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 Nicole Archer's Character Extras

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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

Posts : 593
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Name: Gage Hall
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PostSubject: Nicole Archer's Character Extras   Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:02 am

Nicole Archer

About the Family
Ancestry: British, Welsh, Dutch, Italian, and Native American

Family in General: The Archers were a family of military and farming significance in the United States. A few of the members still seek to serve in the former capacity: Christopher Archer, Nicole Archer, and the late Brendan Archer.

Important Persons (to Nicole; arranged by approximate age):
Brendan and Katrina Archer; parents (deceased)

Travis Archer; brother (deceased) – Carried resentment against Nicole for still retaining some magic during the siphoning attack on their home. He committed suicide after reconnecting with Nicole due to gambling and drinking debts.

James Archer; brother – James Archer is a young wizard drained of his magic via siphoning. The brutal assault upon his home in addition to the siphoning has left the man confined to a wheelchair. His older sister, Nicole, shot his assailant with their father’s gun at the age of twelve.

Michelle “Shelly” Archer; step-child/niece – Adopted by Nicole when she was three years old. Her father committed suicide and James is unable to care for the child. Their other relatives have not bothered to keep in touch. Shelly attempts to emulate Nicole to a degree, enjoying many of the tomboyish things she does. But at the same time she is clearly her own person: the girl has a love of silly music, dancing, games, cute things, and so on and so forth.

Distinguishing Features (not previously mentioned)
~ Small scar on right bicep. Cause: stray bullet grazed the skin
~ Another small scar on left hip. Cause: knife wound from a barfight
~ Horizontal scar at right-ish center of collarbone. Cause: Brian Delaney
~ Crescent moon-shaped scar spanning from outer side of knee to the kneecap (left). Cause: Brian Delaney (curse)
~ Twin scars on her elbows. Cause: Brian Delaney
~ Barbed wire-and-roses anklet tattoo (right)
~ Tattoo of a Chinese Fireball dragon coiled around her arm (left bicep)

General Extras
Amortentia: Has never encountered it (To Be Collaborated)
Animagus?: Nope (if she had the ability to, she would likely be a Eurasian Lynx)
Boggart: Her late husband, Brian Delaney, as an inferius seeking revenge and immune to bullets
Best Memory: Brendan (her father) secretly teaching her how to shoot, and the resulting game of paintball with him and Travis despite being a bit too young for both
Birthday: December 13 (Sagittarius)
Organizations and Affiliates: Anubis Laboratories; various bars, pubs, taverns, and nightclubs where she works and drinks; in future may join the Auror Department in the Ministry
Medical Proxy: None
Patronus: Nicole cannot cast a corporeal patronus, though may with some great effort in future
Phobias (if any): None really. She shoots (or nearly shoots) anything that spooks her.
Languages (fluency): English (Native), Spanish, Italian, and German (sparse, with emphasis on impolite discourse)
Wand: Oak and Dragon heartstring, 12 and one-quarter inches
Worst Memory: It’s a toss-up between a letter from Salem informing her she can no longer attend school, learning Travis committed suicide, or various instances of taking abuse from her late husband

Likes (+) and Dislikes (-)
+ Boots (will wear boots over any other sort of footwear, anytime)
+ Camouflage
+ Cars
+ Challenges/Dares
+ Chocolate
+ Coffee
+ Competitions
+ Combat (melee, martial arts in particular, and marksmanship)
+ Dangerous recreation and sports
+ Drinking
+ Easy cooking or TV dinners (isn’t much of a cook, though tries to)
+ Eye contact
+ Fishing
+ Gambling (likes game more than betting, unless the currency isn’t money, e.g. cigarettes, ammo, etc.)
+ Games that simulate military strategy (chess, checkers, backgammon, risk, battleship)
+ Having Fun
+ Honesty/Loyalty
+ Hunting (doesn’t get much chance to since she adopted Shelly)
+ Leather
+ Living life as fully as possible
+ Magic (sometimes; particularly when it works without creating exhaustion)
+ Motorcycles
+ Movies (is picky, however)
+ Music
+ “Nightlife”
+ Pears
+ Practical jokes (messing with people)
+ Precision (at times)
+ Roughhousing
+ Security
+ Sense of humor
+ Smoking (only occasionally)
+ Sparring (verbal and physical)
+ Strength (in her and in others)
+ Success
+ Tattoos
+ Technology (sometimes)
+ Trying new things (especially on a dare)
+ Weaponry (ancient and modern)


- Annoyingly bright colors (except neon signs at the bars)
- Anything impervious to bullets
- Being lied to
- Bigots
- Boredom
- Cleaning (mandatory, but not enjoyed)
- Coleslaw
- Complications of emotions
- Cooking (if she could hire a cook, she would)
- Cosmetics (yet sometimes finds them necessary... such as to cover appearance of wounds)
- Discrimination
- Dresses
- Excessive questioning
- Failure
- Fidgeting (coughShellycough)
- Ghosts
- Helplessness
- History (particularly her own)
- Inferi
- Mundane routines (with some exceptions)
- People that don’t make eye contact when speaking to them
- Prejudice
- Skirts
- Snoring
- Sore losers/people that can’t take a joke
- Vulnerability
- Waiting
- Weakness

Other Notes
~ Although Nicole loves Shelly, she is also somewhat jealous that Shelly has magic while she must live with an extremely low supply of magical ability. Nicole will attempt to try and safely find a means with Mark Yaxley’s help to either set it up where she and Shelly can share magic or that magic-imbued bullets can be made for her pistols.

~ “Trigger happy” befits Nicole best when startled or crossed. She likes being flirted with and chances are will not take aim (or at least not seriously) unless she feels threatened.

~ Nicole is an exceptionally light sleeper as a general rule, and keeps both a gun and a knife under her pillow in case of a nocturnal attack.



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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

Posts : 593
Join date : 2011-04-27
Age : 33

Wizarding ID Card
Name: Gage Hall
Blood Rank: Muggle-born
Career: [H] Potions Professor

PostSubject: Re: Nicole Archer's Character Extras   Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:09 pm

001. Real Name › Nicole Archer
002. Nickname[s]› Nikki, Archer, and occasionally 'B****'. There might be more, but I only let one person get away with calling me ‘Snappy’...
003. Blood: Well, I don’t know how to answer this one... Muggleborn I guess.
004. Male Or Female › Tomboy and proud
005. Magical School › Salem... for a whole whopping year. Whoop-dee-doo... Hired tutors and taught myself afterward
006. Hair Color › Dirty blonde
007. Long Or Short › I suppose it’s long-ish. Will probably have to get it cut if an occupation opportunity crops up.
008. Loud Or Quiet › I’m quiet when I have to and loud when I need to. Dare to try me and see which one you get? Wink
009. Sweats Or Jeans › I prefer cargos or military fatigues, but I wear jeans, too.
010. Phone Or Camera › I'm rather fond of multi-functional gadgets, so... camera-phone
011. Health Freak › Apparently you’ve not tasted anything I’ve attempted to cook... I try to get Shelly to eat healthy, but I don’t exactly follow that same criteria.
012. Drink Or Smoke? › Both, but the latter when Shelly isn’t around and only occasionally.
013. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? › No comment.
014. Eat Or Drink? › Drink, please. Preferably one that’s stiff as a board.
015. Piercings? › Ears, once. I decided to stop wearing earrings before someone decided they’d rip them out...
016. Tattoos? › Two. One on the ankle, another on my arm. I’m hoping to get another one. Or two. Or three...

017. An Airplane › Yes. Between vacations to Germany and being deployed to different countries, I’ve done a lot of flying. Even have a license to fly, albeit basic maneuvers only.
018. A Car Accident › Yes... Is this something you really need to know?
019. A Fist Fight › Hell yes! You do realize I toss bar-fighters and troublemakers for a living, right? Not all of them like being chucked by a woman I’ll have you know. Wink

020. First Piercing › Ears. Age ten. Stopped wearing earrings after I married Brian.
021. First Best Friend › I would say my father, but I suppose that won’t count. I guess I’ll go with “Lizzy” Jones then. We went to school together, and joined the military together. I was surprised that she became a medic instead of a fighter pilot. If you ever need someone you can trust to watch your back and alert you to the first smell of trouble, that’d be good ol’ Liz.
022. First Award › I don’t recall which one was my first. I have quite a few.
023. First Crush › Casper Phillips, but I’d rather not talk about that prick, thank you. *mutters* He deserved that bullet...
024. First Big Vacation › To some beach I can’t remember the name of.
025. Last Person You Talked To › ... Mark Yaxley...
026. Last Person You flooed › ... Julian Kaiser...
027. Last Person You Watched a Quidditch Game With › Shelly
028. Last Food You Ate › Chocolate covered pear bits. I offered to share with Mark since he hadn’t eaten all day yet. And yes, I know good and well he hates pears. Razz
029. Last Movie You Watched › Hellboy 2. I want that gun... though I wouldn’t exactly have named it ‘Big Baby’...
030. Last Song You Listened To › Bad Reputation by Joan Jett
031. Last Thing You Bought › Sorry, that’s classified.
032. Last Person You Hugged › Shelly. Who did you expect it was?! *glances around suspiciously*

033. Food › I’m not really picky, which is probably a good thing since I can’t cook all that well. If it travels well, I love it.
034. Drinks › I have quite the list... all of them hard and not all of them decent to name with Shelly right here...
035. Clothing › Anything that does not bear resemblance to a skirt, culottes, or a dress. Preferably black or camouflage print.
036. Book › I’m more of a do-er than a reader...
037. Music › Rock and Metal. Just listen for the blaring music and you’ll probably find me. If I’m at the lab you’ll probably also see Mark yelling at me to turn it down. xD
038. Flower › I hate to admit it but I scarcely know the difference between a dandelion and a daffodil... They’re both yellow, that’s all I know. So, needless to say, I don’t have a favorite flower.
039. Colors › Black, green, gray, dark blue, red, brown, camouflage
040. Quidditch team › I don’t really follow Quidditch
041. Shoes › I prefer boots, knee length at maximum.
042. Subjects › Defense Against the Dark Arts, Phys Ed, Marksmanship (military)

043. [X] Kissed In The Snow – In my dreams...
044. [X] Celebrated Halloween – Took Shelly Trick-or-Treating
045. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken – I haven’t allowed anyone to get that close, again.
046. [ ] Talked on the floo far too much
047. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation – Some drunk at the bar thought I was lesbian when I refused to go home with him, and I promptly tossed him out on the street.
048. [ ] Came Outta The Closet
049. [ ] Gotten Pregnant – No!
050. [ ] Had An Abortion – No... Can't have an abortion if you're not pregnant
051. [ ] Done Something You’ve Regretted – Not even in the past seven years...
052. [ ] Broke A Promise – Can’t break it if you don’t make it.
053. [X] Kept A Secret – I do this every day
054. [X] Pretended To Be Happy – For Shelly’s sake
055. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life – I think, anyway... We'll have to see.
056. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick
057. [x] Left The Country – Seems to be a favorite pastime of mine, though at least not all departures result in relocation...
058. [X] Tried Something you normally wouldn’t like, and liked it.
059. [ ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
060. [X] Ran A Mile – Ran quite a few miles while in the military, and still do. Old habits die hard.
061. [ ] Went To The Beach
062. [X] Stayed Single

063. Eating › Mark’s leftover TV dinner he left behind. I nicked it while he went to the men’s room... The thing’s been sitting out for hours for Merlin’s sake.
064. Drinking › A cocktail of my own invention, which is something I apparently can do well. This s*** kicks @$$!
065. Getting Ready To › Warn Shelly it’s bedtime.
066. Listening To › Something Shelly likes that is driving Mark up the wall... *smirks* Almost wish I knew the name of it.
067. Plans For Tomorrow/Today › Wake up, get dressed, take Shelly for a ride on the motorcycle, prank Mark, Floo Julian, go to the shooting range, shoot stuff, and have a beer or three.
068. Waiting For › Shelly’s nightly whine-fest.

069. Want Kids? › I already have a step-daughter... Undecided about having any of my own.
070. Want To Get Married? › Been there, done that. He was an abusive bastard, too...
071. Careers in Mind › I'm already a security guard... But I'd like to rejoin some form of military. Auror, British Royal Army... I don’t care. Thought a little about bartending and weapons design. Anything where I can make some decent cash and ensure Shelly's provided for, but doesn't sacrifice my pride and dignity.

072. Lips Or Eyes › Tough one... and very awkward... I’ll say both. Embarassed
073. Shorter Or Taller? › Just about any man is taller than me, I hate to say. -_- I guess that's not a bad thing... Just as long as they don’t try and tower over and dominate my every move we’ll get along just fine.
074. Romantic Or Spontaneous › I advocate the element of surprise so I’ll say spontaneous. And I’m not exactly one to swoon over being given a flower ... but I do like chocolate.
075. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms › That depends on your definition of nice, and how often they start swinging when angry.
076. Sensitive Or Loud › If I jump back in the saddle again, so to speak, a guy of mine needs to have balls: I get enough of the 'crocodile tear' antics from Shelly as it is and it's just not becoming. At the same time I demand respect and understanding.
077. Hookup Or Relationship › Well, that whole ‘relationship’ thing didn’t work out for me a few years ago. And with a little girl’s keen little eyes on me I have to be careful. If you think working at bars as a security guard gets me all of the appealing hook-ups then think again. I haven't been that involved with anyone in a long while.
078. Troublemaker Or Hesitant › If he's with me, he'd better like a bit of trouble every then and again. I'm no angel. Wink In the tweaked words of Yosemite Sam: "When I say 'now,' I mean NOW!"

079. Lost Glasses/Contacts › Yes, I lost my sunglasses. I think Mark took them in retaliation for a prank, considering I found them in his desk. Thanks a lot ‘buddy’… -_-
080. Ran Away From Home › No... At least if you consider a home consisting of parents and their children living happily together. If we're talking about when Travis ruled the house and tried to raise James and I from where our parents left off... then I'll have to change that answer.
081. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense › I carry a weapon with me every day for that purpose.
082. Killed Somebody › I plead the Fifth...
083. Broken Someone’s Heart › Probably.
084. Been Arrested › Not to your knowledge. My knowledge, on the other hand, is classified.

085. Yourself › I would hate to be a figment of my imagination... And if I didn’t believe in myself I certainly wouldn’t be packing as many firearms as I do.
086. Miracles › Nope, sorry. Maybe when and if I suddenly regenerate the magical powers I lost, I might change my mind. Or if the same happens to Mark after... however old he is of not having an ounce of magic in him.
087. Love At First Sight › I once believed it, and married Brian on that belief. I’m not that naiive anymore.
088. Heaven › I’d like to, but I’ll believe it when I see it.
089. Santa Claus › No. Stayed up all night with a BB gun one night and ended up shooting my father in the rear. I was rather cruel to James that year when it came to things like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny...
090. Sex On The First Date › Well, that’s a bit personal don’t you think? I've heard it happens, but long as I'm at least partially sober I don't trust a first date that far.
091. First Kiss › It's gotta start somewhere.

092. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? > ... Yes...
093. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life? > No
094. Do You Believe In Destiny › Undecided.

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Nicole Archer's Character Extras
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