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 A Black Letter

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Alexander Nighthook


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PostSubject: A Black Letter   Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:14 pm

Henry Blackwood sat at Ravenclaw table, deep in thought with a quill in hand and a sheet of parachment in from of him, ususally it was writing homework and study. No this was a letter to his Father Donovan Blackwood, the current headmaster of Drumstrang Insitute. Ususally the Father and his eldest son butted heads and it was a rear occasion Henry would willingly write to his father if he didn't need to. However he felt he needed to in this instance.

Durring the sorting a young girl was announced and sorted in to Slytherin house, her name? Jade Blackwood.. Everyone assumed she was his younger sister. But he was just as confused as everyone else. He even spoke with the girl and what she told him shocked him. Well.. knowing his father he supposed he shouldn't be shocked.. but still finding out he might have a unknown sibling was concidered a big deal right? Jade had told him her mother met a powerful wizard and they fell in love like in a fairy tail.. But her father was taken away by a evil witch and she never saw him again. Jade was quite Cheeky as she seemed to understand his mother was the "Evil witch" Her mother often spoke of. His father needed to know about this, and if he already knew why had they not been informed..


I write you hoping you are well,"

Henry rolled his eyes knowing his father wouldn't believe it for a moment, but it was all for formality and curtisey sake.

" However I have a reason for this letter, A new girl was sorted in to Slytherin House this past sorting and her name is Jade Blackwood and she claims to be your daughter. I have already talked to her, she didn't give me much of a straight answer other then you are her father and you were "taken away" before she was born. Anyway I though you might want to know you might have produced a child some 11 years ago..

Your Son,

It was quick and to the point, so then teenager folded it up after the ink dried and put his family seal on it so hsi father would know it was from him. he gave it to his Great Owl Juno.

"Give him a good bite for me girl" he said with a smirk, he had trained his owl after a fight with his father to bite him after giving him a letter if he didn't say thank you or be nice to her. He wasn't sure if his father had figured that out yet... But Now that that was out of the way, he waited and admittedly anciously wondered if her had a sister he had not known had existed before...
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Gabriel Hall
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PostSubject: Re: A Black Letter   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:02 pm

* * * Durmstrang Institute * * *

Donovan Blackwood opened the door to his office. Breakfast in the dining hall had just concluded, and he needed to finalize a few pieces of paperwork as the newly-appointed Headmaster of Durmstrang before going back down to begin his morning dueling classes. The wizard was surprised, however, to see his son’s owl perched upon his desk. The creature hooted, turning suddenly to set its huge eyes upon him. It was rare, if at all, that Donovan ever heard from his eldest child. Ergo, the arrival of Juno was quite the surprise indeed.

“What complaint has he this time?” he asked the owl, holding out his hand expectantly. Juno stretched out a leg for Donovan to take the letter. When he did not thank the bird, nor gave it a second look, Donovan was promptly bitten and swore in response to the pain. Before the wizard could issue one of the commands Juno had been taught, the owl took off and settled itself upon the single lonely perch in the room.

His first order of business, however, was clear: he had to finish up the paperwork on his desk. So, Donovan placed the envelope in his pocket and promptly took care of that first. He would send them off with a school owl on his way down to the main courtyard. Now, for his son’s letter...


I write you hoping you are well,"

Donovan rolled his eyes. The words were a formality and nothing more.

"However I have a reason for this letter, A new girl was sorted in to Slytherin House this past sorting and her name is Jade Blackwood and she claims to be your daughter. I have already talked to her, she didn't give me much of a straight answer other then you are her father and you were "taken away" before she was born. Anyway I thought you might want to know you might have produced a child some 11 years ago.

Your Son,

Donovan blinked a few times, rereading the contents of his son’s note. Jade Blackwood? Eleven years ago? No, that didn’t make sense. He was still married to Iris at that time. The only children they’d had were Henry himself, and Angela. Had Iris had a third child by him after their divorce was settled? That would certainly explain why none of them knew... On the other hand that didn’t make sense: Iris visited regularly whether she was wanted or not. Surely Donovan would’ve seen through any glamour charms and assorted spells to conceal a pregnancy...

Then it hit him: Catherine Daniels!

Hazel eyes lifted from the parchment to the owl, and back again. “You may as well get comfortable. Your owner seems to like asking the more difficult questions, and I’ve no time this morning to accommodate his curiosity.”

The owl gave a tired hoot and settled in for a nap as Donovan left the room to head out for his dueling classes.

* * * A day or two later * * *

Donovan once again strolled into his office. He had left the one- to two-day-old letter from Henry in here and hadn’t looked at it since. Once classes had concluded for the day and everyone retired to their chambers, Donovan left the castle in the hands of his deputy headmistress and departed back to England. The wizard managed a meeting with his former lover, Catherine, and the conversation that followed stirred a myriad of emotions and questions.

With a sigh he sat down at his desk and reached for a blank piece of parchment. It was the traditional Durmstrang stationery, replete with the school seal and motto emblazoned on the top. His quill was already loaded with a dark blue ink. As he had some free time and still owed his son a response, Donovan decided to at least try and explain to Henry what he had learned in the days since receiving the letter:


Your letter has found me well, and I hope that you are able to say the same.”

That part was easy enough. No awkward situations to muddle through: just simple formalities and courtesies. Despite such, however, Donovan did truly hope his eldest was well even if the wizard wasn’t prone to showing it.

”I can only imagine your curiosity regarding your inquiry. For whatever comfort it might bring you, I had no knowledge of this girl. However, she is indeed your half-sister. I would prefer not to discuss the details here.

Due to this new development I intend to make a visit. If you are so inclined, discuss with your sister when the best time for both of you would be and we shall make arrangements from there. You need not relay this message: she will be receiving her own correspondence.

Your Father."

Well, that didn’t seem so difficult. Much like his son’s letter it was fairly to the point. Now he needed to pen a letter to Jade. Donovan somehow felt that this task would be even more difficult than the previous one. Merlin, what was he supposed to say?! With a new sheet of parchment, and a quick ink switch from navy blue to emerald green, Donovan struggled to begin anew:

Jade Blackwood,

I write with the intention of finding you well in your first year at Hogwarts School, and to offer you a brief introduction that has admittedly long since been overdue. Congratulations on making Slytherin House. Your Hogwartian ancestors are just as proud of you as I am.

I am also your father. Your mother, whom I have recently contacted, mentioned that you have expressed a desire to meet me. Assuming that interest still stands I have every intention to visit. One of your half-brothers, Henry, may or may not approach you to discuss a convenient time for this meeting. If he does not then you are more than welcome to set a time yourself.

Until then.

Donovan Blackwood

Deciding the letters were as good as they were going to get, Donovan retrieved a pair of black envelopes. He placed Henry’s letter in one, Jade’s in the other, and properly addressed both before sealing them. A scarlet wax seal bearing the Blackwood family crest added the final touch. Without a word to any passing student or fellow professor Donovan marched his way to the owlery. The wizard offered Henry’s letter to Juno, and sent her off. He did the same with the letter for Jade, and set the school owl aflight five minutes after that.

All that was left to do was: wait.

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A Black Letter
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