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 Dorian Greene's Character Extras

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PostSubject: Dorian Greene's Character Extras   Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:09 am

Dorian Oscar Greene

About the Family
Ancestry: Dorian Greene’s ancestors are primarily British and French, with some trace Welsh and Italian mixed in. People in the family have been consistently Mixed-blood, Half-blood, or muggle-born in regard to blood purity. The last Pureblood ancestors of his family tree were born in the Elizabethan period (1558–1603). This relation, a man known as Caleb Arden, worked in close association to the (allegedly muggle) occultist John Dee (1527–1608).

Family in General: Dorian’s family resides in England and often vacations in France. He also has relatives over in America and Australia. Not much is heard from the extended family members and their kin.

Important Persons to Dorian:
Matthew Greene; Father – A car and broom racer, Matthew Greene has championed in a few races to get his name out there, but not enough yet to get him as famous as he’d like to be. The wizard is a direct descendant of the aforementioned Caleb Arden, and attended Hogwarts as a student of Slytherin House. For the most part he is willing to let his children be who they are, but as time wears on it becomes clear that he has some guidelines that are more difficult than others to follow...

Annabelle Greene (nee Dubois); Mother – Annabelle is a salon owner who specializes in cosmetic consultations, but is also known for hair styling and nail care. She is an easygoing witch and an alumnus of Beauxbatons. All she really cares about in life is that her children are happy, healthy, and will be able to take care of themselves once she’s gone.

Liam Bertrand Greene; Brother – Liam is a studious Ravenclaw boy, despite what his appearance might suggest. He was upset that he didn’t make it into Slytherin to be with his brother, but has settled into his House just fine. His interests include: magical architecture, Quidditch, and journalism. A close relationship is shared between him and his brother, Dorian. They may or may not have practiced kissing together.

Jean Irene Greene; Sister – Jean is an interesting combination of tomboy meets princess. She loves soccer so much that she has taken up playing it, and enjoys many other sports. Her collection of dolls knows no limits, and woe betide anyone (coughDoriancough) that decides to mess with them. Both Liam and Dorian appear unable to stand her, however they do love her deep down. Jean showed Dorian how to use make-up, nail polish, and perfume on some of her slightly less mischievous days. She also has a habit of spying on her brothers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Sage White; Best Friend – Sage is Dorian’s first best friend (and a secret crush, but that’s beside the point). They do just about everything together, and Dorian wouldn’t have it any other way. Unless one or the other are already involved with other plans you can guarantee where one is, the other is sure to be not far behind. Especially if there’s a great hulking bear chasing after them!

Sylvia White; Best Friend’s Mother – Dorian considers Sylvia to be like a second mother to him. She has supported his preferences since finding out a couple years ago, and has also provided him with a fairly secure summer job. Dorian typically spends at least half the summer with the White family, with Sylvia’s permission.

Doug Bancroft; Ex-boyfriend #1 – This bloke is no longer important to Dorian, having first amicably split up with him and then found the guy cheating with Dorian’s second boyfriend. With both in Slytherin, there are several heated exchanges that take place between the two. Doug particularly likes to catch Dorian off-guard – the more vulnerable a position, the better. Dorian has been slowly plotting his eventual revenge against Doug since the breakup, and feels that no amount of reporting the harassment endured will get the other boy to cease the insincere advances.

Paul Combs; Ex-boyfriend #2 – Yet another ex on Dorian’s list of loves, Paul is responsible for showing Dorian the rougher side of the relationship equation. After catching Paul with Doug in sadomasochistic play, Dorian has wanted nothing to do with him. Similar to Doug, Paul made it his mission to torment Dorian for as long as the school years allowed before Paul finished his schooling.

Robert Greyson; Potential Boyfriend – Dorian first met Robert at Honeydukes. It all started innocently enough with a couple of questions regarding vegetarian-suitable chocolate and honey. Despite their differing Houses and years the two have become very well acquainted.

Distinguishing Features (not previously mentioned)
~ Heart-shaped birthmark on the back of his right hip
~ Eventually going to get his right ear pierced

General Extras
Amortentia: TBA
Animagus?: Not yet
Boggart: His loved ones in pain or dead
Best Memory: “Coming Out” party at the White residence.
Birthday: TBA
Organizations and Affiliates: White Couter International Corp., Unofficial Hogwarts Racing Team,
Medical Proxy: Annabelle Greene (for now)
Patronus: Bear
Phobias (if any): None
Languages (fluency): English (fluent), French (basic conversational), and Spanish (very little)
Wand: Willow, dragon heartstring, 10 inches
Worst Memory: One particular incident in which Doug and Paul humiliated him in the showers.

Likes (+) and Dislikes (-)
+ Belt buckles
+ Berries
+ Biking
+ (Racing) Brooms
+ Cake
+ Chocolate
+ Clothes
+ (Race) Cars
+ Cosmetics
+ Fashion
+ Fragrances
+ Games
+ Hair styling
+ Hiking
+ Honey
+ Music / singing
+ Nature
+ Parties
+ Photography
+ Pie
+ Soft fabrics
+ Soy products (soybeans, soy milk, etc.)
+ Sports
+ Tofu
+ Working out


- Back-stabbing
- Bigots
- Bitter tastes
- Bullies
- Cabbage
- Cheating
- Dull colors
- Eggs
- Homophobes
- Lying
- Meat (except chicken, fish, and seafood)
- Onions
- Rough, itchy fabric
- Shopping
- Stealing
- Unpleasant odors


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Dorian Greene's Character Extras
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