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 Aphrodite Levinthal

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PostSubject: Aphrodite Levinthal   Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:46 pm


Out of Character

Name: KD

In Character

Name: Aphrodite Levinthal
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Half-Blood
House: Hufflepuff 
School: Hogwarts
Career: Professor


Your Class: Herbology
School: Hogwarts


Parents:  Patricia Bones and Samadhi Lorien
Grandparents: Alan and Maribel Bones; Dharma and Cronus Lorien
Siblings: Serenity, Samadhi Jr. , Ares
Aunts & Uncles: Gianna, Rupert, Lois (Maribel and Alan); Equilibria, Leo, Aquarius (Dharma and Cronus)
Nieces & Nephews: Artemis (Ares), 
Cousins: Alice, Kingston, Jessica (Bones), Hera, Athena, Minerva, Jupiter, Saturn, Luna, Oceana (Lorien)
Children: Persephone Levinthal
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Pale, though with a tinge of a tan from time spent outside
Hair Color: Dark brown, nearly black
Hair length: Shoulder length 
Eye color: Dark brown
Size: Average
Build: Slender


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: Dionysus Levinthal
Status: Divorced and, admittedly, lonely

-How I act-

Personality: Having one of the considerably less dangerous subjects to teach at Hogwarts, Aphrodite is and can be considered one of the most easiest going of people both at school and in general. It takes much to truly annoy or rattle her and there is a smile almost always upon her face. Faithful to her nomadic nature, Aphrodite holds a special reverence for all things nature and can often be found meditating and going around the grounds and forests barefoot, believing that the only way to truly be one with nature is to have as few barriers with Mother Nature as possible. She is an overwhelming optimist, always looking long and hard for the positive, seeing it much more beneficial to light a candle rather than complain of the dark. Admittedly though, this bombardment of optimism can be annoying at times and is even a mask, particularly where her past is concerned, for there is much about her marriage that Aphrodite would rather forget. Despite this minor shadow though is a woman always living for the day and seizing the moment. A day spent idle is one that this witch considers a wasted one, and she is always seeking adventure, whether it be a midnight skinny dip in the lake or a climb through Everest for a week.

Overall if one was in need of a smile, laugh, or even a shoulder to cry one, Aphrodite would be a prime choice and is always on the look-out to help anyone who needs it. She'll even throw in one of her "special brownies" or five Wink


Your Story Please? 

Aphrodite is the product of the union of the well-established, respectable and pureblooded Bone family and the free-spirited nomadic Lorien clan. Patricia had been raised and groomed in the ways of the aristocratic-like upper class but upon falling in love with the rugged and handsome musician Samadhi had walked away from it all, leaving the world of the privileged for one of, albeit uncertain, adventure, accompanying her husband on his numerous musical tours and performances before eventually forming a duet with him with Samadhi playing acoustics as she sang. Although money was limited and life was in constant motion it was a lifestyle that brought happiness and blissful freedom. This was the world young Aphrodite was born and brought up in. In her world, there was no pain or sorrow, only the melodies and cadences of freedom. Being the youngest, Aphrodite was often left to her own devices, especially when her older siblings left for Hogwarts. To occupy herself, Aphrodite spent much of her time playing in the outdoors during her parent's concert, often venturing into whatever forest or meadow was nearest to the clan's current location. It was through these experiences that Aphrodite's love of nature, particularly Herbology, was conceived, carrying out as she entered Hogwarts.

Upon entering Hogwarts she was immediately sorted into Hufflepuff for her friendly, easy-going demeanor. Through the years, her love of Herbology was fostered and nourished into a passion that she decided to pursue in life. It was also during her time at Hogwarts that she met and eventually married fellow free-spirit Dionysus Levinthal, a boy who came from an equally nomadic family, being the child of circus performers. Together with their shared roots and passions, the two seemed to be a match made in heaven.

After graduation, the Levinthals purchased a chunk of acres in the Scotland Highlands, creating  a magical ranch/zoo of sorts that held various magical creatures for Dionysus and a greenhouse filled with Aphrodite's botanical treasures and creations. A few years went by and the two soon had a daughter named Persephone. With a booming business, blossoming garden, and her own blooming family things we never better for Aphrodite. Unfortunately, just as all petals must fall, so too was sorrow inevitable...

Shortly after Persephone's third birthday during a family picnic on the ranch Persephone wandered away while Aphrodite was busy inspecting the mandrakes. One of Dionysus' runespoors bit Persephone, infecting the child with a rapidly spreading amount of venom. Although the child's parents made their way to the screaming child as fast as they could, it wasn't fast enough and the child was found dead by the couple. Both Mother and Father were badly shaken by Persephone's death, both blaming the other for their negligences. It wasnt long before the Levinthals divorced.

Although both still shared the ranch, Aphrodite opted to sell her share to Dionysus and left, taking her greenhouse with her. Despite wanting to return to her nomadic lifestyle, away from the world and the hardships she now realized it contained, Persephone couldn't bring herself to do so alone. Without her child and husband, Persephone was lonely and knew that to wander off by herself would only encourage her grief. No, what Aphrodite needed was a fresh start, a new beginning in which she could plant her roots in new, unmarked territory, and blossom into a new flower. And upon seeing that Hogwarts was in need of a Herbology Professor, that was exactly what she set off to do...


Magic Specialty Herbology
Favorite Spell: Lumos

-Other information-

-Feels suffocated and ill when deprived of sunlight and fresh air for too long.
-Has difficulty lying
-Overwhelming optimism can sometimes become a mask
-Has a bit of a fondness for certain "special plants" coughthinkspecialbrowniescough
-Can't stand having someone upset or unhappy around her.
-Master of Herbology; has epitome of a 'green thumb'
-Dedicated to teaching and sharing knowledge about all things herbology and life
-Always manages to find the bright side to everyday life
Favorite Color: Green
Theme song: Last Ride of the Day by Nightwish
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Aphrodite Levinthal
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