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Name: Berlynn Stabler
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PostSubject: - - - Valkyrie - - -   Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:57 am

001. Real Name › Valkyrie Korpela-West-Luzhin
002. Nickname[s]› 'Val' I suppose would be the closest. Though no one has referred to me as that in a very long time.
003. Blood: Halfblood
004. Male Or Female › I'd wager a guess on female...
005. Magical School › Durmstrang
006. House › None
007. Eye Color › Blue
008. Hair Color › At the moment, blonde
009. Long Or Short › Medium
010. Loud Or Quiet › Quiet, I suppose. I prefer listening and observing than ranting a mess of emptiness.
011. Sweats Or Jeans › I prefer skirts and dresses.
012. Phone Or Camera › Neither
013. Health Freak › *laughs* Considering the "habits" and "side effects", hardly...
014. Drink Or Smoke? › Both, more than what is considered healthy, probably.
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? › Don't see much of others these days, sadly.
016. Eat Or Drink? › Drink. Alcohol, preferrably
017. Piercings? › Three lobe piercings, one cartilage
018. Tattoos? › None of my choosing...

019. An Airplane › No
020. A Car Accident › No. Don’t think I’ve even ever been in a car.
021. A Fist Fight › No. Though I may have struck my former husband's mistress, at some point...

022. First Piercing › Ears, when I was a child.
023. First Best Friend › *smiles* Does my Grandfather count?
025. First Award › I don't recall ever winning anything... Unless an unfaithful husband counts?
026. First Crush › 'Crush' is hardly the word I would use to describe the mess...
028. First Big Vacation › Sweden, a family vacation with my grandparents when I was a child
029. Last Person You Talked To › An unsatisfied customer
030. Last Person You Flooed › I try to avoid the floo as much as I can.
031. Last Person You Watched a Quidditch Game With › ...My former pack...
032. Last Food You Ate › Homemade carpaccio
033. Last Movie You Watched › Muggle Cinema does not interest me
034. Last Song You Listened To › Nox Arcana
035. Last Thing You Bought › A set of Firewhiskey bottles
036. Last Person You Hugged › A satisfied client

037. Food › Carpaccio. It's a fine substitution for when... hunting... does not fare well...
038. Drinks › Vodka
039. Clothing › Something form fitting, yet comfortable.
040. Book › Haven't had much time for reading lately...
041. Music › Something softer that unleashes a deceptive sense of security, and then ensnares you in its bombastic explosion. Much like life, really...
042. Flower › Black roses
043. Colors › Grey
044. Quidditch Team › I never cared for quidditch,
045. Shoes › Anything with heels.
046. Subjects › Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration.

047. [X] Kissed In The Snow – Hardly as romantic as it sounds. It was a client's request, nothing more.
048. [X] Celebrated Halloween – See above. Client request only.
049. [X ] Had Your Heart Broken - It's hard to have something broken when you aren't even sure such an object exists.
050. [] Talked on the floo - No. I avoid the floo at all costs.
051. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation – The people I have been around lately could quite honestly care less what my preferences are. The only intrigue concerns the price of service...
052. [ ] Came Outta The Closet – Again, no.
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant – Ha. Never.
054. [ ] Had An Abortion – Certainly no need for that,
055. [X] Done Something You’ve Regretted – Everyday. It may be my source of income, but its certainly not something I am proud of.
056. [X] Broke A Promise –Can one break something when it was already broken?
057. [X] Kept A Secret – Show me a witch who does not hold her own secrets.
058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy – It's a lie to myself everyday.
059. [] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life – I'm still waiting, if such a person exists
060. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick – What for?
061. [X] Left The Country – Farewell Finland. Farewell Russia.
062. [ ] Tried Something you normally wouldn’t like, and liked it.- Sadly, no.
063. [] Cried Over the Silliest Thing – Never. Regardless of how much anything might hurt I will never cry...
064. [X ] Ran A Mile – Hunting is a rather exhausting "sport"
065. [ X] Went To The Beach – I may have passed by on a "trip", but it was hardly a vacation.
066. [X ] Stayed Single – Perhaps I am rarely, if ever, physically alone. Spirtually is another matter though.

067. Eating › Nothing at the moment.
068. Drinking › A goblet of vodka
069. Getting Ready To › Meet with a client later on.
070. Listening To › The treasure of silence
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today › Clients, clients, and even more clients...
072. Waiting For › Something. Anything.

073. Want Kids? › Why desire something that may never be yours?
074. Want To Get Married? › Hmmph. Because it served me so well last time?
075. Careers in Mind › These days I can hardly be picky now, can I?

076. Lips Or Eyes › Eyes. Lips tend to do dangerous things. Downfalls always begin with a kiss, after all...
077. Shorter Or Taller? › Couldn't care less.
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous › I'm not a woman who men bother being either of, anymore.
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms › I'm not picky these days. My main concern is the size of their wallet.
080. Sensitive Or Loud › Neither. In both my personal life and my line of work I've seen both. Neither quite catches my fancy.
081. Hookup Or Relationship › Ha. I daresay I'm rather biased these days.
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant › Again, In my personal life and my line of work I've seen both. Neither are attractive, I assure you.

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts › I have no need for either.
084. Ran Away From Home › I didn't run, I was forced away.
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense › A wand, perhaps.
086. Killed Somebody › No one who hadn't deserved it, quite frankly...
087. Broken Someone’s Heart › Hmmph. He never had a heart. He lives out of lust.
088. Been Arrested › Not in the typical legal-sense. In personal matters, most certainly...

090. Yourself › Hmmph. I believe in my own naiivety and foolishness.
091. Miracles › I'll believe it when I see one.
092. Love At First Sight › I did once. Unfortunately I was naiive enough to mistake lust for love.
093. Heaven › Certainly not.
094. Santa Claus › Who?
095. Sex On The First Date › Ha! That's a rather amusing question to ask me of all people, is it not?
096. First Kiss › No. Regardless of what my job entails, this is a request I will never adhere to.

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? >
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life? > Oh certainly. Who wouldn't be thrilled
099. Do You Believe In Destiny › Yes, and quite frankly she's a real bitch.
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