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 Henry Blackwood

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Elizabeth Melborne


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PostSubject: Henry Blackwood   Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:35 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Gender: Girl
Note:(Plus anything extra)

In Character

Name: Henry Blackwood
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Blood Rank:Pureblood
House: Ravenclaw
School: Hpgwarts
Career: Dedicated Student


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Donovan Blackwood and Iris Malfoy
Grandparents: Jacob and Laura Blackwood
Siblings: Jade Blackwood, Angela Blackwood, Matthew Blackwood
Aunts & Uncles: Rose (nee Blackwood) Silvertongue
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: Lilly Silvertongue
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light tan
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Grey
Size: 5,10
Build: Tean


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Single

-How I act-

Henry is decent boy, smart in terms of School, has one of the highest marks in the school. Takes great pride in being a Ravenclaw and always jokingly uses it as an excuse to ask nosie questions. Henry is ususally seen with his nose in a book weither fictional or for studious purposes. Is remarkably polite to most around him, doesn't really care about blood, nor does he boast over his own blood status as a pureblood. Henry has a love hate relationship with is father Donovan, ever since his father and mother divorced over his fathers infedelity with a muggle Duchess. He is patient with his siblings, Angela only a year younger then him, he is confident his sister is as compidant as he is and can handle herself. He is however protective of his younger brother Matthew, and always willing sheild him from his fathers insane ideas and Melodramatic's. He has a slight obsessiveness with books and reading in gerneral, sometimes he can get so into reading he doesn't care or notice what is going on in real life around him. Which could be his greatest down fall his nose in a book as life goes on without him.


Your Story Please?
Henry was born to Donovan and Iris Blackwood, both from well off pureblood families. He wasn't even a year old by the time his mother had another child his Sister Angela. things were a good as they could be for the dark haired child. Raised in a Manor are rasied with all the luxuries that came with that rank, However by the time Henry was 4 years old he heard shouting coming form the hall from his parents. He didn;t fully understand what the fight was about but his father had done something that made his mother very upset, so upset in fact his mother left the house over night. After his parents seperated Henry was always happy when his mother came over for visits despite his fathers obviously unenthued additute about the whole thing. Henry was always egar to catch his mother up on things she missed, Like school work he had started with tutors and pictures he had drawn for her.

As Henry got older his father started to take up the habit of trying to get him into dueling by regularly hexing or jinxing him to get him to defend himself with spells. And it worked.. to a point. Henry eventually got fairly good at blocking his father spells. However he never faught back and found the activity of shouting spells at another boring, at least at the time.. he knew much to his fathers disapointment Henry never got into the mindset for a proper duel. Henry was much more interested in learning the art of charms and potions once his tutors finally got to his beginging magical education and he read all the book on the subjects that he could understand. He eventually developed quite the talent for charms and potions when his tutors supervised his practice with a borrowed wand.

Eventually his father remarried, a woman named Rebecca, Henry was very reserved around the woman for the most part, he played his part well, always polite, said please and thank you, gave her a kiss on the cheek at bed time and even called her Mother form time to time when the situation called for it. But he never talked to her nor would he accept her as his mother, he refused to allow her to be his fathers excuse to stop letting his real Mum still come for visits. However then his step-mother has another child a boy who his parents named Matthew. Henry had always wanted a brother dispite what he may have confided to the others in his family. he silently observed the baby and entertained him as he grew older if even reservidly.

Then his 11th birthday roled around and what he though would actually be a good time eventually.. however he was sprely mistaken when the issue came up over which school he would go to.. So once agian he witnessed his father and Step-mother fight over which school he would go to.. he though remarkably silly why neither asked him for his opinion or that of his Sisters since her birthday was a year off and her distination for school was in question to.. and they were the ones who were going to be spending the majority of then next 7 years of there life in the School could they not decide.. or at least have some say? In his opinion they faught needlessly... Though he didn't object to going to hogwarts, he was annoyed with how that solved the issue of sending his sisterto Drumstrang instead.

Then he finallly arrive at Hogwarts and was sorted in to the Ravenclaw house, the house of the smarts ones everyone told him, and no one was surprised with his sorting with his obbsesion with books and knowledge of facts in classes.. Yes he was fitting into the Ravenclaw house just fine..

Then he got news that his father and step mother were getting a Divorce he was not surprised and was getting ready to actually ask his father to say goodbye to Matthew for him. When it is revealed Rebecca wants all three of them.. he wasn't sure what to think, he surely expected her to take her son who was only very little.. around the same age he was when his mother left.. even though he never gave the woman a chance when she and his father were married.. he was curious where this costody thing would lead. However that was brought to a screaching and disturbing halt, when his ex stepmother went missing and was later presumed dead since she was gone without a trace. Henry was then on always slightly suspicous his father had something to do with her disapearence.. after all she was last seen heading to the manor and only his fathers word that she made it there or not... But Henry never said anything it was horrible accusation and with out proof it would only casue trouble.. though with his younger brother with out a mother at all and with all that had happened, Henry found himself slowly distrusting his father, and reballing against him, in many forms.

His father tried to get him transfered to Drumstrang but surprised his father for once and refused stood up and protested. he had already invested alot of time onto making something of himself at hogwarts, granted he was the school resident bookworm, be he was good firends with Cole Mars and afew others. there was very little point of him getting transfered other then the fact his father wanted him in his old school..

Presently Henry is in he 6th year in Hogwarts, firends with Cole,though sometimes he wonders if something else could happen.. Though everyone on though school can see Jericho MacDougal has thing for Cole.. he also has a curious eye one a new 1st year Slytherin girl by the name of Jade Blackwood, he didn't think he had and relatives by that name, to find out he wrote a letter to his Father explaining about the girl, if it was mere coincidence or was there something he wasn't telling... again.


Magic Specialty Arithmancy
Favorite Spell: Lumos

-Other information-

Weakness: His Father, Obsessiveness, Books
Strengths: Extremely Intellegent, Open minded, Curious
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Theme song: TBA
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Henry Blackwood
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