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 Gustav Albrecht Stabler

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PostSubject: Gustav Albrecht Stabler   Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:42 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)


In Character

Name: Gustav Albrecht Stabler
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: N/A
School: Durmstrang
Career: Head of Stabler Enterprise; International Mercenary and Weapons Business 


Parents: Berthold and Liesel (nee Aquitaine) Stabler
Grandparents: Johan and Regina Stabler; Henry and Elanor Aquitaine
Siblings: Burkhard, Carston, Amelie
Aunts & Uncles: Regina, Loretta, Elberg Stabler; Avril, Anette, Edward and Richard Aquitaine.
Nieces & Nephews: Ragnarok (Burkhard); Jean-Louise, Janette, Vivien, Carlston (Carston)
Cousins: Too many to name
Children: Anika (38), Liesel (35), Alfons (33), Berlynn (32) and Dagmar (30)
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Lightly tanned from outdoor excursions
Hair Color: A blend of Black and Grey from time 
Hair length: Short and professional
Eye color: Coal
Size: A little more than average, 6'1
Build: Muscled due to business


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: Hildegarde "Hedda" Stabler
Status: Happily Married

-How I act-

Personality: Although a descendent of a pureblooded dynasty Gustav holds little regard for blood status and does not discriminate others for it. When it comes to debates on what should be done regarding the status of blood Gustav is neutral, neither for or against the Muggleborns and Purebloods. Having been born to be a Businessman and to Head an Enterprise that had been in existence for the last three centuries, Gustav prefers to wait and see who the highest bidder will be, and who he will gain the most benefit from siding with. It is also not unusual for Gustav to attempt to play both sides of the field in an effort to maximize his profits, even if it means double crossing his own friends and allies. It is this tactic that can, has, and will, continue to put Gustav and his family at risk.

Despite his mannerisms as a Businessman, however, Gustav holds an unbreakable bond with any he calls his kin. He is a kind husband and Father who places his family first in foremost in his mind and heart. The years and clan of children that have formed from his and his wife's marriage have molded Gustav into a man of great patience and an even temper, both of which have been assets not only to life, but also to business.

Overall, Gustav is a man holding what would be considered a pure heart were he not so easily tempted by greed and the thought of 'more'.


Your Story Please? As the firstborn son, Gustav experienced the pros and cons of his situation. He was spoiled an pampered, allowed much more leniency than any of his other siblings when it came to his wishes and his desires, but at the same time faced the greatest of pressures, expected to carry on as Head of the centuries-old family business once his time came. His first and foremost memories are that of sitting in on his Father's business meetings, learning the ways of the business before he could even read and write. Although his parents, Berthold and Liesel, were rarely stern with Gustav, when it came to his education and his skills needed for the business he had to be the very best. Hours of tutoring, both by a private tutor and by Berthold were conducted, so by the time Gustav began studying at Durmstrang, as well as his own knack for remembering facts and figures, everything was a piece of cake, or as Gustav would describe "Only streudel."

With the ease of his lessons, Durmstrang allowed a sense of freedom and leisure for Gustav. Days were filled with adventures shared with him and his "brethren" of Durmstrang boys in his year, most of whom also came from prominent families and would become lifetime friends for him. Throughout the years he developed a reputation of sorts as a troublemaker or, as he preferred to describe himself, a "loveable rogue". Youth allowed for many things, particularly when it came to the frivolity. Women and gambling were the loves of Gustav at this era of his life. Often during weekends and gatherings one would find Gustav amidst a betting table engaging in a card game with a witch on his lap, cards in his hand, and his eyes on the betting pool. It was a happy era for Gustav, and one that continued even after he graduated, at the top of his class, from Durmstrang.

Although he began working at Stabler Enterprises straight after graduation, Gustav was still allowed an amount of free time, as Berthold was still heading the company and took advantage of such times. During the day he worked dilligently for Stabler Enterprises, but by the nights he was living life to the fullest, drinking, partying, gambling, and womanizing. He was on top of the world and a leading figure of German Wizarding Society with his status as a young heir, and could have and woman of his choosing. At least, thats what he thought until he met the woman who would eventually become Mrs. Stabler...

Hildegarde Corbinine was a witch unlike any other Gustav had seen. Although his eyes often first wandered to certain aspects of his woman, he found that when it came to Hedda his eyes could never stray from hers. It took a bit of convincing but eventually he managed to persuade Hedda into having dinner with him and, a year after that the two were married. Although Gustav still indulged in gambling, both for pleasure and for business, womanizing became a past love.

In the following years, child after child followed, beginning with Anika and continuing with Liesel, Alfons, Berlynn, and Dagmar, all of whom, along with their Mother, are the pride and joys of Gustav's life. Shortly after Liesel's birth Gustav succeeded his Father's position in Stabler Enterprise and has continued to head it to this day. Just as he learned the business under his Father's wing, so too has he taught his children the ways of the business, although the children have all strayed to pursue their own interests and passions as well.

Currently, Gustav is watching the age old battle of pureblood versus muggleborn unfold once more. Although he personally holds no bias or preference, he sees such a scenario, and the battles it will likely produce, to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for profit and has every intention of providing his services to any and all who may need. What repercussions may and will arise from such an entanglement, only time will tell...


Magic Specialty Dark Arts, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration
Favorite Spell: Bombardo Maxima

-Other information-

-Easily swayed and bribed by money; greedy
-Self-seeking, will double-cross an alliance should a better offer appear
-Family; the one bond Gustav can't nor will he ever break or betray.
-Despite greedy aspect of personality, does have a semblance of a conscience and feels guilt over actions.
-Although loyal to his wife, does have a soft spot for women
-Gambles excessively, with both life and money, to the point of destruction.

-Strong, photographic-like memory
-Counts figures, particularly galleons, sickles, and knuts fast and accurately
-Gifted in music and art
-Ambition; has paved way for his success
-Is able to maintain composure and stay level-headed, regardless of the matter.
-Remarkably patient, a skill acquired through his decades of marriage and fatherhood.
-Highly skilled and experienced Duelist, both in magical and muggle means

Favorite Color: Gold, Bronze, and Silver; The Colors of money
Theme song: Master Passion Greed by Nightwish
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Gustav Albrecht Stabler
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