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 Gabriel Hall

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Gabriel Hall
Hogwarts Professor

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Name: Gage Hall
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PostSubject: Gabriel Hall   Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:08 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub... short for sub_rosa
Age: Mid-twenties
Note: Alice Cooper fan

In Character

Name: Born “Joseph Michael Hall”. Legally changed his name to Gabriel Hall
Nickname: Gage
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggleborn
House: Ravenclaw
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Career: Formerly: Auror; Gringotts Cursebreaker; worked in bookstores, jokeshops, and apothecaries; Poisons Specialist at St. Mungo's; Visiting Lecturer. ... Currently: Professor of Potions (working on becoming a Potions Master)


Your Class: Potions
School: Hogwarts, though previously taught brief seminars at Salem (U.S.)


Parents: Jason and Vivian Hall
Grandparents: Paternal: Michael and Eliza Hall; Maternal: Benjamin and Janette Richardson
Siblings: Laura Michelle Kent, Theresa Jean Gordon, and Anthony Benjamin Hall
Aunts & Uncles: Paternal: Gordon Hall and Renee Clarke; Maternal: Joseph and Hale Richardson
Nieces & Nephews: Sophia, Rhett, Rachel Kent; Sarah Gordon; Kyle and Zachary Hall (Anthony)
Cousins: Douglas Hall (Gordon); James Clarke, Addison Clarke (Renee); Crystal Richardson, Christopher Richardson (Joseph); Melinda, Daniel, and Samuel Richardson (Hale)
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light tan
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6’ 2”, though looks a little shorter due to tendency to lean on cane
Build: Broad-shouldered but average with a hint of musculature


Crushes: Minister Liara Lightle
Mates/Spouse: ex-fiance Liara Lightle
Status: In a secret relationship with Liara, away from prying eyes; to the public eye, however, he seems available

-How I act-

Personality: There are many adjectives one can use to describe Gabriel “Gage” Hall. He is creative and unconventional in his methods of getting things done. These goals are carefully planned, sometimes executed with indirect behavior, and often all about the puzzle. A lot of things that Gage does are centered around goals and problems of the moment in his need to feel accomplished and on the ball. At times he becomes so absorbed by a puzzle or a goal that he will lose track of time until he is on the verge of running late. It is not uncommon to see him fiddling with a random item while he thinks.

Gage’s high amount of independence causes him to be competitive and resourceful, but also to want things his own way. When things do not go according to plan or fast enough for his taste he will become impatient, speaking out, and will persist until he gets what he wants. Gabriel’s bold and blunt approach often causes trouble as he is not afraid to tell things like they are. He also has little care for what certain others think of him, yet at the same time desires to know what makes said person tick. Gabriel does not always appear to be aware of the fact that his candid comments can be insensitive and hurtful until well after the fact. With odd contrast, he does have a sense of intuition about him.

Gabriel is confident in himself to the point of bordering upon arrogance, and does not engage in self-blame. To hear an apology from him is to know that he is being completely sincere. Gage rarely, if ever, apologizes except in a mocking tone that is either veiled venom or easily misinterpreted jest. He is not bothered by rules and some social conventions, nor is he easily disturbed. A thrill-seeker by nature, Gage becomes bored quickly. If left without diversion for long he will bust his boredom in his own way, which is often dangerous or illegal.

There are times when Gabriel easily bursts into temper, but those moments thankfully do not last long. On that note when angered by someone Gabriel will become rather childish and sarcastic: holding grudges, blaming others, and everything just short of an adult version of a temper tantrum. He also tends to displace his aggression, selecting a target at random to take out his frustration on.

In the classroom, one will find that Gage appreciates ambiguity when it is appropriate and is amused by a mild level of disorder (especially watching another professor sort out said disorder). He is also captivated by witnessing a student using innovative ideas to solve the task being set to them. It doesn’t matter to him if it complied with the lesson taught or not, so long as they arrived at the same answer. Being held up in class and asked a lot of questions will likely ensue in that scenario. A large supporter of group activity, one will find that most of Gage’s classes in the upper echelons are centered around group work. Gage even takes the time to go around to each group and lend a helping hand in the problem-solving process without giving the answer away. He tends to treat the kids as though they are quite a bit older than what they really are, without meaning to. It is also a frustration of his they do not grasp “rudimentary principles” that are obvious to him but unheard of to the novice, if not ages out of their league.

Overall, despite his flaws, Gabriel can be a generous entity even if said generosity is strictly behind-the-scenes. He has a good sense of humor, though is a strong advocate of payback if someone tries to prank him. One thing to watch out for, however, is that he is a mild kleptomaniac. As such, he may confiscate items and forget to give them back, hoarding them. His most prolific collections include quills/pens, phials (empty or filled), and gobstones (denies stealing them; claims to have won in games from others).


Your Story Please? Joseph Hall is the second-born child of Jason and Vivian Hall, a couple residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on August 24, 2008. He has an older sister, a younger sister, and a baby brother. Specifically Joseph is 5 years younger than Laura, 2 years older than Theresa, and 4 years older than Anthony. His mother’s family is British, while his father’s bloodline is some mix of ethnicities born and raised in the southeast of the United States. He had plenty of opportunity to know his father’s side of the family but only saw his maternal relatives during the summers or when his parents had enough vacation time saved up. When the boy turned five years old the family moved back to Britain, owing to a promotion his mother had earned working as an agent for INTERPOL. Jason Hall worked as a detective with the North Carolina State Police.

Magically, Joseph was a late bloomer. Odd happenings didn’t start until he reached the age of seven. He and Theresa were both gifted with the ability to perform magic. The child frequently got into trouble for the strangeness he unwittingly created. Although he didn’t really have much more than a muggle’s perception of magic to go on, Joseph learned to harness his powers by playing with them. It wasn’t an easy feat, and at such a young age his attention often did not last long enough to control a rapidly-growing bug or the talent of flipping through television stations without even needing to look at the remote. He could even change traffic lights if he became antsy enough. His family found the things he was capable of, when they realized it was him, to be very odd indeed.

It was only around the time when Joseph was nearly due to attend Hogwarts that he and Theresa realized the truth about the strange abilities they possessed. His family were given the name and phone number that could be called to contact a representative from the magical community in the event the predominantly muggle family needed assistance with their magical loved ones. Turning eleven and receiving an acceptance letter to Hogwarts (a strange place he certainly had never heard of), on top of meeting this new person was almost overwhelming for the kid. Although Joseph only vaguely remembers his Sorting, what does stick out in his mind that although he found snakes fascinating creatures, he was apparently destined for Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin. Over the course of the years, Joseph became very good friends with the wizard representative assigned to him. The guy was practically the older brother Joseph never had.

During career advice in his fifth year, Joseph sought advice from family even though they were not to be involved in the magical community. His mother and father suggested he should become a policeman or some sort of policing agent, like they were. His paternal grandfather and one of his aunts suggested Joseph enlist in the military. A few of his aunts and uncles suggested forensic science, and yet another aunt/uncle set as well as his maternal grandmother suggested he get into criminal profiling. Not sure if any of those were what he wanted to do and if the magical community had such things, when his session with the Ravenclaw Head of House arrived he decided to look into cursebreaking, medi-magic, and becoming an auror. Although fun-loving he managed to scrape enough O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s to do any of those things once his primary education at Hogwarts was complete.

Two months after leaving Hogwarts Joseph acquired a job at Gringotts as a junior cursebreaker. He was assigned to a mentor to show him the ropes. He hoped that the job would pull in enough money to support himself as well as fund training to become an auror after further pressure from his male relatives to get into the realm of law enforcement. The moment he had a fairly good head start, Joseph enrolled part-time so that he could keep his job at Gringotts. By the time 2031 rolled around, Joseph had become a full-fledged auror and had made both parents proud. Despite being Muggles, after a lot of haggling Joseph had managed to coerce those in authority to let them observe his graduation. Upon being assigned a team to work with, Joseph launched himself into his work in the hopes to find enough puzzles and mysteries to keep him busy for a good long while.

Almost five years to the day, Joseph’s mother died while on a mission for Interpol. She was given a servicewoman’s memorial at the graveside, complete with a 21-gun salute. The death severely rattled Joseph, and he all but begged his Captain to give him a leave of absence to investigate his mother’s murder himself. He was denied, and in spite of the order Joseph began doing a little digging. He had to solve the puzzle. What Joseph discovered, however, he didn’t like: his mother had been killed by a conglomerate team of wizard and muggle combined. Enraged, he vowed to bring his mother’s killers to justice even if it killed him in the process.

In early 2036, Joseph realized he wasn’t enjoying his career as an auror anymore, and in all honesty found it boring. It wasn’t until his team had captured one of the wizards responsible for his mother’s death that Joseph regained some life in his eyes. However, what was a sudden burst of energy was in reality a thirst for vengeance. Demanding to be left alone with the prisoner, Joseph demanded the names of the others that were also present on the night of his mother’s murder. When the prisoner refused, mocking both him and his late mother, Joseph flew into a rage and plied the Cruciatus Curse to him until he acquired that all-important list. He promised and threatened that if there ended up being more, the prisoner would wish they’d never been born. Several more crimes followed that could easily have led to his forced resignation, and it didn’t take long before he had built a rather impressive would-be rap sheet had they enough evidence to convict him. One thing he was particularly proficient at and thoroughly enjoyed was the selling of poisons to other criminals whom he knew would use them to kill other criminals. Joseph didn’t see anything wrong with it. Why, it wasn’t that much different from the Muggle capital punishment of lethal injection. The only difference was it was the criminals themselves pulling the metaphorical trigger. He even duped a few clandestine individuals into buying a potion that was useless and would eventually allow them to be caught by aurors. It was during this time that Joseph made a great many enemies...

Like most well-kept secrets, rumors flew like wildfire. They spread not only to others he worked with on his team, but to his family. At the first chance Joseph had to meet up with his family again, many members of his family confronted him about his recent clandestine rumors. He got into arguments with each and every one, but the worst had been with his father. The father/son spat flew out of control, culminating to a head by Jason’s dismayed and furious claim that the son he thought he knew was now dead. Devastated by the not-yet-declared disownment, Joseph made arrangements to legally change his name three days later. He kept his surname, but changed his first name to Gabriel. Another naming convention that occurred at this time was the recurrence of his old nickname while in Hogwarts: Gage, meaning ‘to measure’. Between the rumors being proven true to Gabriel’s father and now the name change, neither of them speaks to each other except in a highly clipped format for little more than two minutes at a time. Several others in his family also treated him coldly.

Gage’s first real meeting with England’s Minister for Magic was under less-than-ideal circumstances. It had been while he was interrogating a prisoner at Azkaban prison, and the Minister had happened upon them by accident. By then, it was almost second nature to be rough-and-tumble right from the outset of his interrogation method – a real “bad cop” without the “good cop” counterpart to keep him in check. Gage hadn’t realized at first that someone had entered the interrogation room and spotted what was going on until they had said something. Startled, he jumped and released the prisoner from the Unforgivable Curse. He replied with attitude when the intruder asked him if he needed to keep his job. It was only after his snarkiness that he realized he’d just spoken to the Minister for Magic, ultimately his boss’s boss’s boss or something like that. He wasn’t too surprised at her response, basically asking him to do a favor for her in return for keeping his secret and keeping him out of the prison’s inmate roster. He agreed to the favor a little reluctantly, wondering just how far he could trust Liara and if by ‘favor’ she meant one task or several. Gage supposed he would find out soon enough. After all, ‘blackmail’ was as common as cherry pie in the world of politics…

The task she had set to him was no easy feat, both dangerous and difficult, but Gage managed. His work didn’t end there, Liara using the crime she had witnessed as her leverage over him. To be completely honest, he hated the fact she held that power over. Gage isn’t certain when the relationship started equalizing, but once that happened the parameters of their relationship no longer seemed to be Master and Pawn. Instead, the line between where colleagueship ended and friendship began became hazy, and blurred further into something more. However, Gage could not quite admit even a couple of months down the line that he had fallen for the Minister. He couldn’t admit it to himself, and most certainly not to the woman that now filled his every dream. Why that was so, Gabriel wasn’t quite sure.

Another strange thing about working directly with Liara, by Gage’s standards, was a new attitude to his job. At his rookie level he found the job thrilling, and after the death of his mother found it less than glamorous. As the Minister’s pawn he was resentful, but now... now, as approximate equals and rather close friends the relationship with Liara caused Gage to find renewed purpose and interest in his career. Although he would gladly go on any mission, he was particularly intrigued by any with a strong potion background to them. He became particularly proficient at diagnosing potion/poison victims and “survival-treating” them until help arrived. Gage even became one of the chief antidote brewers for the Auror Department’s personal supplies.

It was late 2040 by the time Gage finally got up the nerve to accept his feelings for the Minister for what they really were. With a scheme fit for a Slytherin he had forged a memo requesting the Minister to oversee a trial in Azkaban, asking her to be at the same exact spot he had met her. He arrived there an hour early, too fidgety to come any later. A piano had been moved into the room by his request, and there he sat and plucked at keys until she arrived. The moment the door opened he switched from playing a random melody to a song he personally felt epitomized his feelings for Liara. Long story of the events short he soon after proposed and was elated when Liara said yes. A long talk in the courtroom later resulted in the tentative range of spring or summer for the year coming to have the wedding.

The start of February, 2041, however, saw Gage’s history come back to haunt him. A group of wizards ambushed him on his way to the office, attacking and incapacitating him with relative ease as he had been caught unawares. The carnation that had been in his hands, an intended gesture of affection for Liara, had fallen from his grip and into the snow. Gage has no idea where he was taken. The only thing he knew was that he had been tortured by the group of assailants. He tried to fight them off with wand, wandless magic, and good old-fashioned fist fighting, but it was all in vain. While bound and locked away, the wizard lost track of time. His captors only called him ‘Mudblood’. Each day featured new beatings, cuts, curses, and being splattered with acidic potions. Some potions of unknown composition were even forced down his throat. Despite the small amount of light and the damage they were doing to his eyes, Gage managed to find items to counter whatever they gave him in a store cupboard. Because they did not lock it, Gage assumed they had left it there on purpose. His will to live spurred their will to hurt in a vicious cycle.

One day while in captivity Gage heard his name come over the Wizarding Wireless Network. His Captain had declared him MIA, and there was a brief statement from his sister, Theresa. She sounded so worried, Gabriel recalled. To his dismay, she was even offering a substantial sum of money for anyone that had seen him to come forward. That was all the brutes needed to pummel and hex him to within an inch of his life and head out to get the reward. However, before they could collect, Liara and a team of aurors found him. Despite being barely with it and unable to see very well, Gage could just make out Liara amidst a bright flooding of light. The last thing he remembered was Liara suggesting they get him fixed up before going after the people that did this, instead of the other way around like he had apparently suggested in his depleted state.

At Saint Mungo’s Hospital they managed to repair much of the damages done. The only things they weren’t able to fix were the occasional phantom pains of being cut open with a curse and the extensive physical and spell-based damages to one of his legs. Healers advised he rely on a cane from now on as the damage to his mobility was permanent and may worsen if they had forced any other as-yet-hidden curses on the limb. Feeling useless now that he had to rely on a kind of crutch to stay upright, once he was free to go Gage resigned from the Auror Department with a heavy heart. His only solace was that Liara still loved him, and in a few short months they would be getting married.

Gage didn’t anticipate the political aspects of what was beginning to happen in the Wizarding World. He really only liked one politician, and it wasn’t because of politics. Not having kept up with that portion of the magical community, Gage was largely oblivious to the debates regarding the increasing exposure muggles were having to magic as the world filled with more muggleborns like Gage. For reasons unpredicted, Gage stood at the altar waiting for his bride for what seemed like an eternity. In spite of all of his resilience, the wizard was crushed to learn his wife-to-be was nowhere to be found. Disheartened, Gage spent the rest of his off day at home working on profiles, potions, and even taking time to watch a funny movie or three. But the work did not keep him occupied, the potions did not distract, and the funny movies did not make him laugh like they did the past two-hundred viewings before.

He was genuinely surprised when Liara arrived at his home and made her way in despite his refusals to answer the phone or the door, or any other form of summons. Their conversation was civil, with Gage being a bit prone to sting. Liara explained the political implications of marrying Gage in the coming times of debate over the secrecy of the magical world. Had she married him now or any time during the debates, those of her peers and observers would suspect a political slant, and she would be ruined. Conflict built in the wizard’s heart: he still desired Liara, yet felt betrayed at being left alone like an idiot at the altar. He had wondered if it was his enemies, the incident that caused his injury, the remaining damage done from the incident, or his criminal record that prevented her from going through with it. Gage was frustrated and irate with the world when he learned the reason was about the status of his lineage and the political slant that might be perceived. With reluctance they called off the wedding. It took some time for him to come back around, keeping a degree of distance for both Liara and his heart’s sakes.

Without his job as an auror, Gage felt as if a large part of his soul had been removed in the same swipe as the damages to his leg. Floundering amidst his recovery to find a new vocational niche, Gage hopped around from job to job. He attempted to regain his position as a cursebreaker for Gringotts but was denied due to his leg and the treacherous paths of the subterranean bank. He worked in various locations within Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, and Hogsmeade for bookstores, joke shops, and apothecaries but nothing held his interest for long. He taught potions in brief seminars, most notably at the Salem Institute in America, and found that he really enjoyed that despite the work that went into it, but wasn’t so sure that was his calling either. It was maddening to Gage and those that worked with him as once he became bored he resigned or caused enough trouble to warrant job termination.

Only after talking with a friend did Gage even consider the medical counterpart of the Poison Control department Liara had set up specifically for him. It had been brought up when Gage had been unemployed for a full month and was starting to engage in highly dangerous and intentionally reckless recreation. With a new spring in his step and no-doubt needed letters of recommendation in hand, Gage went to Saint Mungo’s to apply. Much to his surprise, Gabriel was hired on the spot. His first week there was even more hectic than any day he had seen as an auror that dealt with a nasty poisoning case. There had even been a couple of cases that left him completely befuddled and with a migraine. The Ravenclaw in him deduced that more schooling would be needed, and therefore decided to go back to education part-time (much like he had done before) to acquire his degree as a Potions Master. (September 2041)

The novelties in being a Poisons Specialist at Saint Mungo’s never ended, but in 2043 Gage made an interesting discovery. Sitting in the mid-back of one of his classes, the wizard realized how much he loved to be at the front of the room and sharing his knowledge with fellows interested in the trade. He had done this repeatedly as an auror, by request from the faculty at Salem, and now even as he worked for the hospital. Gabriel attempted to host additional “mini-trainings” for those upper-level Hogwarts students needing summer jobs and any on the junior staff, but even that didn’t cut it despite making his plate incredibly full. For whatever reason, Gage resigned from St. Mungo’s’ Poisons Division on the anniversary of his and Liara’s failed wedding date. However he did caution the staff that, “I’ll be back!” in imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only a select few of his fellow muggleborns caught the reference, and grinned.

It took Gage quite some time to put together his materials, wanting to make sure he would give his students at whatever age a quality education in his desired subject. It was his hope that perhaps he could inspire others to pursue potions as a career, and find spectacular new potentials for both poison departments at the auror division and in Saint Mungo’s. After all, the next generation would shape his quality of care in old age. To be sure he wasn’t completely incompetent in teaching and had selected worthy material Gage held a few small gatherings of various age groups to test his ability. It was more work, but this way Gage felt confident that he had selected the appropriate curricula. The wizard quickly learned that he tended to do best with those in their early to mid teens and adults as opposed to instructing small children.

Up until this point Gage had not yet considered hire-ability and which schools needed a Potions tutor. He had merely assumed he would teach at Hogwarts. After all, his professor was still teaching there and was bound to be headed for retirement soon. Salem had taken on one of his early apprentices to teach in accordance with Gage’s own recommendation. Beauxbatons wasn’t in need of a potions professor, and the Durmstrang headmaster did not return his owl to schedule any sort of arrangements to interview. Hogwarts was on the fence as the current professor wasn’t yet sure if they were going to retire that year or not. When the professor decided to hold on one more year, Gage found himself out of options by September. Needless to say it was a vocationally low year for Gage, but he still had his classes to attend.

During spring of the next year, Gage received an owl from Hogwarts. As it turned out they had kept his portfolio for the duration of the school year, and the previous potions professor had intentions to retire by the upcoming term in the fall. Gage was asked to submit a list of books and supplies for each year by June 1, and was to be expected at Hogwarts in September with the rest of the students. They would accommodate his own instructional needs and even fund a portion of the remaining expenses.

At present, Gage has 4 out of 7 years of schooling under his belt to become a full-fledged Potions Master. As a professor in his own right, he will have to keep on top of not only his work but the achievements of his students. Excited by the academic challenges before him, Gage has ambitiously set for himself yet another goal: to become the Head of Ravenclaw House.


Magic Specialty Potions
Favorite Spell/Potion: Felix Felicis; though also enjoys irking those under the influence of Babbling Beverage, and considers Polyjuice Potion cool.

-Other information-

Weakness: Blunt, Impatient, Bold, Mild Kleptomania; Academic Weaknesses: Herbology, History, and Ancient Runes; Can’t play the guitar to save his life, but does play a mean round of Rock Band.
Strengths: Creative, Intuitive, Competitive; Academic Strengths: Potions, Defense, and Transfiguration. Plays piano.
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Theme song: Grow Up by Simple Plan
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Gabriel Hall
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