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 Connor Westbrook

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Gabriel Hall
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Gabriel Hall

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PostSubject: Connor Westbrook   Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:54 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Connor Westbrook
Birthday: April 28, 2056
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Mixed / Werewolf
House: N/A
School: None. Was tutored by the many wolves within Viktor’s pack
Career: Apprenticed to Adrian Lowell, a wolf in Viktor’s pack that specializes in stonework and sculpting


Parents: Lyle and Phoebe Westbrook
Grandparents: Simon and Amelia Westbrook; Paul and Zoe Matthews
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: None
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: None
Children: TBA
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Ginger
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Hazel
Size: 5’ 10”
Build: Lanky

Rupert Grint


Crushes: Vivian Hall
Mates/Spouse: None yet
Status: Single but smitten

-How I act-

Personality: A surface glance at Connor reveals that the young man is laid back and carefree when problems do not plague his mind. He is fairly talkative when he is happy, and tends to clam up when trouble rears its head. As a child he was more or less forced to find ways around obstacles on his own, but now he rather enjoys his innovative sense of resourcefulness. One such obstacle he faced in childhood was daily nightmares. To work around them Connor first tried dreamless sleep potions, and then learned about dream interpretation. Sometimes he has been known to weave between both.

In addition to interpreting dreams, the young man has also taken interests in Quidditch, drawing, stone-working, herb lore, and music. It would be a lie of epic proportions to claim that Connor’s education amongst his pack has not been well-rounded. He jokingly refers to himself as a “jack of all trades, master of none”.

Connor’s ability to improvise combined with some street smarts makes him a very independent individual. At times he is also competitive, especially due to his wolf side. Once befriended, Connor is typically loyal to the person until the bitter end. Even if he gets angry with that individual, his sense of honor prevents him from fully turning his back on someone when it counts the most.


Your Story Please? Connor was born to Lyle and Phoebe Westbrook, two muggle-borns living in the rural countryside of England. There was one small problem, though: Lyle was a werewolf... and was terrible at keeping an eye on the calendar. Phoebe usually made sure to keep him aware of the full moons. During one fateful week when Connor was three, Phoebe had to leave for her parents’ house due to a family emergency. She tried to remind Lyle that it would be the week of the full moon, and would need to hire a sitter, but he soon lost track of the time.

As Lyle began to transform, and remembering too little too late about hiring a sitter, he fled from the house in hopes that he would get far enough away in time. This left the three year old quite alone and defenseless. When Phoebe arrived home to check that there was a sitter she was livid to find Connor there all by himself. What she didn’t realize was that a male werewolf that was not Phoebe’s husband had stalked her home. The werewolf ravaged Phoebe, and had only just bitten Connor when wizards in the neighborhood showed up to drive the wolf off.

When Lyle returned home, he was greeted by his best non-werewolf friend. The news of the attack on his wife and child devastated him. Connor had been taken to the hospital, and Lyle immediately apparated over there. He refused to leave until he knew his son was stable. Connor had almost died, and it took hours before he was critical, but stable.

Once Connor had recovered enough to be released from the hospital, Lyle immediately sought out a local pack. He hadn’t belonged to one, and never saw the need for it since his family was more or less his pack. But now that he was a single father with a three-year-old werewolf boy...Lyle wasn’t certain he could manage the task on his own.

Connor was invited to magical schools on a probationary basis due to his lycanthropy, but by the time he’d turned eleven he had no interest in formal magical education given to him from a world that would do nothing but shun him, his family, and his Pack. He wasn’t even fully certain how he would get by being sent off to a magical school without the calls of his packmates and packelders to keep him company during the full moon.

Instead of a wholly formal magical education, Viktor saw to it that Connor apprenticed himself to an older wolf – Adrian, the pack’s sculptor and stonemason – and acquire a well-rounded magical and survival education from the other members of the pack. This included lessons from the resident teacher, Rosalina Castio. Viktor told Connor that once he was of age he would need to take up a place amongst the working wolves. But until that time he was to obey his elders and learn everything and anything he could.


Magic Specialty Charms, herbology, magical stonework
Favorite Spell: Alohomora

-Other information-

- Lycanthropy forces him to transform every full moon
- Previously addicted to dreamless sleep potions
- Can’t stand being alone for very long
- Frequent nightmares/insomnia
- His loved ones
- Reckless

- Able to think on his feet; improvisation
- Independent
- Resourceful
- Easygoing
- Musically inclined
- Loyal

Favorite Color: Burnt sienna
Theme song: Why Should I Worry by Billy Joel

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Connor Westbrook
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