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 Dorian Greene

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PostSubject: Dorian Greene   Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:29 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Dorian Greene
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-blood
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Male Model / Intern @ White Couter International Corp.


Parents: Matthew and Annabelle Greene
Grandparents: Thomas and Katherine Greene; Urbain and Marielle Dubois
Siblings: Liam (13) and Jean (10)
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: None yet
Cousins: TBA
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Fair to light tan
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Skinny but fit

[Mikus Lasmanis]


Crushes: Men ((Including but not limited to: Doug Bancroft, Paul Combs; Jacen Alonso, Henry Blackwood, Lysander Blake, Robert Greyson, Richard Stone, and Sage White))
Mates/Spouse: None yet
Status: Single and Looking

-How I act-

Personality: Dorian is an ambitious young man with big dreams that he will stop at almost nothing to achieve. He won’t intentionally backstab a friend, ally, or potential romantic interest, but everyone else is free game. Friendship means a lot to Dorian, and he likes to be liked, so there are times when saying “no” is difficult for him. When you have his trust or love, it is meant to last a lifetime... unless he is betrayed. Much like a typical Slytherin he does have a sense of self-preservation, and will flee rather than fight if “attacked” and the option is available. He jokingly tells people that he “is a lover, not a fighter” but an additional reason is that he is a bit vain. Whoever heals his wounds had best know how to prevent scarring...

One could say that Dorian is very much in touch with his feminine side. On the one hand the teenager loves fashion, hair styling, and yes, even cosmetics. Don’t even get him started on colognes and perfumes – he loves those, too. The young man’s senses of touch and smell are particularly sensitive to stimulation. It is nearly impossible for Dorian to pass by clothing or any other fabric in a store without getting the urge to touch it.

On the other hand the wizard also has interests that are traditionally considered masculine. He is a fan of many magical and muggle sports, playing more of the latter than the former. Due to his occupation as a model, Dorian also works out almost daily. He also enjoys fast cars, fast brooms, and maintaining or improving both whenever he has the spare time and energy to do so. He also collects large belt buckles.

Comfort and informality are the preferred staples in Dorian’s way of life. Study times are always performed when semi-reclined, and no essay is complete without having proofread it one last time while wearing his lucky boxers and/or slippers. Some might think he is lazy for lounging around until the very last minute in his pajamas, or less, but he isn’t. It is just more comfortable for him and that is the way it is going to be.

A fair amount of quirks are wrapped up in this young man’s way of life. First and foremost, and perhaps the biggest quirk of all as it plays on several others, is that he romantically prefers men. Lip biting/chewing, simulated head scratching, and fingernail/nail polish picking are little habits he developed to deal with his insecurity over being gay. It takes a little bit to get Dorian to want to come out of his closet to new individuals. Once it’s out in the open, however, it’s a completely different story.

Dorian doesn’t remember much about when he first converted to semi-vegetarianism. The decision wasn’t based on the killing of animals but a health decision. His modeling career wouldn’t last long if he ate whatever he wanted! Under no circumstances in Dorian’s control will red meat and pork go into this his mouth. Eggs are also a no unless they are an ingredient and he is unaware of it. The mere thought of eating eggs churns his stomach. Only occasionally will he make an exception and consume meats such as chicken, fish, and seafood, since the Hogwarts meals are not entirely without meat. Dorian has no problems with consuming milk or honey. In fact, the young man cannot get enough of the latter and has a sweet tooth so large he will even eat honey directly from the jar.


Your Story Please?
Dorian Greene was born naturally (without Cesarean section) to parents Matthew and Annabelle Greene, despite having been in the breech position. Strangely the boy has a vague memory-dream regarding the day he was born, but it is difficult for him to explain. At the age of two he was given a little brother, Liam, whom he got along fairly well with. Liam hero-worshipped Dorian and followed him everywhere once able to walk. When Dorian reached age five he and his brother were given a sister: Jean. Neither can stand her on most days, and on particularly bad days she seeks to annoy and spy on them any moment she can.

His first-ever friend (and first crush, Dorian learned later) was Sage White. Their mothers were pregnant with them at around the same time, shared a maternity ward room together, and became good friends. Dorian and Sage were born a few weeks apart from each other. As babies and then again as boys they would frequent one another’s houses for play dates. Dorian found it odd that Sage didn’t seem to have a dad. That often made shenanigans one parent less from getting caught, but Dorian was careful not to talk about his dad too much out of respect. Sage’s older brother intimidated Dorian at first, Bane being five years older and considerably bigger than both Sage and Dorian. The older boy often left them alone and did his own thing. On a whole Dorian was treated very much like family.

Looking back on his childhood, Dorian is able to discern that he never liked girls the way many of the boys he knew did. Never. It wasn’t until he was six or seven that he realized he would be completely devastated if he ever lost his dear friend. It was an innocent type of love at that age. There were a few other innocent little signs Dorian also showed as a kid. When playing hide-and-seek with Liam and Sage, Dorian hid in the laundry room and ran into a pair of his mother’s underwear. It was so soft and smooth that the boy had to touch it, and then nick them from the clean laundry pile for his own. The habit slowly increased until he was caught one day walking around in one of his mother’s dresses. His father had a very long talk with him, but scolded Dorian more for trying to steal from his mother’s wardrobe rather than wearing the clothes themselves. His mother handled the conversation about wearing women’s clothes and wasn’t quite nearly as harsh as her husband. Both parents assumed that Dorian would grow out of this odd phase eventually...

Instead, it only increased. Dorian began wearing his mother’s high heels around the house, stumbling much of the way. He got into a fight with Jean about “his” new shoes and it resulted in the girl pushing him down the stairs out of jealousy. The boy also got into his mother’s make-up kit thinking it was intended for Halloween. Six-year-old Jean showed him how to apply certain forms of regular make-up properly. In short order, the mostly-intolerable little sister introduced Dorian to nail polish and perfume. Annabelle corrected Dorian’s notion of fragrances by introducing him to masculine colognes and aftershaves even though he was much too young for the latter. The boy quickly found out that the fashions in the music industry allowed for the quirkiness he liked, and thus used this style of dress to throw his parents off and ease their growing concern about their son. After all: if music stars could dress like that, why couldn’t he?

Finally finding comfort in a style of dress all his own, Dorian was suddenly uncomfortable when pitted with a group of boys to play with. They thought he dressed really weird, and acted even stranger. A trio of slightly older, stronger boys cornered him out of sight at the park one day, stripped off his trousers, and beat him up. They called him every homophobic slur they could think of whether it was true he was gay or not. To add even more salt to the wounds, Dorian had been somewhat attracted to one of the lackeys prior to being rendered defenseless. Sage, and then Bane, helped ensure that the trio wouldn’t be bothering Dorian ever again.

It was a day of great excitement when Dorian and Sage received their letters to Hogwarts on the same day. Both boys wanted to go shopping immediately, but Sylvia and Annabelle managed to convince them to wait until the weekend. An entire day was made of the list sent by the school for supplies, with breaks for lunch and ice cream interspersed between the errands. The train ride to Hogwarts on September first was just as enthusiastically eventful. Sage had been given a camera and a significant supply of film, using up a third of said film before even stepping foot at the castle. The Sorting Hat put both best friends into the same House: Slytherin. He tried to join the Quidditch team but they wouldn’t let first years join. Dorian took the rejection in stride, shrugging it off in favor of racing his broom through random circuits around the Hogwarts grounds.

During their third year, prior to Christmas Break, Dorian confessed to Sage what he had always known, but didn’t fully understand. Dorian liked boys. To the young man’s immense relief, Sage took it well. Dorian spent part of the holiday with the Whites. He learned that Sylvia suspected him to be gay when she called him out on it in private. The teen was nervous about discussing it with his best friend’s mother, but she was perhaps the most supportive, straight individual he’d met thus far. Upon his next visit to the White family, Sylvia had purchased for him a ‘coming out’ cake to celebrate the occasion. While Dorian doesn’t really consider himself overly effeminate, the teen wizard nearly cried at the gesture and happily hugged Sylvia. He hoped his own mother would be just as supportive, when the time came to tell his parents...

Dorian had also found love in the form of Douglas Bancroft during that year at school. Doug was a year older than Dorian and they each were the other’s first guy. Aside from snogging the pair also enjoyed an activity that involved Dorian lying on his stomach, with Douglas straddling him and slowly drawing angel wings on Dorian’s shoulder blades and back. It was this activity that inspired Doug to refer to Dorian as ‘Angel’. Dorian had strongly considered getting wings tattooed on his back, but never went through with it. The nickname got around to others of their persuasion, much to Dorian’s initial embarrassment.

That summer, Dorian began working for Sylvia as a male model, with Sage getting to be one of the photographers. Until they finished school the jobs were only supposed to be summer gigs, though Dorian and Sage usually found spare time in which to take photos for their eventual portfolios... and personal albums. An abandoned classroom and a few conjured backdrops, lights, and props made for a makeshift studio.

Dorian and Doug split up a bit after the start of Dorian’s fourth year, on the grounds that Doug realized he was more straight than bi. Understanding of the other’s preferences, they split on amicable terms. Dorian went through a transitional period of a few weeks before falling for Paul Combs. Paul was a sixth year, and not as pleasant Doug had been... which Dorian found out a bit late. Any shred of innocence Dorian had left regarding his orientation was sacrificed to Paul. Paul’s pet name for Dorian alternated between ‘Jewel’ and ‘Snake Eyes’ (meant and was taken as a compliment). Their relationship lasted until Valentine’s Day, when Dorian caught Paul with Douglas. When Dorian refused to join them to make it a party of three, dispositions between them soured steadily. Doug and Paul teamed up to create a new game: humiliate Dorian by performing the most vulgar, malevolent, and open gesture of mock intimate affection on him.

Now fifteen, Dorian is still a bit shy about his preferences and still hasn’t told anyone else in his family out of fear of rejection. His family is starting to become suspicious due to the fact that he has yet to introduce a girl to them. Dorian has tried to tell them that his school work has his undivided attention, a lie if there ever was one. His path to fortune and fame seems practically paved for him. All he has to do now is give the racetrack of destiny a test drive/flight...


Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Cushioning Charm; Summoning Charm

-Other information-

- Good looking men (age is not a factor)
- Perfectionist
- Major sweet tooth
- Hedonistic if left to his own devices
- Stresses out easily; bites his lips and picks at his fingers
- Nice scents (perfume, cologne, aftershave, lotions, etc.)

- Creative
- Passionate
- Determined
- Keen sense of smell and touch
- Dancing
- Running track
- Muggle Vehicles and Broom maintenance/racing
- Fashion sense (covers clothing, hair, cosmetics, and fragrances)

Favorite Color: Green and Purple

Theme song:
Dude Looks Like a Lady by Aerosmith
(In Touch With Your) Feminine Side by Alice Cooper
Toxic by A Static Lullaby (Britney Spears cover)
I Think We’re Alone Now by The Click Five (Tommy James and the Shondells cover)
Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
Hot by Smash Mouth


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Dorian Greene
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