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 Daniel Jacob Tanner

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Gabriel Hall
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PostSubject: Daniel Jacob Tanner   Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:00 pm


In Character

Name: Daniel Jacob Tanner
Age: 14 (birthday is October 24)
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggle-born
House: N/A
School: Beauxbatons (Year 3 due to being born after 9/1)
Career: Student, but looking at a possible summer job/internship in politics


Parents: David and Annabelle (nee Spencer) Tanner
Grandparents: Jacob and Janice Tanner; Brent and Liliane (nee Bellerose) Spencer
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Matthew and Reuben Tanner; Florence (nee Spencer) Greene
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: Alfred Tanner (16) and Stephanie (Greene) Burkhart (21)
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet
Pets: Cat – British Shorthair named Spock (click here for pic)


Skin color: Pale or very light Tan
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5’ 8” (will reach 6’ 3”)
Build: Lanky

Liam Aiken


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: None yet
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Daniel is a bright kid, often keeping quiet unless he has something to add to the conversation that he feels is worth saying or if there is a point he insists must be made. He has a very wide variety of interests and very few true dislikes. The teenager does not advocate violence except in the most dire of circumstances and will attempt to diffuse the tension or win disputes with verbal bouts instead of physical ones. One could very well call him a nerd. Daniel is not affected in the least by this term, accepting it with good humor and a sort of pride.

Being muggle-born he is very tech-savvy and has even found means via older witches and wizards or his own efforts to mix magic and muggle technology. His gadgets all look muggle, but run solely on magic. Although he attempts to act as though he knows all there is to know about the magical world for his and his parents’ safety Daniel does make the occasional slip. Many times he does not fully understand the whole debate over blood purity, even though he understands the theory. How people can believe such a theory with any amount of conviction baffles him when clearly there seems plenty of evidence to the contrary of what the purebloods preach.


Your Story Please? Daniel is the first and only son born to muggles David and Annabelle Tanner. David works as a history teacher, though he would prefer to be writing or engaged in some art-based activity. He is also diagnosed as having Savant Syndrome, but is not autistic. David’s parents simply thought that their son was just a studious little boy with an exceptional gift for remembering names, places, and dates. Annabelle Tanner has become something of an actress, although is not so well-known in the muggle world as to put her entire family in the limelight. She and her husband first met when Daniel was selling ornate calligraphic paintings during the summer months when he wasn’t teaching. Annabelle had fallen in love with both Daniel’s artwork and, later, the man himself.

Their marriage was a quiet one, and both had agreed to wait a few years before having children. When they began to try their attempts were unsuccessful. Annabelle underwent miscarriages and fertility treatments. Finally, seven years into wedded bliss, David and Annabelle were blessed with a baby boy – three days before their wedding anniversary, on October 24. David often invented parodies of nursery rhymes with the theme of various academic realms: mathematics, science, history... Annabelle kept to the traditional rhymes and stories, though occasionally added a creative twist or two. At a very young age they introduced Daniel to many of the television genres they enjoyed that were suited for youngsters. Although decades old, a lot of science fiction made it into Daniel’s frame of reference including but not limited to Star Trek.

Daniel had a very secure home life, his parents being slightly overprotective. His first display of magic occurred at the age of five when he inadvertently cast a Hover Charm on various toy spaceships to act out his own intergalactic battle. Michael Lightle was selected to approach the family and deal with the situation. After the initial shock Annabelle came round. David by contrast was fascinated and demanded to know how his son had done it, desiring to attempt and replicate the action. It in fact inspired David to paint his own version of the floating spaceships caught up in an epic battle. Little Daniel almost thought for sure he had just come face to face with Captain Jean-Luc Picard upon seeing the wizard who would be his mentor and guide to the magical world. Needless to say the resemblance helped the friendship exponentially, despite Daniel already being a friendly youngster.

At the age of ten, Daniel was overjoyed when the film industry was going to create yet another Star Trek movie. What thrilled him even more was that Annabelle was going to play a Klingon villainess. In attempting to recite her lines in the Klingon language, it was her ten-year-old son that made absolutely certain she had the correct enunciation before he’d let her go to work and often throughout the process of makeup. To say it surprised the woman her little boy was practically fluent in the fictional Klingon language was an understatement, despite how much science fiction had been integrated into her son’s persona.

Michael Lightle mentored and continues to mentor Daniel whenever the young wizard needs guidance of the magical variety that his parents cannot provide. He accompanied the family on their trip through Diagon Alley for to guide Daniel as much as to guard the predominantly muggle family due to the increasing attacks on that particular demographic. Until he began to proctor wizarding exams at Beauxbatons Michael didn’t have very much information for mentoring the boy when his first year came about. Although he had recommended Hogwarts, a conference with his family revealed the French lineage through Annabelle, whose mother was Liliane Bellerose before marrying. Because of the slow rise of issues regarding blood, Michael conceded their choice and dropped the matter. He was certain no matter what school Daniel went to that he would enjoy it thoroughly.

At present Daniel is in his third year at Beauxbatons despite being a year older than his peers. This is due to the fact he was born after September first. He sees Michael Lightle regularly during the summer, and occasionally during the school year for progress reports. It is Daniel’s hope to achieve a career within the realm of politics. Michael is attempting to use his connections to find a summer-based internship for him, even if one must be made. Both Daniel and Michael have an appointment with none other than Minister Liara Lightle to discuss this and other matters.


Magic Specialty seems to be doing well in Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense against the Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: toss up between Expelliarmus and Impedimenta

-Other information-

Weakness: Not physically strong, occasionally relies too much on muggle technology, slight clumsiness, workaholic, allergic to dogs (but not cats)
Strengths: Logical, Thoughtful, Courageous
Favorite Color: Prefers earthtones, white, and orange
Theme song: White and Nerdy by “Weird Al” Yankovic – click here

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Daniel Jacob Tanner
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