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 Elizabeth Melborne - Point form

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Melborne - Point form   Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:05 pm

Name: Elizabeth Melborne
Nickname: Beth
Reasons for name: Shortened version of her first name
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Nationality: English
Disabilities (if any): None
Glasses/contact lenses wearer?: Contacts though does own glasses
Height: 5, 8
Build: Tall and Skinny
Weight: cough150cough
Complexion: Fair
Color of hair: Brown
Quality of hair: Healthy
Usual hairstyle: Pony tail or let down
Color of eyes: Brown
Scars/birthmarks (if any): Has a Scar along her arm from an attack in her School days
General health: Pretty Good
Style of dress: Dark, isn't one for Bright colours, usually wears jeans and T-shirts

Early Childhood
Birthplace: London

Father’s parenting style/occupation/attitude:
Charles Melborne. Was strict with his only daughter, though it was usually him that spoiled her on birthdays and Christmas was always proud his daughter turned out a lot like him.. He is a quiet man, never once did he need to raise his voice to his daughter. he never needed to a mere look could show disaproval to his daughter clearly enough. Charles was an Auror at the ministry.

Mother’s parenting style/occupation/attitude:
Chiara Melborne. Was fair to her daughter and encouraged her to follow her dreams no matter what others said. Chiara was much more vocal in any disapproval and did most of the lecturing when it proved needed with her Daughter. Though her temper could croud her judgment. Worked at the ministry in the department of mysteries.

Siblings (if any): None
Relationships with Family members: Her father, She respects greatly, and is often teased on being daddy's little girl. Her Mother, she has a close relationship with, despite there fights the were very closes and held no secrets from them.

Family feuds(if any): Her mothers drinking problem, She has fought with her mother over quitting the habit. But her mother constently takes offence to it and the usually fight about the issue.
Financial situation: Her family is well off , though her father insisted she pay for her schooling her self, so she worked her best to get what she wanted out of it. She owes debt to Gringotts but nothing she can't handle with her current job at Hogwarts.

Happiest memory: Graduation after her Masters in Transfiguation.

Childhood traumas: Her mother trying to quit drinking only to end up at St Mungos after over-dosing on stress relief potion.

Childhood event that still affects her: Is very privet of her family, even around her romantic relationships. She once told about her Mothers problem and it only made the situation worse when she was 8. Has promised to never involve anyone unless she trusts them absolutely.

Biographical Details
-Attended Hogwarts, in Gryffindor House, was always in the top of her class in Transfigurations and Defence Against the dark arts. Was alright at potions though not her favourite class, enjoyed Charms and often experimented with them, Playing jokes one her peers and even teachers if it sparked a laugh.
- Went on to study for her Masters in Transfigurations, under the apprenticeship of Morgan Jacob, a well known man in the area of Transfigurations. Finished her masters at the age of 27 and since decided to get a another Masters in Defence Against the Dark Arts as par her father request she study it.
- Currently Still studying for her Masters in Defence against the Dark Arts under Alice Marley, a well known Expert in the dark arts as well as counters against them.

Occupation History:
- Worked at a wand shop part time when she was a student.
- Got a job at the ministry on the magical reversal squad after her graduation from Hogwarts, decided to become a bookkeeping assistant and she started her Masters Degree.
-Got a teaching job at Drumstrang through her Apprenticeship in transfiguration, Was assistant teacher at first and then got the job full time. Was fired after her and the Headmaster had a difference of opinion.
- Currently teaches Transfiguration at Hogwarts School which she has to admit she is more happy at.

Successes/achievements: Became an Animagus at the age of 15, Managed to get a Master's in Transfigurations.
Failures: Failed the fitness exam to become an Auror, simply was not strong enough to do it, More books then brons she was often told. Failed to help her mother Quit Drinking.
Obstacles in life: Lack of motivation, Became bored of various things easily, and fear of her becoming dependant on something.
Special Skills: Animagus
Gifts/Talents: Transfigurations, Can play the violin, Likes to write poetry, Can cast a Corporeal Patronus.
Geographical History (residency abroad etc.) : Has lived in London England, and in Russia for many years of her life, also been to Italy and Ireland for a few years inbetween for study purposes,

Personal Life
Past Key Relationships:
Kenneth Jenkins: First Boyfriend was long term and was with him for 3 years, However Elizabeth felt suffocated by him and broke up with him a month before their 4th year together.
James Carol: 2nd serious Boyfriend, things moved to fast with them, moved in together after only meeting each other a few months before. He became rather judgemental of her parents her mother in particular. She broke it off after a year together.
Devin Gerald: 3rd Serious boyfriend, thought all was perfect they had their fights but all could work through it, even got engaged in their second year together, However Devin got into a accident that left him blind and with chronic head pain. he became addicted to pain relief potions, Elizabeth could no longer take it and brokenly left the man she would have married.

Marriages/ divorces: Never married, but broke off an engagement.
Sexual Orientation: Prefers Men
Why did relationships end?: Elizabeth ended them all, once they started to push on her comfort zones.
Any recurrent themes: Elizabeth becomes intolerant of certain things and strangely can cut all emotions and leave, continuing on with her life.
Past Convictions (if any): None
Hobbies: Reading, Experimenting with spells, playing music in a Violin
Favorite food/drink: Chocolate and Orange Juice
Philosophy in life: He who hesitates is lost.
Why?: has Found hesitation Leads to pain, no longer Hesitates.
Religion (if any): None really.. Though is much into the magical faith, Merlin and all that.

Secret Life
Phobias: TBA... Though does have underlying issue with relationships.
What is the worst thing that could happen to him/her?: Be without money or job and dependant one another to survive.
What is the best thing that could happen to him/her?: Become her own boss and manage her own life comfoartably.
Addictive behavior (Alcohol, gambling, etc): None
Personal detail most ashamed of : Leaving her past fiance, has been accused of leaving him when he needed her most. Some part of her feels that might be right,
What s/he would most like to change about themselves. Why?: Her ability to maintain a relationship.
What s/he mostly wants from life: To be successful and happy at end of all of it. Making her family proud of her
Personal goals: TBA
Personal strengths: Is confident in her abilities, has a since of humour, easy going to a point, Understanding of most.
Personal weaknesses: Is incredibly sensitive around people she lets into her inner circle, Trust is easily broken.
Compulsions (if any): None at the moment
Obsessions (if any): None at the moment

Present Situation
Martial Status: Single
Quality of marriage/partnership: N/A
Issues in marriage/partnership ( infidelities?): N/A
Children/dependents: None
Names of children/dependents, ages, sex: None
Relationship with children/dependents: None
Occupation: Transfigurations Professor
Is s/he happy in occupation? If not, why?: Yes she is very, as she gets to show her skill and pass it on to others.
What would s/he rather be doing?: N/A
Relationship with work colleagues: TBA
Issues at work (if any): TBA
Financial situation: Stable
Quality of home life: Lives at the school now most of the time, though while at home, is quiet and has everything she needs, could be a little lonely at times.

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Elizabeth Melborne - Point form
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