Languages (fluency): English (Native) and Spanish (basics and vulgarities)
Wand: Not a wizard
Worst Memory: Vivian’s death and/or the fight with his son, Gage

Likes (+) and Dislikes (-)
+ Barbecue (spicy pulled pork, -not- connected to “barbecue sauce” in any way)
+ Challenges
+ Coleslaw
+ Crossword puzzles
+ Drinking (the stronger, the better)
+ Fresh-baked bread
+ Gambling (poker, blackjack)
+ Grits with butter and pepper
+ Honesty (even if it’s brutal)
+ Hunting, trapping, and fishing
+ Intelligence
+ Laughter
+ Listening to music
+ Playing banjo and harmonica
+ Pranks
+ Rhubarb pie
+ TV: Andy Griffith Show, F Troop, The Dukes of Hazard (original TV show), Matlock, NCIS, CSI, Law and Order
+ Westerns (books, films... you name it)


- Athiests
- Back-stabbers
- Cheaters
- Criminals (strongly supports death penalty for serious offenders)
- Doctors
- Frauds
- Hospitals
- Discourtesy
- Dishonesty
- Disrespect
- “Draft-dodgers”
- Helplessness
- Idleness (case in point: Andrew Benjamin Hall xD)
- Insubordination
- Jehovah’s Witnesses
- Men that don’t “act like men” by Jason’s standards
- Racists
- Rap music
- Reporters
- Unpredictable people
- Vulgar language in a lady’s presence

Other Notes
~ Father was in the military, therefore he has some military-esque aspects to him. However, Jason is first and foremost a detective.

~ Mother was a housewife. Her fingers (thumbs included) are double-jointed. This trait, if inheritable, apparently skipped a generation.

~ Admired Historical Figures: Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee

~ Much like his avid love of westerns, Jason also likes military-themed music, among other genres. His favorites are Johnny Horton (Johnny Reb, Sink the Bismark, Battle of New Orleans) and SSgt. Barry Sadler (Ballad of the Green Beret, Badge of Courage, I’m a Lucky One).

~ Consistently says Grace before meals and prayers when in bed or whenever else seems appropriate

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Jason Hall's Character Extras
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