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 Heat of the Elements

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Alexander Nighthook


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PostSubject: Heat of the Elements   Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:04 pm

Jade Blackwood walked into a favorite place of hers, the Elemental Dueling club, her had been a regular since she turned of Age. Granted she hadn't been in for a while since going on a Dueling tour for Corvus's name, but now she was back and eager to see the place again.

"Hey Blackwood! shocked to see ya here, your a big hot shot now eh?" said Jake the dueling administator.

Jade smirked and waved, "Yep I am back, couldn't keep me away you know , gottan anyone I can beat later today?" she asked a playful smirk on her face.

Jake chuckled "Got quite a few Jadie, why not have a go at it now, teach a few newbies a lesson?" sounding quite eager as the new duelers were actually quite cocky, to be put down a few pegs would do them good,

"Will have to get back to that Jake, expecting to meet someone soon, as much as I would like to show off when he gets here, I better hold off and show him around first" she said quirking an eye brow daring him to say anything.

Jake looked curiously and smirked, "Well then enjoy your date my dear" he then made his way oversee a duel currently being held on broomsticks.

Jade smiled, she was hoping she would, she met Jericho again the day she came back, and although she had her foot stuck in her mouth for mentioing Cole, who she had not known had died at the time. Somehow she wasn't sure how but she invited him to the dueling club. It was more then dueling really, it was half bar and resturant and dueling platforms for further entertainment.

The bottom and first floor was the water and fire level, water and fire was the basic classical Dueling, on the platforms. Earth was another one but on a different level and offereing a bigger area to duel in. the upper most level was Lightning and Wind, Dueling on broomsticks..

Jade usually played on the side of water and usually played against fire or earth opponets. The Club even had its own sorting system for Duelers much like the sorting for the Hogwarts houses.

Jade went up the bar and ordered a drink waiting for Jericho to show up, and a small part of her hoping he didn't stand her up for a bottle of fire whiskey.
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Gabriel Hall
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PostSubject: Re: Heat of the Elements   Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:21 pm

Jericho apparated onto the street where the Elemental Dueling Club sat. From his vantage point, it seemed a spectacular sight. So, this was where Jade Blackwood spent her post-Hogwartian days before joining the Purists? The wizard supposed he wasn't all that surprised. He hadn't known Jade for long before he had finished up his schooling, but he knew enough from watching the younger years duel that she had had skill in the area of magical combat. Hell, Jericho had a chance to experience that skill first-hand when she first arrived at Eden.

He walked into the establishment and was once again surprised. On one side, there seemed to be a restaurant and bar. The seating of such was so that, if desired, one could dine and observe the duels occurring on the other side of the club. 'Impressive,' the wizard mused. He had been to places similar, but this particular club seemed to be intriguingly different. Jericho wondered which side Jade could be found on. She had invited him here, after all, but he didn't recall that they had riddled out a precise meeting place.

Something seemed to guide him towards the restaurant and bar side. Whether it was intuition or having spotted someone that seemed to look like Jade was difficult to say. Unfortunately, the blonde he did see at a table was firstly not Jade, and secondly had a band of friends with her that Jericho didn't know. Hardly discouraged, the wizard kept searching and in due time found his companion. With a slight smirk on his face, Jericho approached the bar.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked Jade, the smirk still plain on his face as he hopped up onto a stool without waiting for her to answer. Jericho used to do the same to Cole on countless occasions.

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Heat of the Elements
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