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 ~ <3 Liesel <3 ~

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Liesel Stabler


Posts : 7
Join date : 2011-08-09

Wizarding ID Card
Name: Liesel Stabler
Blood Rank: Pureblood
Career: Newly Turned Assassin and Bounty Hunter

PostSubject: ~ <3 Liesel <3 ~   Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:38 pm

001. Real Name › Liesel Sigelde Stabler
002. Nickname[s]› Many, depending on the person addressing me
003. Blood: Pure, of course Wink
004. Male Or Female › Unless there’s something I have been completely unaware of my whole life, female
005. Magical School › Beauxbatons. Where else?
006. House › None. I was a Mademoiselle of Beauxbatons =)
007. Eye Color › Green
008. Hair Color › At the moment, Black
009. Long Or Short › Long
010. Loud Or Quiet › Depends on the setting. Though, on a more… intimate… note, that would depend on the catalyst prompting my response Wink
011. Sweats Or Jeans › Jeans, if not a skirt. Sweats look terribly sloppy and unattractive
012. Phone Or Camera › Neither. I have no care for muggle gadgets.
013. Health Freak › Not really, though I do make sure to watch my figure.
014. Drink Or Smoke? › Both, but mainly the latter, and only on social occasions.
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? › Crush wouldn’t be my choice of wording. It’s much more than that…
016. Eat Or Drink? › Drink.
017. Piercings? › Yes. Three on the ear and on the navel. I’m currently contemplating a corset one…
018. Tattoos? › Just one one between my collar bone and heart Wink

019. An Airplane › Nein
020. A Car Accident › Nope. Don’t think I’ve even ever been in a car.
021. A Fist Fight › Why grovel at the floor like savage muggles? That’s what wands and cursed jewelry is for!

022. First Piercing › Ear s
023. First Best Friend › Can’t remember, which likely shows what kind of best friend she was.
025. First Award › First place in Heigelberg’s Baby Princess Pageant Wink
026. First Crush › It wasn’t a crush. Moreso foolish naivety that I would take back if I could.
028. First Big Vacation › Finland. I was visiting my Mother’s sister
029. Last Person You Talked To › Someone very special to me Wink
030. Last Person You Flooed › See my previous answer
031. Last Person You Watched a Quidditch Game With › Alfons and Berlynn. I’m not normally on for sports but apparently that’s what the single witches and wizards do on weekdays.
032. Last Food You Ate › A light chicken salad.
033. Last Movie You Watched › I have nothing to do with the activities of muggles.
034. Last Song You Listened To › I don’t know about listened to, per se… But danced to? Automatic by Brothers Conti
035. Last Thing You Bought › A very particular type of clothing meant for one person’s eyes only…
036. Last Person You Hugged › Hugged, held, touched, loved… is there really a difference?

037. Food › Coq au vin
038. Drinks › A dry, gentle red wine.
039. Clothing › Something short and sexy.
040. Book › Depends on my mood, though I make sure any author I read has their blood status double checked.
041. Music › Depends on the moment. Something loud, enchanting, and bombastic, or perhaps something more… sensual Wink
042. Flower › Nemophilas by a floo slide!
043. Colors › Black and Violet
044. Quidditch Team › I don’t really follow the quidditch scene, but it would do a big insult to Mother Germany to not
045. Shoes › Stilettos, of course. I love the shape and height.
046. Subjects › Dark Arts, Potions, and Transfiguration.

047. [] Kissed In The Snow – Hopefully that will change soon though with the upcoming winter season Wink
048. [X] Celebrated Halloween – It’s one of my favorite holidays!
049. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken -
050. [X] Talked on the floo Who hasn’t?
051. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation – Why would they?
052. [ ] Came Outta The Closet – I only have eyes for men, thank you. One man, actually, to be exact.
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant – … no comment…
054. [ ] Had An Abortion – Wish I had.
055. [X] Done Something You’ve Regretted – It’s all in the past now though, and I assure you I am making amends for my stupidity!
056. [] Broke A Promise – You can’t break something when it was already broken…
057. [X] Kept A Secret – What kind of witch would I be without a bit of mystery? Wink
058. [] Pretended To Be Happy – I am always happy in these passing days
059. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life –
060. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick –
061. [X] Left The Country – I rotate between England and Germany lately.
062. [ ] Tried Something you normally wouldn’t like, and liked it.- If I knew I wouldn’t like it, why would I try it?
063. [X] Cried Over the Silliest Thing – No comment…
064. [ ] Ran A Mile – For what purpose? I’m not a hex catcher like my sister…
065. [ ] Went To The Beach – I don’t have the complexion, nor am I fond of lobster colored flesh…
066. [ ] Stayed Single – Far from it *winks*

067. Eating › Nothing right now. I’m making sure to save room for desert Wink
068. Drinking › Red wine, of course.
069. Getting Ready To › Have some desert Wink
070. Listening To › A lovely thunderstorm outside.
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today › Haven’t you been listening? I’m getting myself ready for some desert! It’s always nice to have a bit of something sweet before bed time Wink
072. Waiting For › See the above answer.

073. Want Kids? › The world does need more purebloods. Especially ones with dark hair and a certain, special set of blue eyes…
074. Want To Get Married? › Why not?
075. Careers in Mind › The Minister of Magic’s companion, of course Wink

076. Lips Or Eyes › As long as their eyes are on me, and their lips are mine, I’m not picky.
077. Shorter Or Taller? › Taller. I’d like to be able to look up to meet his gaze, even in my stilettos.
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous › Why choose between two great things?
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms › Difficult to say… When there is a man before me, the stomach and arms is rather low on the list of features my gaze lingers on…
080. Sensitive Or Loud › Neither. I have no care for wizards who cry or scream at me.
081. Hookup Or Relationship › Relationship. I loathe the thought of being no more than a bed warmer…
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant › Troublemaker, of course! The wizard of my dreams would show no hesitance and perhaps even attempt to tame me Wink

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts › Sunglasses, yes. Though, I suspect Berlynn may be the culprit for their disappearance.
084. Ran Away From Home › No.
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense › Self-defense, the desire to cause pain… tomatoe-tamato… no real difference.
086. Killed Somebody › *giggles*
087. Broken Someone’s Heart › Perhaps, but no one of significance.
088. Been Arrested › Innocent until proven guilty Wink

090. Yourself › I’m living and breathing, aren’t I?
091. Miracles › I see one with blue eyes everyday.
092. Love At First Sight › No. Sometimes it takes a bit more for one’s eyes and heart to be open.
093. Heaven › Of course. I lay their every night.
094. Santa Claus › Who?
095. Sex On The First Date › Rules were made to be broken?
096. First Kiss › So long as it is not the last Wink

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? > Certainly.
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life? > Yes, but there is always room for even more happiness.
099. Do You Believe In Destiny › I’ve found mine <3

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~ <3 Liesel <3 ~
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