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 Rook Timeline

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Corvus Darrow

Corvus Darrow

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PostSubject: Rook Timeline   Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:46 pm

Vague Outline - can change! Feel free to reply here for additions of your characters.

2045 - Current Time

- Columba Mars Joins the Sangreal
- Liara and Gage are married in Sangreal
- Terrence Hall is born to Liara and Gage Hall
- Sydney and Nancy get together
- Nancy is tramatised by her father, after he destroyes her things, is teased and emmbarrassed about it at school mostly because of her muggleborn status.
- Sydney and Nancy breakup, becuase of Nancy's humiliation.

2047 - War Begins

- Jaina Alonso Becomes a Reporter
- Richard Rider Becomes an Assassin
- Columba Mars Becomes a fully pledged Auror
- 'Eating Crow' a radio show speaking against the Purist airs commentated by Jaina Alonso under the pseudo name Hermia

- Liara leads and fights in the Rebellion

- Anthony Alonso is killed
- Jacen Alonso joins the Purist
- Noah Casillas joins the Rebellion
- Alexander Nighthook and Melaina Harper Marry
- Sydney and Nancy Meet and Get together again
- Nancy joins Sids band

- Chloe Corna is born

- Jaina Alonso is captured by the Purist
- Lysander Blake and Jaina Alonso marries at Eden
- Oliver Kaiser is born to Bastian and Calixta
- Jericho MacDougal and Columba Mars marries
- Ariel Nighthook is born to Alexander and Melaina

- Jonathan Mars II is born via Jericho MacDougal and Columba Mars
- William Blake is born via Lysander Blake and Jaina Alonso
- Bastian Kaiser is attacted in London, severly hurt but survives.

- Columba Mars is killed by Lilith MacDougal
- Jonathan Mars II is transfered to Eden and is renamed, Adam MacDougal
- Corvus Darrow and Ariadne Grey marries at Eden
- Liara Hall is Captured by the purists
- Robin Stone is born to Richard Stone and Selene Stone
- Jade Blackwood joins purits, and goes on Dueling tour in there name

- Liara Hall is Brainwarped by Darcy Addison, is recriuted into the Purists
- Eve Darrow is born via Corvus Darrow and Ariadne Grey
- Catherine Blake is born via Lysander Blake and Jaina Alonso
- Kilian Kaiser is born to Bastian and Calixta Kaiser
- Alex Nighthook Captured by puriest
- Violet Kaiser Graduates Hogwarts

-Lycurgus Blake and Liara Rosier Marry at Eden
-Annette Blake is born Via Lycurgus and Liara
- Chloe orphaned by Werewolf attack
- Jade returns from Dueling tour
- Dylan Wilde is born to Sydney and Nancy
- Violet Kaiser Starts training to be an Auror, Adopts the Alias Vera Keller, for safety reasons.

-Liara leaves Edan, rescued by her father
- Violet Meets and starts to date Issac Hadley a fellow Auror and her Partner

2057 - War Ends
-Jennifer Kaiser is born to Bastain and Calixta
- Jackson Wilde is born to Sydney and Nancy

2058 - Reign of the Rook
- Corvus Darrow establishes rule

-Bastian Kaiser Goes blind

- Natalie Wilde is born to Sydney and Nancy Wilde



- Nancy Jackyl Dies, Kill by spider in a fight
- Jade Blackwood and Jericho MacDougal start dating





- Lysander Blake poisons himself upon accidentally hurting his wife, Jaina, and dies.
- Jaina Blake stabs herself with a dagger upon finding her husband, Lysander, dead.

2070 - Back to the Past

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Rook Timeline
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