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 Kaleb Benjamin Allaway

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PostSubject: Kaleb Benjamin Allaway   Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:09 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Kaleb Benjamin Allaway
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Werewolf
House: Gryffindor
School: Hogwarts
Career: Professor; Head of Gryffindor


Your Class: Care of Magical Creatures
School: Hogwarts


Parents: Grant and Megan Allaway
Grandparents: Erskine and Blair Allaway; Benjamin and Wilhelmina Burke
Siblings: David Allaway
Aunts & Uncles: Aiden Allaway, Callum Allaway, Elspet Allaway, Ellen Burke, and Isaac Burke
Nieces & Nephews: Logan Allaway
Cousins: Bruce Allaway, Seona Allaway, and Colby Burke
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Light tan
Hair Color: Brown, though dyes it a sort of honey blonde
Hair length: Shoulder
Eye color: Steel blue
Size: 6’ 2”
Build: Lean, with musculature


Crushes: None at the moment
Mates/Spouse: Diana Clarke (divorced)
Status: Available

-How I act

Personality: Kaleb knows he doesn’t look much like a professor, and doesn’t really care what you make of his scruffy, threadbare appearance. He does his best to at least make said appearance clean, presentable, and in good taste. He’d be one of the first people to confess that he never really liked school, and earned more detentions than he did passing grades. He’s only there for the students (to party with), the animals (to care for), and the money (to, well... spend, obviously, but perhaps not as wisely as he’d like you to believe). He has a laid-back, carefree attitude that hides a darker perspective he’d rather keep hidden from the world.

If Kaleb was ever given a choice, he would love to live outdoors with some of the animals on the Hogwarts Grounds. His childhood lifestyle of constantly camping developed a strong love for nature and a dislike for the confining, suffocating living spaces many of his peers take comfort in. One could even go so far as to say that Kaleb is somewhat claustrophobic. Some would also say that Kaleb is an animal rights activist, and on some levels they would be right. He does not appreciate seeing human or beast in pain and suffering, and will do all in his power to make the assailant stop. Kaleb is known by his friends and what remains of his family for his notoriously aggressive temper.

The next worst thing a person could do is lie to Kaleb, because he will confront them outright and he won’t be nice about it. From there the next wrung on the ladder involves restrictions of any sort. Telling Kaleb what he can and cannot do will fall upon subjectively deaf ears. His need for independence and freedom is so strong that he resents being restrained with a hateful passion. It is because of this restraint and a problem with certain levels of authority that Kaleb has never saw fit to join a werewolf pack.

Although it takes a little while to earn Kaleb’s genuine trust, once it has been earned that person typically has a loyal friend for life. He would give the shirt off his back, food off his plate, or even his very life for these people. Should the trust ever be lost, it will not be granted with as much generosity next time. He tends to fall in love hard and fast, but flirts for fun all the same. What he doesn’t have to give in the way of lavish gifts, he gives with his company and heart. One can expect him to be fairly public about his budding relationships so long as they’re going well. It wouldn’t be beyond Kaleb to throw a party just to make a huge production out of announcing a declaration of love for his latest crush.

Kaleb would even throw a party just to throw a party and have fun. A thrill-seeking and fun-loving werewolf, he has made it his mission at Hogwarts to make sure the kids pass their tests, and that they have a bit of fun in their lives while they’re still kids. Some things on Kaleb’s personal list of fun activities can be potentially dangerous. He lives on the edge and doesn’t seem to take heed any remarks on his health. In his opinion, his health is so screwed up thanks to his mother’s experimentation and poor-quality wolfsbane that there’s really no sense in protecting himself to the point of not daring to live or take risks once in a while.


Your Story Please? Kaleb’s story begins at Saint Mungo’s hospital, though not to tell of his birth. His mother, Megan Burke, worked as a Healer in the Creature-Induced Injuries department in an attempt to find a cure for Lycanthropy. Grant Allaway, a werewolf and muggleborn wizard from Scotland, was one of her patients. Against all rules and regulations the pair fell in love. As a freelancer in every sense of the word, Grant didn’t have much of an income and waited until he had enough money to buy a ring before proposing. Not very long after their wedding day, Megan discovered she was pregnant.

Both Grant and Megan referred to their firstborn as their “little cub”. It was meant strictly as a pet name. However, Megan began to have other ideas. In her study of lycanthropy, she wondered if a person could be artificially made into a werewolf. Of course, there was no one willing to undergo such a therapy. It was her hypothesis that regardless of success or failure, the test subject’s blood may help those afflicted with lycanthropy. If the blood could be synthesized, perhaps there would even be a cure at long last for her clients. Megan believed so strongly that she was close to an answer that she furtively put her son in the position of guinea pig. She used Grant’s strain of the lycanthropy virus for ease of access and a potentially lower chance of rejection by Kaleb’s immune system.

During this time of trial and error, Megan and Grant were blessed with another son. They named the new baby ‘David’. Kaleb, three years old at the time, was scorched with jealousy. The new baby wasn’t constantly fed potions, monitored like a hawk once a month, or kept in a cage whenever his mother took him to work with her. Not a playpen – a real, genuine cage, complete with an enchanted padlock. Kaleb had watched enough cartoons with his father to know the difference. What he didn’t understand was why he was being punished. But one thing was for sure: despite the jealousy Kaleb felt toward the new baby, he wasn’t about to let his brother be put in a cage, too.

Megan’s experiments succeeded when Kaleb turned four years old. His first transformation had been only for a few minutes at around midday. In that short amount of time he broke the padlock and, upon being denied freedom, stalked around the tiny cage with a fiery glare in his eyes. When the transformation broke, Kaleb collapsed in an exhausted heap.

It took Grant about a year to figure out why his eldest son was feeling under the weather at the same time he was. Grant confronted Megan about it and subsequently fought while Kaleb hid in David’s room, eyes squeezed tightly shut and ears covered. A divorce followed, as did a custody battle. Megan won on the grounds that she had more means to provide for the boys than her employment-challenged ex-husband. Kaleb blamed himself at first for their split, since his name was the centerpiece of their arguments. Kaleb was constantly in a cage now that his father was out of the picture, especially at night. He naturally fought and acted out every time he was shepherded to the cage.

At the age of nine, everything changed.

The experimentations to turn Kaleb into a werewolf pushed back his magical development. At the age of nine, on the night of a full moon, both fur and magic burst forth from the boy. He broke out of his cage and went on a rampage, killing his mother and maternal grandparents. He would have rounded on little David, had it not been for Grant’s arrival. Together they ran away as wolves, returned for David in the morning as humans, and set off again. They couldn’t stay, and his father had recently been evicted from his home, so they had to find a different way...

Grant’s love of camping offered the perfect solution: they would backpack, across the country if need be, and live in tune with nature. It would make receiving Kaleb’s Hogwarts letter a little problematic, but it suited their purposes. Kaleb told his father all of what had happened to him in the years he was separated from the man, and they spoke of the abhorrence of cages, distrust of healers, and loathing of potions. Grant left David in the care of one of the boy's uncles, Callum Allaway, though Grant and Kaleb returned to visit the boy often.

Life out in the woods was a rough life, despite the luxury tent they had. Grant and Kaleb never saw it fit to join a pack, and there wasn’t a lot of money to go around. They acquired some cheap, albeit inferior quality wolfsbane from clandestine underground channels. And then, Kaleb finally got his Hogwarts letter at the age of eleven. His wolfsbane needs would be provided for, and unmet expenses would be paid by a fund meant initially for low-income muggleborn students. It scared Kaleb to go off to school and leave his father by himself. A mutual relief washed over both man and boy when they reunited each summer.

At Hogwarts, Kaleb was Sorted into Gryffindor House. He excelled in Charms, Astronomy, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. The boy was rubbish at Potions, History, and Transfiguration, though did fair in Herbology. Across the years, his performance did not change significantly from this assessment. In his third year he took on Care of Magical Creatures, and didn’t bother with the others. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. Kaleb wasn’t even sure what a werewolf could do in the mainstream workforce... The negative reputation of lycanthropy was such that sometimes Kaleb felt like giving up on school altogether. As he grew into a teenager, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see Kaleb in some form of detention or another. Letters were owled to his father. If the misdemeanor was severe enough in the man’s eyes he sent a howler, but that wasn’t very often.

Tragedy struck during the summer of Kaleb’s 16th year of life. It was just after the full moon, and they were still on the waning dosage of wolfsbane. Grant fell deathly ill, and died of wolfsbane poisoning. No matter what Kaleb tried, he couldn’t revive his father. There was no way to contact a Healer out in the middle of nowhere. He cremated his father’s remains upon a bonfire set off in a wide open valley. Caskets were viewed by both to be too much like cages, and burial too suffocating. After the deed was done Kaleb took some gold and went to the nearest pub to drown away the pain. At school the next year he gained the reputation of party animal on top of being most likely to earn a detention, the latter of which escalating even further in the teenager’s attempt to keep his mind off his loss.

Once finished with school, Kaleb continued to live as his father did. He had a harder time finding a supplier for his wolfsbane than his father did, and it wouldn’t have surprised him any to know that some sort of addictive substance had been added to the inferior brew. Each month he would be craving the potion despite its repulsive taste. It wasn’t long before he started having health problems of his own, at the age of twenty. He was at a pub enjoying a party during the starting onset of the week before the full moon, and had taken his potion, when during the evening he started vomiting, became very dizzy, and eventually passed out. When he awoke, Kaleb was told by Healers that his heart had stopped. Had it not been for a couple of his best friends at school, he could have died that night. Healers continued to try and dose him with wolfsbane, only to find that Kaleb had developed a severe aversion to the potion. Even just the herb by itself in tea caused problems. Saint Mungo’s staff refused to release him on the grounds that he could hurt himself or others without some alternative therapy. To Kaleb’s great annoyance, the Ministry also agreed. Restrained beyond what was necessary and confined to his bed, Kaleb couldn’t help but feel like he was in yet another cage. Fury and resentment raged through his veins.

A medi-witch approached his bed one morning with news that a Healer-run therapy group for werewolves in situation such as his had an open spot for him. There was a small catch, though: he would need a proper home and a secure source of income. His survivalist lifestyle and sporadic periods of employment were not acceptable. With some borrowed help he managed to scrape up just enough money to purchase an apartment and had to dig deep in order to find a job. The Magical Menagerie in Diagon Alley was hiring, and Kaleb went for it despite how the place cooped up their animals, in his opinion. He was then cleared to go to the meetings... and he hated them. However, it was the only way the hospital would release him. The only bit that made the meetings worthwhile was a certain she-wolf that was also a client in these group therapy meetings. Her name was Diana Clarke, and within a short amount of time they were married on his twenty-first birthday.

Precisely one and a half years later, Kaleb and Diana started arguing over every little thing. She wanted to keep going to the meetings, and join a pack. He didn’t see the point in either, other than going to the meetings for the medication, and compared the hospital to a “nuthouse”. Kaleb liked his independence just the way it was without having to worry about stepping on toes in a pack hierarchy. They decided to divorce six months later, during a particularly frigid December, when Kaleb was caught drunkenly flirting with another woman during their Christmas party. Promptly after the celebration of New Year’s, Kaleb quit his job at the Magical Menagerie and started volunteer work at a place that rescued, cared for, and rehabilitated animals in need.

Slowly, Kaleb stopped going to the “therapy” portion of the meetings. He made certain to show up for the medication, at first. His attendance completely halted eight months down the line. Not long after this stoppage, there was an accident: several rehab animals were killed by his wolf form. Although Kaleb does not remember the occasion, there were several personal hints that told him what had happened. Without delay he resigned from the position and never told anyone the truth about the incident. Five months later, he found a rare magical clinic offering relief to werewolves in need and at a reasonable price located in Finland.

Armed with what he feels is a marginally better solution to his problem, Kaleb decided to go into teaching. His application to Hogwarts was accepted for a probationary period of one year. At the age of 25 his experience in his chosen field of Care of Magical Creatures won the deciding factor determining his employment. He also asked for and was given the title of Head of Gryffindor. Despite Kaleb’s youthful party-hardy attitude and occasional immaturity at the age of twenty-nine, he is determined not to let down any of the students under his House.


Magic Specialty Charms / Care of Magical Creatures
Favorite Spell: Episkey

-Other information-

- Parties
- Alcohol
- Women
- Stubborn; doesn’t like asking for help
- Bad temper
- Impulsive
- Adrenaline junkie
- Carefree to a fault (usually punctuality, but consequences could be potentially more serious)
- Allergic to wolfsbane (potion, and plant)

- Brave
- Protective of those he cares for
- Loyal
- Independent
- Determined
- Resourceful
- Down to earth/relaxed disposition

Favorite Color: Gray

Theme song: This Afternoon by Nickelback

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Kaleb Benjamin Allaway
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