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 Shelly Archer's Character Extras

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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

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PostSubject: Shelly Archer's Character Extras   Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:32 pm

Michelle “Shelly” Archer

About the Family
Ancestry: British, Welsh, Dutch, Italian, and Native American

Family in General: The Archers were a family of military and farming significance in the United States. A few of the members still seek to serve in the former capacity: Christopher Archer, Nicole Archer, and the late Brendan Archer.

Important Persons (to Michelle; arranged by approximate age):
Travis Archer; biological father – Shelly was fairly oblivious to Travis’s hidden resentment that his daughter was born with magical powers, seeing only his pride and love. She doesn’t understand why her daddy died and still misses him greatly. Just before she drifts off, Shelly often has “conversations” with him to let him know Nikki is taking good care of her and all of the activities of the day. Shelly knows that her daddy was always proud of her and loved her, even though her birthing killed Miranda. Michelle is aware of the fact that this ritual makes Nicole uncomfortable and so tries to do it as quietly as possible once Nicole leaves the room.

Kurtiss Ashcroft; father’s friend, honorary “uncle” – Kurtiss often played cards (poker) with Travis. With children of his own, this man was excellent around Shelly. He is the husband of Blair, who helped Nicole and Shelly move to England after the Brian Delaney fiasco.

Miranda Archer; biological mother (deceased) – Shelly never got the chance to know her biological mother as Miranda died in childbirth.

Nicole “Nikki” Archer; step-mother/aunt – Current parental figure and caretaker of Shelly. The girl loves ‘Nikki’ to pieces and wouldn’t have the woman any other way. She’s picked up quite a bit from Nicole, though has still maintained her own separate identity. They go into the magical world at least once a week to hang out together, though that will change once Shelly goes off to Hogwarts.

Blair Ashcroft; father’s friend, honorary “auntie” – One of Shelly’s favorite “Aunties”. Kept Shelly entertained on the plane to England, where Nicole was relocating the both of them, and helped Shelly unpack some of her things.

Lorelei Maitland, a.k.a. as “Nana” or “Lori”; babysitter – A young woman who earned the nickname of ‘Nana’ despite her youth. Shelly greatly enjoys the company of Lorelei and considers her almost like a sister.

“Auntie Martha”; Tanya’s mother, honorary "auntie"

Tanya; best friend, honorary "cousin" – A friend from Shelly’s British Muggle school, also a Muggleborn witch, who will be attending Hogwarts with Shelly. The pair are nigh inseparable.

As soon as she meets them...

Mark Yaxley; Nikki’s friend, currently “Mr.” but soon to become an honorary “uncle” (whether he wants to or not xD) – ((Shelly’s POV pending))

Julian Kaiser; Nikki’s friend, currently “Mr.” but soon to become an honorary “uncle” – ((Shelly’s POV Pending))

Distinguishing Features (not previously mentioned)
~ Adorable blue eyes
~ Seemingly never-ending optimism
~ Boundless energy
~ Loves people (tends to randomly hug the ones she knows)
~ Strawberry-shaped birthmark between her shoulder blades

General Extras
Amortentia: Has yet to be encountered (to be collaborated when she grows up)
Animagus?: Too young yet for an animagus form
Boggart: Seeing someone she loves get hurt
Best Memory: Going to a big Quidditch match with Nicole, Tanya, and Lori
Birthday: March 31, at 10:30 pm
Organizations and Affiliates: None yet, though is often at Anubis Laboratories
Medical Proxy: Nicole Archer
Patronus: Hasn’t learned this yet
Phobias (if any): None
Languages (fluency): English (Native); picked up a few words in Spanish and German from Nikki
Wand: Willow and phoenix feather, 10 and three-quarter inches
Worst Memory: When Nicole punished her for lying

Likes (+) and Dislikes (-)
+ Animals
+ Anything cute
+ Bananas
+ Bright colors
+ Butterbeer
+ Challenges
+ Chocolate
+ Computer
+ Cookies
+ Cooking (or trying to!)
+ Dancing
+ Dolls (dressed in military fashion)
+ Fishing
+ Fun and silly music
+ Funny faces
+ Funny songs
+ Funny words
+ Games
+ Having fun
+ Hands-on activities
+ Helping
+ Hot chocolate
+ Ice cream
+ Jokes
+ Laughing, and making other people laugh
+ Learning new things that interest her
+ Lucky Charms cereal
+ Magic
+ Making mischief
+ (Most) People
+ Motorcycles
+ Movies
+ Physical activity (Nicole teaches her martial arts)
+ Pina Coladas (without the alcohol for now, due to age)
+ Pizza
+ Plastic army guys
+ Playing
+ Pumpkin Juice
+ Quidditch
+ Root beer
+ Rough-housing
+ Science
+ Sharing
+ Silly stuff
+ Singing
+ Snapdragons
+ Sports
+ SuperSoakers and other toy guns
+ Tang (orange drink)
+ Tickles
+ TV


- Age restrictions
- Being lonely
- Being punished
- Boring stuff
- Broccoli
- Brussels Sprouts
- Cabbage
- Cherries
- Getting hurt (physically or emotionally; is tougher when it comes to the former)
- Getting in trouble
- Height restrictions
- Hurting people
- Loud, obnoxious, rude boys
- Meanness
- Not being sure of herself
- Obstacles when she really wants something
- People that lie
- People that hurt people she cares about
- Sitting still (will do it, but she’d rather be up and moving)
- Sour cream
- Tomatoes
- Unfairness
- Vinegar

Other Notes
~ Shelly often refers to people by a common respectful title (Mr., Miss, Mrs.) followed by whatever name information she has (e.g. Mr. Julian). However, after she sees them a few times she integrates them into the family so to speak. Most people around Nicole’s age by her reckoning earn the Aunt/Uncle title, those around her age that she has no romantic interest in are dubbed Cousins, and those older than Nikki get named Grandma/Grandpa.

~ In Shelly’s mind, the entire world is her family in a manner of speaking. She has a big heart and it will take quite a lot to make her not at least like you. Her point of view absolutely has to believe that there is some good in a person.

~ Has picked up some of the emotional uncertainty from Nicole. Shelly can be a bit ambivalent when her feelings are hurt, wanting to run or confront the person that hurt her. If tears are on the rise Shelly will hide so no one sees her suffer. She comes back around after a while, with apologies mending things almost instantly. If she can’t face the person to apologize verbally for something she did, Shelly will leave them a note or some other token.

~ Often falls asleep mid-activity when all her energy is spent. Nicole is frequently seen toting the child off to bed or waking the child up just long enough to coax Shelly into a prescribed nighttime routine.

~ Isn’t easily grossed out, but also likes pretty things.


~ Miko
- Male cat; breed: Maine Coon
- Shelly sometimes hugs the cat too tight, without meaning to, out of sheer love for the creature
- Miko’s behavior is deliberately goofy for Michelle, but mellow for Nicole and Mark (and others that like the mellow type)

Miko in the present

Miko when he’s a little older

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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

Posts : 593
Join date : 2011-04-27
Age : 33

Wizarding ID Card
Name: Gage Hall
Blood Rank: Muggle-born
Career: [H] Potions Professor

PostSubject: Re: Shelly Archer's Character Extras   Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:52 pm

001. Real Name › Michelle Archer
002. Nickname[s]› Call me Shelly! Very Happy
003. Blood: Umm... Red? *looks at hands* Kinda purple-y in spots, too...
004. Male Or Female › I’m a girl Razz
005. Magical School › Hogwarts!
006. House › Gryffindor!
007. Eye Color › Bluuuuue!
008. Hair Color › Kinda yellow-y brown. Browner than Nikki’s. ^_^
009. Long Or Short › It’s long! Nikki used to put it in pig tails, braids, or a pony tail for me!
010. Loud Or Quiet › Erm... loud... Until Nikki or Mr. Mark tell me to be quiet... Embarassed
011. Sweats Or Jeans › Jeans!
012. Phone Or Camera › Umm... I dunno. Can I have a camera?! Please, Nikki?
013. Health Freak › Nikki tries to make me eat healthy stuff...
014. Drink Or Smoke? › I like hot chocolate! ^_^
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? › Um... Embarassed
016. Eat Or Drink? › Eat! A girl has to keep her energy up, you know!
017. Piercings? › Yes! Ears!
018. Tattoos? › No... but I really like Nikki’s! They’re pretty!

019. An Airplane › Yes! It was so much fun! A cloud ate our airplane and we got to see what clouds look like on the inside!
020. A Car Accident › Yeah... Daddy and I didn’t get hurt, though! Nikki got really worried when we were late.
021. A Fist Fight › Erm... kinda... Nikki taught me how to fight just in case!

022. First Piercing › Before I started Kindergarten! Wanted to look pretty.
023. First Best Friend › Tanya! Auntie Martha always brought her over to play with me!
025. First Award › I got a trophy for a Halloween costume contest!
026. First Crush › Shocked Um... Embarassed I dunno! *hides face in hands, peeking out between her fingers shyly*
028. First Big Vacation › Disney! I don’t think Nikki enjoyed it quite as much as I did, though...
029. Last Person You Talked To › Mr. Julian!
030. Last Person You flooed › Tanya!
031. Last Person You Watched a Quidditch Game With › Nikki!
032. Last Food You Ate › Cookies!
033. Last Movie You Watched › Home Alone! It was so funny!
034. Last Song You Listened To › The Macarena!
035. Last Thing You Bought › My Kitty! *holds up the cat to show it off*
036. Last Person You Hugged › ... I can’t remember if it was Mr. Julian or Mr. Mark... Embarassed

037. Food › Pizza!
038. Drinks › Nikki calls it a ‘Virgin Pina Colada’
039. Clothing › Anything bright and fun!
040. Book › Mulan!
041. Music › I like all kindsa music! If it’s fun and you can sing an’ dance to it, I’m sure I’ll love it!
042. Flower › *giggles* Snapdragons! Nikki always gives me a funny look when I say that word!
043. Colors › Orange, red, yellow, purple, blue... Never met a color I didn’t like!
044. Quidditch Team › Holyhead Harpies!!
045. Shoes › Sneakers, of course!
046. Subjects › Erm... Not sure on magic-y ones. But I like gym class and music class and art class and spelling and science!

047. [ ] Kissed In The Snow
048. [X] Celebrated Halloween
049. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken
050. [X] Talked on the floo far too much
051. [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation – My what? scratch
052. [ ] Came Outta The Closet – Why would I go in there?
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant – No!!!
054. [ ] Had An Abortion
055. [X] Done Something You’ve Regretted – Shouldn’t’a startled Nikki... an’ a few other things. I’m sorry... Crying or Very sad
056. [X] Broke A Promise – I’m sorry, Nikki... I’ll go clean my room now... Sad
057. [X] Kept A Secret – Nikki says I can’t talk about magic to my muggle friends, so I gotta keep it a secret.
058. [ ] Pretended To Be Happy
059. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life – Dunno if they’ll change my life, but I met new people! *grins and waves at Mark and Julian*
060. [X] Pretended To Be Sick – Heehee... Honest, Nikki, I really don’t feel good... *fake cough*
061. [ ] Left The Country
062. [X] Tried Something you normally wouldn’t like, and liked it. – Coffee! Just don’t tell Mr. Mark I took a sip out of his cup – he’ll get mad! Nikki gave me a pepper and-and it was sooooooooo hot!
063. [X] Cried Over the Silliest Thing – I don’t really want to talk about it... *hides face from Mark with her kitty*
064. [ ] Ran A Mile
065. [ ] Went To The Beach
066. [X] Stayed Single – Nikki marked this one!

067. Eating › Jell-o! ^_^
068. Drinking › Banana milkshake!
069. Getting Ready To › Play army with my magicked army guys and my kitty!
070. Listening To › The Witch Doctor Song!
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today › Practice spells, talk to Mr. Mark, play with kitty, Floo Tanya, play some more, play with Nikki, play computer games, watch movies, try to get Mr. Mark to play with me, ask Nikki if I can Floo Mr. Julian to say hi... and whatever else I come up with! ^_^
072. Waiting For › Nikki. She went to go buy us new SuperSoakers! Very Happy

073. Want Kids? › I dunno...
074. Want To Get Married? › Umm... I dunno...
075. Careers in Mind › I wanna be tough like Nikki and Mr. Julian! Or smart like Mr. Mark...

076. Lips Or Eyes › Um... Eyes. Everyone I know has pretty eyes! *thinks for a moment* Did I just say that out loud?! Embarassed
077. Shorter Or Taller? › *glances around nervously* ... Taller...
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous › Romantic I love you
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms › Embarassed ... I dunno!
080. Sensitive Or Loud › Sensitive, I think... Loud boys are so annoying!
081. Hookup Or Relationship › Huh?!
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant › Well... as much as Nikki tells me and tells me to be good... I don’t always listen. So...! ^_^

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts › I don’t wear either.
084. Ran Away From Home › No! I couldn’t do that to Daddy when he was alive! Or Nikki, now that he’s gone...
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense › Yes... Nikki’s always worried something’ll happen to me, so she kinda taught me a little “self-defense”
086. Killed Somebody › Umm... Mommy...? She died when I was born. Crying or Very sad
087. Broken Someone’s Heart › I hope not... Sad
088. Been Arrested › No! I’d be so scared! I’m only eleven after all! Jeez!

090. Yourself › Nikki’s always saying I gotta believe in myself if I wanna succeed!
091. Miracles › No...
092. Love At First Sight › Umm... Embarassed
093. Heaven › Yes. That’s where Mommy and Daddy are...
094. Santa Claus › Nikki says there isn’t a Santa Claus... but I think there is!
095. Sex On The First Date › Huh?! Suspect Shocked
096. First Kiss › Umm... Embarassed

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? > Yeah!
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life? > I guess so! ^_^
099. Do You Believe In Destiny › I dunno. Nikki and I haven’t talked about it yet so I dunno what to believe about that! Smile

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Shelly Archer's Character Extras
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