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 Adam+Kitty 8/1/2011

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PostSubject: Adam+Kitty 8/1/2011   Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:59 pm

SummerIsYay!: Kitty: So you're really going to leave, then? 14:48
Lackadaisical: Adam: Leave? I'm not leaving. Just... exchanging schools. 14:51
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: We're away at school most of the year. 14:51
Lackadaisical: Adam: *smirks* Are you going to miss me? 14:54
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *brief smile* I was actually, erm....suggesting....I mean that stupid bet was ages ago now, really. It's gone on long enough; I should go back to my old room, I think. 14:58
Lackadaisical: Adam: *smirk dies* Oh right. Yeah *another one comes in its place though* You know my door is open any time. *winks* 15:00
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: Sure. *rolls eyes* I'd better go move my stuff, then. Thanks for understanding. 15:03
Lackadaisical: Adam: Wait. You know since I'm going to Durmstrang - their holidays vary slightly from Hogwarts, you'd be able to have my room all to yourself during that time. Especially since Uncle Corvus wants me to stay there during Christmas and Easter. 15:07
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *looks confused and then almost pained for just a moment* No, I -- erm, I just don't would just be weird, really. I mean...Will needs me, so.... 15:11
Lackadaisical: Adam: *doesn't think its weird since they've been doing it awhile but buys the Will reason* Alright. 15:16
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *thinks staying there while he's gone will only make her miss him more* 15:17
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *pulls her trunk out from under the bed and begins summoning her items* 15:18
Lackadaisical: Adam: Won't you stay for one more night? *puts a hand on her trunk* 15:23
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 15:27
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *looks down into her trunk rather than at him* Why does it matter? I might as well get used to you being gone. 15:28
Lackadaisical: Adam: *smiles in an attempt to lighten the mood* I'm not gone yet. 15:31
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: But you will be. For a long time. You'll probably....never mind. *continues packing her clothes* 15:33
Lackadaisical joined the chat 15:33
Lackadaisical: Adam: I'll be back in the summer. Kitty - it's not like I'm dying or anything. *is still smiling but its kinda faltering* I'm just exchanging schools... *hops on to the bed* I knew it. You would miss me. *grins* 15:35
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *looks up, glaring sharply at him* That's not it, alright? I'm just thinking of Will, and you. You'll probably come back from there with some fancy Russian girlfriend who, I very much doubt will understand or appreciate our sleeping arrangements. It's time to grow up, Johnny. We're not kids anymore. Sharing a bed means something and around here they're willing to humour us cause they've known us from babies but it's not like that anywhere else. 15:39
Lackadaisical: Adam: *smile dies at her outburst - but a renewed sense of determination appears in his eyes. Scoots over to where Kitty is standing and looks up at her seriously* Then why don't you be my girlfriend? 15:44
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: Bah! *bats him away half-heartedly* That's not funny. 15:47
Lackadaisical: Adam: *holds her hand* I'm serious, Kitty. 15:49
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *finally looks up at him, and is startled by the way he's staring at her* B-but you''re leaving. And I told you before, already....about what happens here when people get together....and Will is your best friend... 15:51
Lackadaisical: Adam: If those are your only reasons to why your not saying yes then its not good enough. I don't see why any of them are reasons anyway. 15:57
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 5 seconds ago 16:00
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: You're leaving! And I'm staying here! We won't even be in the same country most of the time -- what part of that doesn't make sense? 16:02
Lackadaisical: Adam: So? If you say yes - it'll make time fly faster. I'll ask to stay here for Christmas and Easter. For Merlin's sake Kitty - I'll fly back to you every weekend. 16:04
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 8 seconds ago 16:06
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *snorts* Fly back? I'd be surprised if you even wrote me... 16:07
Lackadaisical: Adam: Kitty look, I'll make this easy for you. Instead of insulting me like this why don't you just tell me the truth? Do you feel anything for me or not? If you do, I'll write to you - I'll fly to you - I'll bloody tap dance my way to you at any chance I get. If you don't - I'll stop pursuing you. But well... *smirks* I don't think you don't. 16:14
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 16:14
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *just stares at him like a deer in the headlights* 16:15
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: ......don't leave. 16:15
Lackadaisical: Adam: I have to. You know I do. 16:18
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 16:20
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: No, you don't. Please don't go. 16:21
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 16:23
Lackadaisical: Adam: I already told my uncle I would. 16:23
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 9 seconds ago 16:26
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *takes a deep breath* You can't have it both ways. You can go and work for your uncle, or you can have me. 16:28
Sub joined the chat 7 seconds ago 16:29
Lackadaisical: Adam: *frowns slightly* That's unfair. 16:32
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 16:32
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: I told you I didnt want to end up trapped here like my mother. I have no interest in being a young, beautiful corpse. 16:33
Lackadaisical: Adam: I know. But it won't be like that for us. 16:35
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 16:35
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *turns away from him, shaking her head* You've made your choice and I've made mine. 16:36
Lackadaisical: Adam: It's not like that! 16:41
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: It's exactly like that. You seem to forget that I'm only here because my parents were prisoners. So pick: your uncle, or me. 16:44
Lackadaisical: Adam: And you seem to forget the person who murdered my mother is still out there. 16:50
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: If Corvus couldn't find them then you probably shouldn't put yourself so far from home and safety, where anyone could find you 16:55
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: It's dangerous out there, for us! And it's dangerous for me, in here. Please, don't leave me here alone. I'm begging you. 16:56
Lackadaisical: Adam: *his expression softened* 16:58
Lackadaisical: Adam: Its not dangerous here for you. This is our home. 16:59
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: Both of my parents died here. Can't you see why I want to leave? 17:02
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: And you're leaving, now. I'll never be able to leave without you. Lord Corvus respects you. I'm nothing and no one to him, parentless and friendless too if you aren't here. I won't last long. 17:04
Lackadaisical: Adam: *holds her* Kitty your talking non-sense. 17:06
Lackadaisical: Adam: The people here care about you and your well being. 17:07
Lackadaisical: Adam: You're important to Uncle Corvus as well. If you want to leave - just ask and he'll let you. 17:09
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *turns and presses her cheek into his chest* They care because you care. Don't you ever listen to Annette when she's yelling at you? It's like everything here revolves around you and Eve. Things will change for Will and me if you go. 17:11
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 12 seconds ago 17:14
Lackadaisical: Adam: *gets the horrible realization that Kitty might only like him because his her ticket out of there* *for a second has difficulty breathing* ...I 17:16
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 5 seconds ago 17:16
Lackadaisical: Adam: *pained expression - is grateful Kitty can't see his face* 17:18
Lackadaisical: Adam: I understand. 17:18
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *doesn't realise what it sounds like she's saying* *gets very hopeful for a moment and then sighs quietly in disappointment* Tell him you've changed your mind. He won't be upset, I'm sure of it. Stay with me. 17:20
Lackadaisical: Adam: *is conflicted* 17:24
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *turns and places her hand on his cheek, looking him in the eyes* Stay with me. 17:26
Sub was timed out 12 seconds ago 17:29
Sub joined the chat 6 seconds ago 17:30
Lackadaisical: Adam: *would have stayed for her if he thought she loved him not because she wanted out but now he thinks otherwise he wants to push through the mission* I can't. I'm sorry. You're safe here. You'll see. It won't even make a difference because you'll be at school anyway. 17:31
SummerIsYay! joined the chat 7 seconds ago 17:32
SummerIsYay!: Kitty: *pulls away, turning her back to him so he can't see her cry* I understand. 17:33
SummerIsYay! left the chat 17:35
Lackadaisical: Adam: I'm sorry. I'll leave you to pack. 17:36
summerlites joined the chat 17:38
summerlites: Kitty: *nods mutely* 17:38
Lackadaisical: Adam: *leaves* 17:41
summerlites: Kitty: *shakily sits down on the bed, reaching blindly for Adam's pillow; she clutches it in silence for a moment and smells it, and then finally begins to cry until she's completely spent and falls asleep next to her still-unpacked trunk, curled up around his pillow*

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Adam+Kitty 8/1/2011
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