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 Jericho MacDougal

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PostSubject: Jericho MacDougal   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:54 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Current Name: Jericho MacDougal
Birth Name: Jericho Avery
Nicknames: Jay, Ric, Rico. Only his mother can properly get away with calling him a sleepyhead
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Student – Slytherin House Quidditch Captain; position: Chaser


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Lilith MacDougal and Samuel Avery
Grandparents: Alasdair and Candace MacDougal
Siblings: None further, as of yet. Sees Corvus Darrow as an older brother/surrogate father, however.
Aunts and Uncles: Lachina and Bartholomew Nott, and Leslie and Donald Macnair
Nieces & Nephews: None yet – no siblings
Cousins: Eve and Alexis Nott; James Macnair
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet!


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Dark brown/almost black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown (sometimes appear amber)
Size: 6’ 3/4“
Build: Slightly brawny

[Ed Westwick]


Crushes: A warped little love-hate crush on Columba Mars, but won’t admit it
Mates/Spouse: N/A
Status: Available and Looking

-How I act-

There is no single word that can be used to describe Jericho MacDougal. His mother’s raising instilled within him an arrogance and the same sort of royalty complex she has. Lilith’s instruction also included that Jericho learned degrees of courtesy, charm, when to use stealth and brutality in their turns, and attempted to ensure her young man would be schooled to a level that nearly outshined his peers in at least one area. The ambition Jericho possesses was derived from these lessons despite his mother’s occasionally sadistic abuse for a wrong answer. He is generally quiet and careful around certain authority figures as a result of this conditioning. It has also made him slightly masochistic.

Despite Slytherin’s stereotypical back-stabbing nature, Jericho can be loyal to those he holds in high regard. Most of these individuals are fellow purebloods in his house or those amongst the halls of Eden, the Purist Society’s headquarters. Very few have the honor of being certain he would give his young life for theirs. This characteristic was taken from observing his mother, who is truly loyal to very few in this world, and expanded it. Also like his mother, Jericho has the potential to be sadistic. His brand of violence is quieter, unless angered. He is particularly angered when refused or treated like he doesn’t matter, and tends to turn brash when in this state.

The world generally sees Jericho either as a the typical haughty, wealthy pureblood upstart or quiet young man with a great thirst to learn anything and everything that could help him further his ambition and glory along the road of life. He tries to tread the path most likely to make those that care about him proud. Jericho might not agree with every turn but he does it anyway in his desire for a true collection of individuals he can call his family, considering those he truly considers ‘family’ to be very few outside of his mother and deceased father. One wizard amongst the Purists in particular seems to have stepped up to intervene as sort of an older brother or surrogate father. Dare he specify that that wizard’s name is none other than Corvus Darrow?


Your Story Please?
One could say that Jericho slept in passed his intended birthday. A couple of weeks after Lilith MacDougal’s due date her healers insisted on inducing labor to bring the child into the world. As an infant the boy, then-named Jericho Avery, was a big, heavy, and very sleepy baby that preferred snoozing over feeding. Many of his early photographs display the child with his eyes closed either in or very near slumber. It is because of baby Jericho’s disposition and late birth that Lilith has always – and still does – refer to her one and only son as her “little sleepyhead.” While he had a pair of parents seeing to him, Jericho was a very spoiled infant and toddler.

The little prince’s world was turned upside down one day at the age of roughly four years. Lilith had entrusted his care to a nursery due to her job and education being unsafe and Samuel’s lack of interest in caring for the child when Lilith needed him to. It caused the woman to distrust her husband. Her lack of faith was well placed, for one day she and Jericho came home and a fight erupted between the pair. There was also a strange new lady at the manor that didn’t stay long. Little Jericho had no concept of what was going on, other than whatever it was it wasn’t good. With his birthday being around the bend Lilith had planned a very ‘special’ event and talked it up to make Jericho look forward to it with every fiber of his being. Not that the child wasn’t excited enough as it was, for Jericho had actually had trouble sleeping that night.

For his birthday it had been just the three of them. A quaint little party, with each playing their accepted role in a way that hadn’t seemed quite right as Jericho looked back on the scene. It was on the eve of Jericho’s fifth birthday that Lilith poisoned, tortured, and ultimately killed his birth father. As she did these atrocious things she gave him a speech on what her feelings were about love, loyalty, and betrayal, and the consequences for crossing the wrong lines. It was also at this tender age that she explained to him his first useful tidbit of knowledge about the Dark Arts, with an emphasis on the Unforgiveables. As if nothing had happened once Samuel Avery gasped his last, Lilith kissed Jericho on the forehead and all but ordered him to open and play with his presents while she “took care” of things. Taking care of things also included Lilith rather coldly changing his surname back to her maiden name of MacDougal. After all: Lilith didn't take her husband's surname herself, so why must her son?

He met the wizard who would eventually be seen as an older brother or replacement father of sorts in 2038, at the age of nine. The man’s name was Corvus Darrow, and it so happened that he was looking for Lilith. Jericho had been helping her at the time this new visitor appeared. By their interactions Jericho deemed the new person friendly enough in the wizard’s own way, and was especially flattered at such an impressionable young age that his new friend found him amusing and having potential. For a while it almost seemed that Corvus and his mother would fall in love and marry, but it never happened. However, Jericho was frequently sent off to play when Corvus came to call.

Lilith debated for some time which magical school to send her son to. Beauxbatons was instantly out. Ergo, that only left Hogwarts and Durmstrang as far as sending the boy to a school as good as its prominence. In the end she decided to have him attend Hogwarts as it was closer to home. At the age of eleven he received his letter to Hogwarts, and upon Sorting was immediately designated to the House of serpents. He joined the House team as Chaser in his second year. Oddly, another second year joined the Quidditch ranks, and the two became enemies right from the start. Surprisingly, Jericho’s nemesis was not a Gryffindor, but rather a Ravenclaw: Columba Mars, who was a Chaser for her House team.

At present Jericho is about to enter his sixth year at Hogwarts, and has received the honor of being dubbed the Captain for his House’s team. How he learned his nemesis did not achieve that distinction is anyone’s guess, and thus the teen has set his mind to making it his mission to rub this fact in the Ravenclaw’s face. He is also an up-and-coming member of the Purist Society, hoping to be sent on a special mission by Corvus eventually... a fact he only shares with his Purist peers.


Magic Specialty Defense Against the Dark Arts (coughDarkArtscough)
Favorite Spell: any spell that conjures fire

-Other information-

Weakness: Likes to sleep in, prideful, deceptive/not below and sometimes relies on use of foul play, risk-taker, his mother

Strengths: Resourceful, patient (more than his mother, anyway, which doesn’t say very much unfortunately), confident, considers himself charming, good flier, ambitious

Favorite Color: a sophisticated slate gray sort of color, or slate blue

Theme song: Down With the Sickness by Disturbed
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Jericho MacDougal
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