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 Agnetta Rookwood

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PostSubject: Agnetta Rookwood   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:01 pm


In Character

Name: Agnetta Rookwood; Typically referred to as ‘Rookie’ or ‘Rook’ by Teammates and Friends
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Pureblood
School: Transferred from Beauxbatons during 6th Year
Career:Looking for Part Time Job


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Viveka Bjorklund and Aleksander Rookwood
Grandparents: Torvald and Kirsten Bjorklund; Christopher and Marina Rookwood
Siblings: Mikhail ‘Miko’ Rookwood(17)
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: None Yet
Cousins: TBA
Children: None Yet
Grandkids: None Yet


Skin color: Lightly Tan from Flying
Hair Color: Originally Blonde, though transfigured red
Hair length: Shoulder
Eye color: Grey
Size: 5’5
Build: Toned from Flying


Crushes: Men and Women with a preference for the latter
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Although she hailed from two ambitious and successful parents; her Mother being a Deputy Headmistress of Durmstrang and her Father being one of the Wizengamot Officials, Agnetta is a rather quiet, relaxed individual. Nothing is off limits for Agnetta, whether it be clothing or companions, as she lives to the full extent of Carpe Diem, leaving no pebble unturned, without a care for another person’s thoughts of her. She craves absolute freedom and being unbound, free as the wind, and can often be found flying high in the sky with the moon, upon her broom, or hidden in a tree, drawing something new within her journal.

With these moments of silent solitude, Agnetta is not one to let her emotions be written clearly on her face, or to wear her heart on her sleeve, and as a result is seen as more distant and even cold. However, this is certainly not the case when it pertains to the girl’s true personality, for despite desiring and wanting her occasional solitude, Agnetta is more than happy to be a part of the group and can party rambunctiously with the best of them.


Your Story Please? Agnetta was born at an interesting era, roughly around the time her parents were relatively-newlywedded. Unlike her brother, Miko, Agnetta was a plan child and, in a way, experimental. With Viveka and Aleksander’s young ages, life moved in a slower pace, for neither of the two parents knew exactly what they desired out of life, and thus experimented with various aspects of life, ranging from different careers and the family life, as seen by the family of a daughter and son, they created. There was no rush, for there was no destination, and everything was lived and enjoyed at a calm pace. It wasn’t until the children, and their parents, grew up that life changed.

After a few years of drifting between various jobs, Viveka and Aleksander slowly gained a stronger sense of identity of who they were, as well as who they wanted to be. Viveka realized her heart lay within education, while Aleksander found his calling to be within the realm of Government and Politics. Both parents then plunged headfirst in their chosen fields, their ambition driving them further up their respective ranks, and farther away from each other, eventually divorcing shortly after Agnetta’s fifth birthday.

Despite the common effects associated with divorce, Viveka and Aleksander’s divorce was, relatively, clean and harmless. No foul had been done, aside from growing apart, and thus the separation was clean and efficient with custody harmoniously shared between the two, with the children spending half of their time with their Father in Britain, and the other half in Eastern Europe with their Mother while she taught at Durmstrang. When it came time for Agnetta to attend school, she had opted to try her luck in France and enrolled at Beauxbatons.

It had been a different experience moving to France, away from both parents, but it was an experience worth having to say the least. Despite the initial culture shock, Agnetta eventually adjusted to life at Beauxbatons, though it was clear the union would likely not last. Although she did manage to make friends and be happy at Beauxbatons, she was by no means content to stay there throughout her education. It seemed that the world of Beauxbatons was one with certain expectations for their pupils, particularly the females. Females at Beauxbatons were expected to be “Mademoiselles”, a category Agnetta didn’t seem to fit into very well with her torn jeans, boots, various piercings, and fishnet clothing, as well as a gaze and taste that tended to drift and linger upon the other females at school, whom Agnetta couldn’t help but feel attracted to in the same manner she was attracted to the males that also surrounded her.

By the end of her fifth year, Agnetta realized that her time at Beauxbatons was over and that there was nothing left for her here, and made the decision to join her brother at Hogwarts. She transferred in time for her sixth year, and was eventually sorted into Slytherin. She is currently adjusting to her new surroundings, and spends much of her time drawing and stunt flying, and is looking at joining the Slytherin Quidditch team, if/when a spot opens. For now though, she is enjoying the new sights around her and seizing every opportunity to explore.


Magic Specialty Potions
Favorite Spell: None

-Other information-

-Has a tendency to shy away and run from uncomfortable situations instead of facing them head on.
-Gets Jealous Easily
-Quidditch/Stunt Flying
Favorite Color: Green
Theme song:Losing My Insanity By Sonata Arctica; The Zodiac By Kamelot
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Agnetta Rookwood
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