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 Symphony Rose Zolnerowich

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PostSubject: Symphony Rose Zolnerowich   Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:07 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Symphony Rose Zolnerowich
Age: (In the current year, 2045, Symphony is 7; this is meant to be an adult profile)
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Declares pure... but is only half. If she told you, she’d have to kill you.
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Hasn’t the need for a real job: her father’s money is more than enough for her and her siblings to live on.


Parents: Vinzent and Veronica Zolnerowich
Grandparents: Stepan and Mirella Zolnerowich (paternal); (maternal unknown)
Siblings: Charisma and Jonathan
Aunts & Uncles: Roland, Simon, Tatiana, and Veronica Zolnerowich
Nieces & Nephews: None yet/TBA
Cousins: Michael (Roland’s); Lena (Simon’s); Isabelle and Bogdan (Tatiana’s); Charles, Serena, and Kevin (Veronica’s)
Children: None Yet
Grandkids: None Yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Mid-back
Eye color: Pale blue
Size: 5’ 8”
Build: Slender


Crushes: Adam MacDougal
Mates/Spouse: Nothing official... to her father’s dismay
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: There are two words that can sum up Symphony Zolnerowich’s personality in a snap: (1) Spoiled. (2) Brat. She is always the first of the children to go running to Vinzent (aka Daddy) for the smallest of things, and weaves between being a dainty little girl and a rowdy tomboy. It also became painfully clear (to Charisma and Jonathan, anyway) that Symphony is the golden child with an inherited knack for manipulating people – particularly her father! When she doesn’t get her way, watch out! The temper tantrums were explosive when she was a child, and have only gotten worse since!

Symphony looks up to people who have pure blood, power, some other quality she admires, or if there are benefits she can reap by befriending the person. Anyone else is typically snubbed. Earning her friendship once does not necessarily mean one is still friends with Symphony on a repeat meeting. She’s very conscious of who her friends will tolerate and who they won’t, and if someone doesn’t fit into the throng she’s currently with she won’t even acknowledge that she even knows the other person unless her current crowd tolerates them.

Vinzent’s pride and joy is very much the typical Slytherin: sneaky, ambitious, and interested in self-preservation. It is not often that one will see Symphony stick her neck out for anyone. Instead she prefers to play the role of victim, being led away from danger and flattering her rescuer in order to try and somehow incur further favors. Symphony will gladly chase down what she wants with a fierce determination. If she has to she would gladly backstab her own family members... hopefully that won’t come back around to bite Vinzent in the ass.


Your Story Please? Symphony’s story begins sometime in the year 2036, when a divorced Vinzent met the radiant Veronica Durant in a nightclub. He had been in a drinking contest with a friend, and on a mutual break Vinzent noticed Veronica distinctly not having a good time. Although not entirely sober, Vinzent abandoned the game in order to get to know the woman better. It took a year’s worth of effort and never, ever taking her to a nightclub (though he did go to such establishments on his own) before they tied the knot in fall of 2037. Charisma, Symphony’s older half-sister, was not a happy camper.

When Symphony entered the world during the Christmas season of 2038, she was but one of several new changes in her parents’ lives (most notably Vinzent’s). Her father had recently made a position on the Wizengamot, hired a bodyguard her mommy didn’t approve of in the least, and Mirella Zolnerowich passed away and left Vinzent the family manor in Transylvania. Vinzent became a very attentive father once again. Symphony was too little to understand her mother’s complaints when her father ran a little late, always finding reasons to excuse him and preserve the heroic image she held of Vinzent. When she witnessed Vinzent lash out at Veronica for accusing him of cheating, Symphony personally sided with her father by default.

One of Symphony’s scariest memories occurred during the year 2039, when her father came home one night wounded and terribly bloodied. He had promised to tell her a story before bedtime, but had fallen asleep before he could come through on it. She never learned what happened that night.

It seemed as though another traumatic experience followed, in the year 2042, when her mommy died. She had heard the screams from her bedroom, but had thought it was just her parents going at it once again and tried to ignore it. The shouts and commotion eventually became too much for her. She and Charisma snuck out of their bedrooms to investigate. Symphony mourned the passing of her mother enough for two or three people. She wasn’t at all impressed that she lost a mommy and gained a baby brother – Symphony wanted her mother back! Unfortunately, in her young and angry eyes, Vinzent kept the child.

Symphony realized even though Vinzent had finally been given a son that she was still the golden princess in his life. She got away with loads more than Charisma and Jonathan could even dream of, and it was no time at all before she started exploiting that benefit in front of them with a (figurative) set of balls that would make Gryffindor proud. Vinzent’s permissive responses to Symphony’s impish acts practically meant the girl had free reign. She took advantage of this by exacting various cruelties on her younger brother that ranged from the mild of dressing him up like a girl to the harshnesses of locking him in a small enclosed space for hours at a time to very nearly and deliberately putting the boy in grave danger. Her attitude toward Charisma wavers between “sweet and innocent” to “sassy, tantrum-throwing back-talker”.

Rook Future –
More or less takes her father’s place as the predominant Zolnerowich at Eden when Vinzent falls from Corvus’s good graces. She intends to mend the disgrace her father caused, without killing him.

Greatly looks up to Ariadne Grey as a semi-sister figure after Charisma is disowned.

Has a brief fling with Adam MacDougal.

Still scoffs and mocks her brother at every opportunity, and is still very much a Daddy’s girl.


Magic Specialty Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: Imperio

-Other information-

- Her father
- Getting her own way
- Short fuse to anger
- Dishonest
- Luxurious lifestyle

+ Manipulation
+ Acting
+ Charismatic
+ Confident (doubles as arrogance)
+ Ambitious

Favorite Color: Depends on her mood and the item in question. Likes bright red cosmetic products when applicable and vivid emerald green or black dresses
Theme song: What Baby Wants by Alice Cooper (feat. Ke$ha)

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Symphony Rose Zolnerowich
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