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 Nikolai Malfoy

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PostSubject: Nikolai Malfoy   Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:30 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)
Name: Sub

In Character
Birth Name (Unknown to Character): Nikolai Frost
Adopted Name: Nikolai Malfoy
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggleborn
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
- Teenage career as a clerk at Flourish and Blotts; hung out in the languages section
- Cursebreaker for Gringotts, with a concentration on translating, transcribing, and interpreting
- England Ministry for Magic: Department of Mysteries
- Present: Ancient Runes Professor at Hogwarts School


Your Class: Ancient Runes
School: Hogwarts


Parents: Unknown; Foster parents: Lucian and Delores Malfoy
Grandparents: Unknown; N/A
Siblings: Biological: Nikia (younger sister); Foster sibling: Pandora (younger; 29), Samantha Yaxley (27)
Aunts & Uncles: Unknown; Foster family members are irrelevant
Nieces & Nephews: Unknown; Doesn’t see his foster-nieces and -nephews
Cousins: Unknown; Quite a few foster-cousins, but they rarely speak if at all
Children: Champollion “Champ”  (age 13) and Dryden (age 10)
Grandkids: None yet!


Skin color: Light
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Medium-long
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6’
Build: Average

[Sean Bean]


Crushes: Lorayne Reynolds (Affectionately referred to as “Rainy” or “Rainy-Ray”)
Mates/Spouse: None officially (see Crushes)
Status: Recovering

-How I act-

Personality: Ever since Nikolai was a young boy he has had an ambition and deep thirst to prove himself. As such he is hardly private when it comes to discussing his accomplishments. He is, however, very private about other things – most notably his failures. Oftentimes Nikolai sets the bar on himself and others much too high, causing him disappointment and frustration. This wizard is very much a perfectionist: anything less than the best that could be done is criticized with a cold eye and a barbed tongue, primarily when regarding his own work.

It is difficult to say how others might rate Nikolai upon first meeting him. At times he is strictly businesslike in that he is to the point and distances himself from humor. He believes in hard work, does not approve of blatant laziness, and despite attempts to maintain a stoic poker face some things annoy him rather easily. On the flipside he does know how to have a good time, loosening up with fun and humor. Much of his behavior depends upon the potential audience directly in front of Nikolai’s face. As his nose is often buried knee deep in books or translations, the wizard may at times find that his responses were too serious than the other party had anticipated. Nikolai becomes this way, also, when he is in the midst of frenzied scribbling spells; he claims these instances are highly cathartic and demands that no one interrupt him until the episode passes.

Probably the most distinct flaw in Nikolai’s character is his addictive personality. If allowed to pursue an interest without being monitored, Nikolai will swiftly let the activity or substance dominate his actions and thoughts. In this sense some could easily deem him a workaholic. In other cases, he has become “addicted” to other substances, such as nicotine, caffeine, particular candies, and several other things. His ambition and achievements could very well be perceived as an addiction to power.


Your Story Please? Nikolai does not remember much about his early childhood. All he knows is that he had a sister whom he was very protective of, and that their parents were murdered when they were very young. The boy had wanted to live on his own with his sister and take care of themselves, but law enforcement wizards would hear nothing of the sort. The siblings were taken to an orphanage. Nikolai and his sister Nikia stayed in the orphanage for a few years – Nikolai never kept track of how long they had been there.

One day, a couple came in looking to adopt a child. From what Nikolai remembers overhearing, Delores Malfoy was deemed incapable of carrying a child to term and thus it was the couple’s hope to adopt a child in order to carry on the family name. They had wanted a pureblooded child, but there were none with such a pedigree according to the orphanage’s files. They then sought half-bloods. The half-bloods that were there were apparently unworthy according to the couple. With great reluctance Lucian and Delores Malfoy were introduced to the muggleborn orphans – the majority group within the particular establishment Nikolai and Nikia resided. Much to Nikolai’s horror Lucian and Delores decided to adopt him, but not his sister. Their reasons are unknown to this day, but Nikolai swore it to himself that he would find Nikia again one day.

Being a muggleborn in a traditional pureblood family was not a pleasant experience. Nikolai was given their surname, Malfoy, but they told him that that surname and the respect that went with it had to be earned. In short they treated him like dirt and told him he would never amount to anything. They had even gone so far as to claim regret in adopting him, since his worth was as much to them as a servant or house-elf: he was expendable. Instead of creating a downtrodden serf they created a highly ambitious youngster with a thirst to prove them all terribly, horribly wrong.

He earned his letter to Hogwarts, and much to the astonishment of his adoptive family Nikolai earned himself a seat at the Slytherin table. Unfortunately, he wasn’t treated all that well in that House, either. More prominent adoptive family members from the extended genealogical tree mocked him openly at school, and invited others to do the same. The children were not allowed to reveal the true reason why Nikolai was to be so mistreated, instead gossiping around appropriate circles that the child was a bloodtraitor. In his second year, Nikolai received word from his foster parents informing him that he was now a step-brother: Delores had conceived and delivered a baby girl, whom they named Pandora. Instructions from Lucian warned Nikolai that he had best set a good example of and protect the girl, lest severe consequences ensue.

Despite the Malfoys still being financially set for life, the family did not extend much of that gold to him for pocket money. Nikolai was more than happy to earn his own wages and prove that he could be self-sufficient, and in his fourth year (the same year in which Samantha Malfoy was born) he took up a summer job as a clerk in Flourish and Blotts. Despite being a sorted Slytherin, the lad was very much a Ravenclaw bookworm. Nikolai tended to hang out nearest the shelves on languages, runes, and archaeology.

Upon completing his years at Hogwarts, Nikolai had initially set out with the intent to become a cursebreaker for Gringotts. He succeeded, though tended to weave between actual cursebreaking duties and accompanying Basil Monroe – a friend from his school days – on archaeological digs. It was about halfway through what would be a 15 year stint working for Gringotts when he met his long-term girlfriend, Lorayne Reynolds. At the age of twenty-eight (Lorayne was 26), the pair had their first child. Nikolai got his wish to name the boy Champollion, after one of the early translators of the Rosetta Stone. They called him “Champ” for short.

In the last of his 15-year career with Gringotts, Nikolai resigned in response to an accident that personally had him so spooked that he didn’t want to repeat it. It was hard in the following year to find employment, made even worse by an increase in headaches. Eventually he found work within the Ministry of Magic. It wasn’t quite as interesting as deciphering runes and other inscriptions, but the job of an Unspeakable within the Department of Mysteries was still a seemingly worthwhile career. As it turned out the acquisition of a new job couldn’t have been timed better: Lorayne was pregnant with a second child. She gave birth to another baby boy, and much like “Champ” the child was named after an early translator: Dryden. More than ever, Nikolai wished he had found his biological sister in order to share these happy memories with her. But, alas: he had little luck in locating her for ages now.

Nikolai worked in the Department of Mysteries for seven years. It was a strange place indeed, and if it wasn’t age-old magic trying to keep him away from unraveling a secret then it was a couple of his colleagues that didn’t approve of a muggleborn in the ranks of those potentially about to make the greatest discoveries to wizard kind muddying their good work. Most of Nikolai’s colleagues worked just fine alongside him... it was just a select few that looked upon him as though they’d swallowed a lemon.

The year 2009 was one of the worst years Nikolai ever experienced. He assumed that it was one of his colleagues that was none too fond of his true bloodstatus, but during this year his house was under attack by an individual leaving hostile, threatening messages. At first he was unnerved but not to the point where he saw it as necessary to leave his workplace. It was a mistake. Hostilities despite auror reinforcement escalated, and exploded into the murder of Lorayne Reynolds later that year. Nikolai experienced a dreadful feeling of déjà vu. This was not so unlike when he’d lost his biological parents all those years ago. He worked for 3 more years with the Department, until more threats started up again. Although it was now Champollion and Dryden being threatened, it was Nikolai himself that became the victim of a violent accident. Because of this incident, and in order to protect his sons, Nikolai resigned from the Department of Mysteries.

Nikolai was smart, however: before just simply quitting he had lined up another job. Never in a million years would the wizard have ever considered teaching the wealth of knowledge he possessed to young people. However, between Basil’s encouragement and with the way his present career situation was increasingly turning sour, Nikolai decided something was better than nothing. Thus far he’s been teaching Ancient Runes for one and a half years now at Hogwarts, and hopes that the now-13-year-old Champollion will enroll in his class.


Magic Specialty Ancient Runes, Dark Arts & their Defense
Favorite Spell: Aparecium; Protego Totalum

-Other information-

- Addictive personality (Nicotine, caffeine, work, sweets, alcohol, power... be careful getting him started on something! xD)
- Family (desire for acceptance via his pureblood foster family; and love for biological family, romantic partners, and children)
- Perfectionist; somewhat obsessive-compulsive
- Frequent headaches
- Obsessive “writing behavior” – This activity is primarily used as a catharsis from nagging ideas or pieces of knowledge, even if he has to write on walls or glass to seek relief; finds he feels better during a headache after several pages full of ink.

+ Multilingual, and able to pick up new languages (spoken or written) in a snap.
+ Hardworking
+ Sense of fun and humor, despite overall strict demeanor
+ Eidetic (photographic) memory
+ Resourceful
+ Backgammon

Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Theme song: Main theme from Halo: Combat Evolved

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Nikolai Malfoy
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