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 To Visit Family.. (2055, Bas/Cali)

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Alexander Nighthook


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PostSubject: To Visit Family.. (2055, Bas/Cali)   Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:59 pm

Bastian Kaiser felt slightly anxious, they were heading to England to visit Cali's family. It have been a few year since they had been able to manage. With the ever worsening situation in England any visit would involve risk.. so they need to be careful. But it he believe it was worth it, after all he couldn't ask his wife or his in laws to to never see the other again.. All because of the chaos in England, it was not fair. Cali's family had been going through a lot to, it might do everyone some good to see them again.

Ever since he had been attacked a few years earlier in his work office in London he had since moved his occupation to Germany. officially anyway. Unofficially he helped people seeking refuge to get out of England and the war, he knew how the Ministry's tracking system worked and how to avoid it.. which made what they were about to do not as dangerous as it might have sounded, they had to enter England through muggle means, any magical entrance and there was a risk the wrong person would find out and they would be in Danger. Entering by Car or plane was much safer, though time consuming...

He was currently helping to pack some things for the trip, his thing were easy, clothes and allergy potions, just in case.. it was the boys things he scratched his head at bringing... What to bring on a long car ride for a one and four year old. Thanks to magic this wasn't something he had ever had to experience before.. really.

He left his and Cali's bedroom to see what still needed to done before they departed, and see what Calixta herself was up to.

"Dad!" Oliver came whipping around the corner knocking right in to his father's knees.

Bas winced in sympathy at the audible knock on his son's head to his leg, "You alright Lad? what is the hurry?" he asked kneeling down.

Oliver scrunched up his face sniffed as he seemed to decide if the bump was worth any fuss.. and seemed to forget what he had been so enthused about a moment earlier.

Bastian sighed and picked his son up, "Let's go see what ya Mum is up then eh?"

Oliver gave a water shake of his head, always in favor of going to Mum.

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Calixta Harper
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PostSubject: Re: To Visit Family.. (2055, Bas/Cali)   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:20 pm

Calixta Kaiser had been in the boys' room, packing their things, when Kilian suddenly woke up and started crying at full blast. She cursed quietly under her breath and dropped her wand on top of the dresser she'd been rummaging through, immediately walking to the crib and picking up the squalling infant.

"Shhh, shh, it's okay sweetheart, mummy's here," she told Kilian in soothing tones. It seemed like she'd only just put him down for a nap, too -- fresh nappie and tired out from playing with the ever-energetic Oliver. The timepiece hanging on the wall informed her that it had been over an hour, though -- she sighed and sat down in the chair next to the crib, cradling Kilian and trying to pacify him. Over an hour and she was only half done packing.

A trip to her parents' house shouldn't be so difficult ordinarily, but it had been so long since she'd seen them that the necessity of making this visit count was making things quite complicated. The muggle travel, sneaking over the boarder -- really, with Bastian in charge it was as safe as it could be since he'd done it so many times for other people, but that didn't make it any easier. Kilian grabbed at her shirt, and Calixta unbuttoned it, her mind a million miles away as she prepared to feed her son.

What would they find once they got there? Of course Bastian brought home letters and newspapers, but it wasn't the same. Not like it was in Germany, anyway. That had been fortunate for her -- that Bas was already a citizen. It had become much more difficult to enter the country now that people were fleeing England by the hundreds, or so she'd gathered by the sheer number of people Bas had helped sneak into Germany. Try as he might to make the situation look more optimistic, Calixta wasn't easily fooled.

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Alexander Nighthook


Posts : 157
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PostSubject: Re: To Visit Family.. (2055, Bas/Cali)   Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:55 pm

Bastian carried Oliver to the boy's room upon hearing little Killian start crying.

"Mum!" Oliver yelped wiggling to get down from his fathers hold.

Bastian put Oliver down and let him go to Calixta as he looked over the thing Cali had already packed for the boys. "Anything you want packed for them Darlin?" he asked opening the drawers of the boy's dresser.

Oliver hugged his Mum's knees, "I ran right into Dad, Mum! it hurt!" he said rubbing his forehead though obviously it wasn't all that bad now.

"The lad came out of no where" Bastian said trying to sound amused as he went to place more clothes in to the suit case when a owl props at the window with a newspaper and a letter. Bas summons a owl treat and gives it to the owl as he relieved its burden.. he avoided looking at the paper right then.. he would see what horror it held when Olivers observant eye was not looking at him... Oliver was smart and knew when a bit of bad news came in the mail.. however he was only a kid and tended to ask to many questions and they were difficult to answer, or the answer was not meant for his ears..

Bas did open the letter though, it was from a family he helped about a month ago.. they made it to the United States with not to much trouble. Those letter were much better to get then the news.

Oliver looked up at his Mum, "When are we going to see Grandma and Grandpa?!" He asked feeling Excited to met the Grandparents he hardly remembered.
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PostSubject: Re: To Visit Family.. (2055, Bas/Cali)   

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To Visit Family.. (2055, Bas/Cali)
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