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 Eve Elizabeth Darrow

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Eve Darrow


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PostSubject: Eve Elizabeth Darrow   Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:49 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Wondah Lustah
Age: seven times three years
Gender: Lass
Note: I like cherry pie.

In Character

Name: Eve Elizabeth Darrow
Age: Born on January 1, 2054
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Pure of Blood
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwartain
Career: Eden Heir


Parents: Corvus Darrow and Ariadne Grey
Grandparents: Calliope Aquilla and Ajax Darrow,
Siblings: Nada (And she wants to keep it that way)
Aunts & Uncles: Jericho MacDougal and Columba Mars, Cygnus Darrow and Giselle Heigel
Nieces & Nephews: None yet
Cousins: Adam MacDougal; Cassiopeia, Castor, Pollux, Helen, Clytemnestra Darrow
Children: None yet
Grandkids: Nada yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Dark
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Grey
Size: 5’5”
Build: Petite


Crushes: Razz (Like she's telling you!)
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Single

-How I act-

Eve Darrow is quiet, controlled and calculating. She’s intensely aware of everything happening around her and is super observant. She enjoys her time alone and is a self-appointed loner. Mostly because she is very unforgiving about the short-comings of people and she's very distrustful. However, once you manage to earn her regard, she's a lot more pleasant towards you. She's definitely a worthwhile allie -- much better than her enemy anyway.

She's a very secretive person and doesn't share any information about herself if she can help it. She idolises her father and wants nothing more to live up to his high expectations - to any extent. However, sometimes, the pressure seems to be a little bit overwhelming and to relive some of the stress, she has taken on to sneaking out of Eden and enjoying a night in a nearby city once in awhile (something no one has really caught up on). Rebellion isn't really part of her - mostly because she can work the system to her advantage.


Your Story Please?
Corvus and Ariadne had been trying for a time to conceive a child and finally, Eve was born on New Year’s day just after Midnight in 2054. However, because of the original difficulty, they had decided to just have one child. It was a slight disappointment, for Corvus had originally wanted a son, but it was soon clear Eve was pretty much the perfect heir or rather, heiress.

Innately clever, she became self-aware at a very young age and related more with adults than children her age. Despite other children being in Eden, Eve kept to herself most of the time. She tended to intimidate her playmates so she mostly kept to herself - it was generally how she wanted it to be but she did get lonely once in awhile. Her cousin Adam seemed to be the only person who picked up on this and tended to include her whenever he could. In fact - Adam seemed to be the only person who treated her normally. This earned him her trust and thus Eve holds Adam in the highest esteem - a feat which a very few people have managed to achieve.

When she was about five - when Eve had her first manifestation of magic, she got Lucy - her pet serpent, the only thing she really gives any physical affection to. Corvus had given it to her to keep an eye on his one and only daughter. However, Lucy and Eve became fast friends and Lucy's loyalty seems to be with her mistress. Eve enjoys watching Lucy feed mostly because it highly unsettles people. In addition to Lucy, Eve has several rather... unusual pets however, Lucy seems to be the eternal favourite.

At Hogwarts, Eve was sorted in Slytherin. WIP


Magic Specialty
Dark Arts
Favorite Spell:

-Other information-

Her father


Favorite Color: Silver
Theme song: Maneater - Hall and Oats, Tainted Love - Soft Cell

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Eve Elizabeth Darrow
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