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PostSubject: Gesundheit   Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:12 pm

Bastain Kiaser was watching his 7 year old niece for the day, Julian had to run to work a last minute so he volunteered to save his brother from having to explain to Vinzemt why he hadn't shown up. no all would be well and good. Violet was a good girl well behaved for a 7 year old, but there was one thing.. she insisted on bring her little dog with her and she was attached to it like glue.. and it to her it seemed. If the girl left the house without the thing the little dog whined and whimpered for hours and hours..

So there they were, he was writing out documents for his case the next day while little Violet and her dog who she had yet to name played in his living room. Or atleast he was trying to work, he was very allergic to dogs. Violets cute puppy was no exception, and his eyes were red and watery, his nose was so plugged he felt like it would fall off everytime he sneezed, which was quite often.

Violet was eating lunch that consisted of a ham sandwhich, carrots with dressing, and a cup of Orange soda. It was the best Bastian could do for the hungry 7 year old who was a picky eater.. he had limited things in the house the girl liked to eat.

She was watching the disney version of Alice in wonderland with the occasional distraction of playing tug a war with her puppy as well as excuing her uncle everytime he sneezed.

"Achoooh!" Bastian sneezed for the hundreth time that day.

"Gesundheit Uncle" Violet called as she swallowed a bit of her sandwhich.

"Ah... thank ya Vi" he said his face still held in a hankerchief on his face.. how he would have wanted to go to Diagonally and buy a allergy relief potion as he was out. He suppoed he could take violet with him.. there couldn't be any harm in that...

"Wanna comb with me ta Diagonally after you eat Lass.. I need to by afew things.."he said all stuffed up.

Violet's eyes lit up, "Really? Yay yes I'll wanna see Diagonally again, can we get ice cream to?" she asked with a grin.

Bastain nodded, "Aye Lass, if ya eat all your lunch" he muttered.

Violet cheered again and starting eating more eager to explore the magical shopping market.

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