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 Joleen Allison Mulder

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PostSubject: Joleen Allison Mulder   Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:30 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Joleen Allison Mulder (goes by Jo, Allison, or Aly)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Mixed (3/4 pure)
House: Hufflepuff
School: Hogwarts; plays Chaser for the Hufflepuff team
Career: Future Unspeakable for the Ministry of Magic


Parents: Damian and Florence Mulder
Grandparents: Fabian and Eunice Mulder; Bartholomew “Barty” and Ursula Rowle
Siblings: Nina (14), Rex (12) and Glenn (went missing at age 7; would be 10 now)
Aunts & Uncles: Prudence Rowle, Dale Mulder
Nieces & Nephews: None Yet
Cousins: Many; all of them male
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Light tan
Hair Color: Medium golden brown with red highlights, though is constantly changing it
Hair length: It varies too much to say, but Joleen prefers short-medium cuts
Eye color: Blue, though also uses contact lenses or spells to alter this as well
Size: 5’ 7”
Build: Slender

Ruby Rose
[Just a note: Joleen is not as tattooed as her playby]


Crushes: Erin Davis, Jaina Alonso, Melania Harper, Selene Stone
Mates/Spouse: None yet
Status: Single

-How I act-

The first thing Joleen would share about herself is that no, she’s not named after the song, and she would thank you very much to refrain from singing said song or any mockingly ad-libbed versions of it in her presence. You have been warned.

If you were to judge a person by their activities, you’d swear Joleen – better known as Jo – was a boy. Even her wardrobe is decidedly masculine-esque, yet with just a hint of femininity. Jo likes femininity on other girls, but not so much on herself. Which brings us to one key point: Joleen is a lesbian. Instead of hiding it, however, she boldly declares it in how she wears and acts. She is fully confident in her skin, and Merlin have mercy on anyone that mocks her or someone else with an alternative orientation – the witch will personally hex them to Kingdom Come if not held back. Joleen’s combative ways when provoked makes many assume that she is a hot-head as she snaps into action. However, it has less to do with a perpetually short temper than it does a slightly impulsive nature. On a milder level this surfaces when she is unable to decide what to do with her appearance: short hair? long hair? brown hair? red hair? blonde hair? green eyes? purple eyes? blue eyes? Joleen might just wear one eye green and other eye orange so that both wants are satisfied.

The girl is a creative sort. For all of her proclaimed masculinity, she does have a feminine sense of fashion and design. Joleen is particularly fond of modifying her clothing and artistically tossing bits of outfits together. She tries to strike a balance between functionality and decoration, but some things sway more one way than another. It is only a shame that Quidditch uniforms cannot be modified: Joleen loves sports, especially Quidditch. Her father introduced to her several muggle sports, but her only favorites of these are rugby, hockey, and American football.

There are times when Joleen wonders if maybe she shouldn’t have tried to get into Ravenclaw House. It’s not that she doesn’t like her Housemates – because she does. Instead she can’t help but think about the mystery of her missing brother, and other curiosities of the world. These unknowns stir within her a dogged pursuit of the truth – a willingness to chase after even the smallest of mysteries for the pure satisfaction of simply knowing why... assuming that there was ever a “why” for it in the first place.


Your Story Please? With the exception of her mother, grandmothers, aunt, and sister, Joleen grew up around men. As such she grew up “just like one of the guys” and identified the most with them. From the moment she could pick what she wanted to wear, dresses had gone so far out of style it wasn’t funny. Anything lacy was given a suspicious glare before being tossed from her wardrobe, nose snobbishly held aloft in the opposite direction. She was often teased for her tomboyish nature. Joleen, often referred to simply as “Jo”, made it known that people who poked fun at her did so at their own risk of a bloody nose or a black eye! When she came into her magical abilities the list of potential injuries increased tenfold. The girl had tried to pretend to be “normal” when she discovered her preference, afraid her parents would shun her. In the end the young wizard dumped her, blabbed her secret to her parents, and made her life a living hell for the rest of her third year.

In preparation for her first year at the magical school, Joleen was not particularly fond of the required uniform. The robes looked too much like a dress. But, to her great delight, she could wear her usual shirt-and-trousers underneath. Whenever she could get away with it, Joleen dispensed with the uniform in favor of going casual. She was yelled at by her mother only just last year for “modifying” her uniform into a wild and unique form of self-expression. Florence Mulder’s opinion of the outfit was that it was completely ruined – torn, worn, shorn into an uneven zig-zag hem, and partially bleached and recolored as it was.

Chaos struck the Mulder family when Joleen was twelve. The youngest child, Glenn, went missing. The boy was seven. No one knows what happened. The family had every window and door locked – the home was entirely devoid of any form of forced entry. The incident has strongly impacted Joleen to the point where she is considering pursuing a career in the Ministry: an Unspeakable. They dealt with the mysteries of the world. Perhaps, if Glenn still wasn’t found by the time she finished school, Joleen would eventually find an answer.

Just like at home the witch tended to hang around those of the opposite sex more than those of her own gender at Hogwarts. Joining in on their banter about this girl and that girl, who was pretty and who not so much, and so on and so forth came naturally to Joleen. Of course she knew she was a girl, herself, but she hung around boys so much that they never caught her eye in that way. Instead the witch found her eyes lingering on the girl two seats ahead of her in Transfiguration, or the one three seats across in Charms. Although aware of intolerance toward alternative lifestyles, Joleen refuses to be downtrodden by or hide from these people. Most of her detentions were borne out of responding to any that mock her or someone else’s orientation.

Jo has entered her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She couldn’t be more prepared for the eventual Career Advice segment of the year’s curriculum. This is also her first year back on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, having been suspended for breaking a 7th year Slytherin Chaser’s nose during a post-match argument.


Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Color-Changing Charm

-Other information-

Combative tendencies
Potential workaholic
Occasionally indecisive
Fashionably late

Open-minded (for the most part)

Favorite Color: Purple
Theme song: “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett, “Raise Your Glass” and “So What” by P!nk, “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce

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Joleen Allison Mulder
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