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 Chelsea and Kaleb Plotting

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PostSubject: Chelsea and Kaleb Plotting   Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:32 pm

((Chelsea: *pops over to Kaleb's "campsite", has a bag with her with some medical supplies in it, just in case. and looks around to see if Kaleb is anywhere. hopes she is only being silly and nothing is really wrong. but that would mean she would have to confess she missed him * Kaleb? You here?.. *looks around not wanting to intrude, yet curious to where he is* ))
[14:04:01 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Kaleb: *is in the woods; gives a semi-strangled howl of frustration and panic that he hasn't returned to human form yet when it is clearly daylight*))
[14:09:22 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *swallows at hearing howl, and presses on becoming more worried, Calls out this time* Kaleb? it is Chelsea, Are you okay? ))
[14:16:02 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Kaleb: *pads up to Chels from behind; his voice is strained and has a growling quality to it* It's dangerous here... You should go. Not... *words are lost, having been replaced by another growl*))
[14:24:59 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *startled slightly at the growling and turns around, shocked to see the large werewolf before, backs up slightly to give him space, but doesn't leave, asks quietly* Kaleb? that you? but.. *has a look on her face that mixes between shock, worry and confusion* Why haven't you turned back?,,,
[14:32:25 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: It's me... *shakes his head, though looks more like a dog shaking excess rainwater out of his coat than a human headshake* ... I don't know! *growl-whine*
[14:41:43 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *swallows the very core of her screaming for her to help him somehow and figure out why and fix it* It is okay.. Kaleb try and stay calm okay? *makes slow delibarte movements to take out her wand*
[14:50:08 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: ... Head is killing me... *seems to be caught between backing up and stepping forward when Chels withdraws her wand, squinting* What're you doing?
[14:57:11 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *looks at him concerned* Can I have a sample of your blood? if there is a reason your still in this form.. the answer will be there.. *steps closer to him trying to looks as non-threatening as possible, really not wanting to provoke the wolf part of him.. for both their sakes, in fact has a bit of a submissive posture to her*
[15:05:19 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *growls, then whines, and eases himself into a sitting position* Not sure... how much control... *whines again and brings a forepaw up in an attempt to rub his head* Do what you must... but be careful.
[15:14:45 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I will, I promise. *slowly works her way over to him and kneels down* just stay with me okay? * conjures at vial and mutters a spell to painlessly take blood out* Your doing great..
[15:23:43 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *wants to offer him more the words for comfort, but isn't sure yet exactly how much control he has, nor his wolves take on being touched in anyway*
[15:29:19 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *whimper-howls*
[15:37:28 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *winces almost can't stand to see him suffer like this* Kaleb? you will be okay, we'll figure this out, I promise... *pats the bur down on his shoulder cautiously*
[15:37:44 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : *fur
[15:44:33 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: ... How lon until you'll know?
[15:44:38 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : *long
[15:48:21 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I can do the analysis here if you like? It will be quicker.
[15:59:20 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: ... *whines* ... Safe distance. Wards...
[16:11:09 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *takes a deep breath and nods* Alright.. *standing up, carefully backing away from him to a reasonable distance, and drawing protective wards around herself * It should only take a few minutes, I got a good idea where to look.. *mutters a spell that makes reading of Kalebs blood appear in front of her*
[16:17:38 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *goes through Categories * Genetic's.. Lycanthropy virus.. *studies the genetic code of Kalebs virus*
[16:19:09 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ^xD chelse is being kinda scifi-ish atm xD
[16:23:53 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[16:25:02 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *the wolf in him takes over at the sight of something moving in the woods; immediately takes off after the creature*
[16:39:54 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *doesn't quite notice him leave, still studying the strain of virus Kaleb has and blinks * It has mutated...Damnit come he still has to change back.. when will he turn back? *watches the diagram turn in to a half moon* Half moon? *sighs* poor Kaleb.. *turns off the analysis and looks around not seeing Kaleb blink* Kaleb?.. where'd you go?
[17:15:13 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : .
[17:17:21 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *still worried for Kaleb, but knows the danger of wondering after him like this.. stays in the protective wards for now* I wonder what triggered this..
[17:59:51 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac :
[19:19:54 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : gah... sorry. Fell asleep. Woke up way too early this morning and was starting to feel it, lol.
[19:23:25 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *returns several minutes later, still in wolf form and with his muzzle lightly stained with something else's blood; looks Chelsea straight in the eyes*
[19:26:16 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : No worries, wb, hope you had a good nap lol
[19:29:43 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *has a sinking feeling this isn't Kaleb in control, stays with in her warded circle, though again tries not to provoke him and maintian submissive posture. Whispering to her self* Come on Kaleb, come back to me..
[19:34:01 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : lol. It was okay. My neck is a little sore. Pulled a Mark and fell asleep in the computer chair. xD
[19:36:42 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((lol was messing around in Sims 3 and I made Kaleb and Chelsea and the new expansions let make him in to a werewolf to, tis awesome xD))
[19:37:13 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *growls, walking a wary circle around the campsite and keeping an eye on Chelsea* *after several minutes, yips and staggers backward* ... My... head... *whines*
[19:37:21 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((lol, awesome xD))
[19:45:48 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *bites her lip and lifts her head a bit, now that is seems like he is back* Kaleb? *sighs in relief, though still looks worried about him* Your strain of Lycanpathropy has mutated... making you stay in wolf form longer.. *winces seeing him in pain and wants to do something, though isn't sure what yet*
[19:48:34 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *pants* Yeah... *gives a whine at the news* How long is longer?
[19:53:56 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Until the moon reaches cresant phase.. three days form now.. it has already been quite a while since full moon... I am going to try my hardest to reverse it though, or at the very least try and relieve the pain...I promise
[19:56:42 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *whines* Is this mutation gonna get worse?
[20:00:58 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I don't know... Kaleb I am sorry.. this has never been seen before
[20:03:21 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea; *plans to talk to Viktor about this and hope he knows something that can help*
[20:08:01 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *sigh-whines*
[20:09:50 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Mind if I talk to the other werewolves about this? they might have better insight to this then I do...
[20:12:59 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Might as well. But I'm not joining any packs. Before it was a matter of independence. Now, I'm too dangerous and it would impact my freedom...
[20:18:23 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *swallows seeing him suffer like this is far worse then all the other times she has seen him injured* I will do all I can.. I promise
[20:20:50 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *nods* Thanks...
[20:23:08 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I am gonna go and find out what I can... I will come back and check on you later when I have learned something only?
[20:23:37 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : * okay? lol not only
[20:27:59 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Alright... Good luck.
[20:33:51 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *slowly steps out and cancels her warded circle, looks back at Kaleb* Be safe ya ol' Wolf eh? .. Saph is due to have her kittens next week.. we would both be happy as clam to have you.. *smiles trying to cheer him up somewhat before she goes*
[20:47:11 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *gives a strained-sounding chuckle* Yeah... not much can hurt me in this form. ... Except maybe silver. If I'm not randomly sprouting fur, I'd be glad to be there...
[20:50:28 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Good, I will be back, *turns on the spot to return to the clinic and try and get a hold of Viktor*
[20:54:53 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: *is tuning a musical instrument by the fireplace in his and Rory's studio*
[20:57:15 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *tries calling him via flo*
[21:05:15 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Viktor?
[21:06:36 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: *looks up, and smiles pleasantly* Hello, Chelsea. To what do I owe the pleasure?
[21:08:48 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Need your help with something, You know Kaleb Allaway right?
[21:15:39 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: *thinks a moment* I know of him. Been trying to recruit him into the pack for years. *nods*
[21:20:30 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I am a friend of his...I am calling cause something went wrong with his transformation and needs help... mind if I come over so I can explain?
[21:24:08 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: Of course you may. *finishes tuning his instrument and sets it aside to give Chels his undivided attention*
[21:30:07 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *stumbles through the flo and start to explain* His strain of Lycanpathropy has mutated.. and he is stuck partly between wolf and human form, and both man and wolf are fighting for control.. I am not sure how to fix it and he is suffering..
[21:33:06 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I was hoping you might have a better insight to this then I do?..
[21:36:38 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: *quirks eyebrow* The condition is exceedingly rare. In fact, it has not appeared in my family for at least six generations... One moment. *stands, walks over to a bookshelf, retrieves a book, and returns to sit opposite of Chelsea* If I recall correctly, the only solution was to wait it out. But the effects of the anomaly could be eased... *flips through the book*
[21:45:01 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *sighs in kinda relief* thank merlin.. everytime his human mind is in control he seems to be in really bad pain... *waits for him to show her the remedies *
[21:52:11 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: Yes. The pain is from a fight for control, within a mind that is in constant flux. Consider the hardest decision you have ever had to make, and multiply that torn feeling by approximately ten thousand. *pauses on a page, scrolling his finger down the text, then hands the book to Chelsea* This may help. Once again, fluxweed proves to be a valuable friend. *smirks*
[22:02:40 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *chuckles* A wolf form Werewolf smoking... that will be a sight. *nods* Will this happen every month? He will turn and stay like that that for Days instead of just one night? *worries this will take a toll on him quickly*
[22:10:47 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: This mixture isn't smoked. If he's of Human mind, there is a potion he can drink. But if he's Wolf... you could try to add the potion to some raw meat of any kind. We're not very picky eaters. xD *thinks for a moment* Mutations are odd things, Chelsea. I wouldn't dare to fathom a guess on that and be proven wrong. My ancestor, in his old age, remained in wolf form for days. By then, however, it was probably less painful to be a wolf than a feeble old man. The book you hold in your hands is a reprinted copy of his journal. I would like it back when you are done, but for now you may hold onto it to aid Kaleb.
[22:22:11 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *reads over the ingrediants and method on how to make the potion* Thank you so much Vitkor.. I will return it safely.. my word..Anything that can help..
[22:29:33 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Viktor: *nods* Anytime I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the pack. Word will swiftly get to me if I am not available.
[22:32:30 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: Me thinks chelsea will be in to visit Kaleb quite a bit xD wonder if anything should happen xD ))
[22:40:24 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[22:41:18 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: Hmm... you mean while Kaleb is in wolf form? Or do you mean when he goes back to being not quite as furry? xD))
[22:43:51 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: perhaps both, while he is in wolf form, xD, Nothing big mind you... don't think I am prepared to make Chels a werewolf by poor kalebs doing, not that mean.. like a small lasps of control and she gets scratched or something))
[22:49:48 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: *nods* Not sure Kaleb could live with knowing he turned somebody...))
[22:54:07 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: Yes, and that would kinda put a block on my hopes for them So just a scratch, no lasting damage, and Chelsea makes sure is heals really good so it isn't brought up again?))
[22:55:36 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: *nods* Sounds good. And for human form? ))
[22:58:30 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: Chelsea might make a confession XD That is all I will say ))
[22:59:55 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: *snickers*))
[23:00:39 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *returns to Kaleb's campsit, with potion and a box of store bought meat*
[23:03:28 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *is still in wolf form, and being rather hostile toward some trees xD*
[23:07:02 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *absently wonders what the trees did, quietly puts the meat down and adds the potion to them, before backing away *
[23:15:24 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[23:16:58 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *gives an audible sniff, turns, and rushes toward the raw meat; stands over it while staring at Chelsea, almost as if daring her to try and take it xD*
[23:24:10 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *once again mimic the submissive behaviour, mutter* All your... no worries.. *is staying perfectly still, hoping se will get a chance to put up her ward soon, with out Kalebs wolf form glaring holes into her xD*
[23:25:29 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[23:28:30 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *reluctantly backs off and eats, though still keeps a wary eye on her*
[23:30:46 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *breaths* thats it.. dinner time,, *carefully removes her wand to start casting her protective ward around herself*
[23:37:44 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : lol I think Chelsea is likely remembering her class with Kaleb on how to deal with a wild werewolf, most of the things she is doing, not moving staying meek and quiet xD only thing she isn't doing is trying to get away xD
[23:39:17 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : lol nods xD
[23:41:51 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *finishes the offered meat and starts to pace, watching Chelsea*
[23:45:52 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *stays still again Mutters..* That was dinner Kaleb... not a appetiser xD .. *keeps her head down, just about holding her breath, hoping the human half takes over soon xD*
[23:47:24 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[23:48:08 26/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *howls*
[23:50:14 26/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *closes her eyes and swallows, opening them to cautiously keep watch on what her werewolf friend is doing*
[00:00:36 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *turns away from Chels, meandering about his immediate territory, giving the occasional howl*
[00:04:51 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *sighs in relief* You got one thing wrong Kaleb.. Blake is 10 times more blood thirsty then you... draws her protective ward and takes out the book to read, is remaining cause she wants to make sure the potion did its job and Kaleb is in less pain when he comes back to his mind
[00:07:37 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *seems to curl up and fall asleep*
[00:08:39 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ^ or at least seems groggy xD
[00:11:22 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : xD
[00:14:54 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles slightly over her book* Thats it.. sleep it off.. you almost look cute like that xD
[00:15:37 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[00:16:55 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *gives an almost whining howl before officially drifting off*
[00:20:02 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : xD aww
[00:24:08 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Aww.. ^.^ I swear Kaleb if I could I would go over there and hug and kiss ya right there... *hopes he didn't hear that and goes back to her book, conjuring a lounge chair*
[00:26:15 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[00:27:01 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *ear tilts and twists in Chelsea's direction, though doesn't move*
[00:27:12 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : *though the rest of him doesn't move
[00:32:44 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *sighs taking out a bottle of water taking a drink* hmm didn't think the potion would knock him out
[00:39:10 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *hears a twig snap, jumps up, and takes off into the forest again; can be heard roaring/growling*
[00:43:24 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: okay not knocked out,, *tries to squint into the forest, to see what is going on*
[00:49:55 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *tracked down and ripped apart a raccoon; returns to his campsite to once again stare at Chelsea; growls, shakes his head, then sits down*
[00:56:24 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *blinks and breath, meekly going back to her book*
[01:00:16 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *mutters * Being roomates with ya isn't that bad really.. is impresses he hasn't really tried to attack her.. then again she isn't much of a threat him, being half his size xD*
[01:00:36 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[01:02:00 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *makes a noise that is neither human nor wolf* ... Dunno what you're talking about... but thanks...
[01:03:36 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* Your back, how do you feel?
[01:08:59 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Annoyed that I'm stuck like this... But at least my head doesn't feel like it's being clawed off. Still no idea how long I'll be in control for...
[01:20:55 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Good that means the potion is working, I talked to Viktor and he said you only wait it out.. hopefully this potion will make it more bearable for you
[01:25:32 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *nods* Hopefully...
[01:27:06 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: And.. your wolf form he isn't so bad you know.. kinda interesting.. when I brought the meat in to give you the potion, he tried challenging me to taking the mean form him... Your lesson only dealing with werewolve work like a charm by the way..
[01:29:36 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : *meat from him
[01:33:59 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *would grin/smirk if his wolf form could* Glad to hear it. Trust me, he's a mean b@st@rd during the full moon...
[01:39:02 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles shaking her head* I am sure they all say that *, is only kidding*
[01:41:52 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Don't worry, you'l be human again soon.. and anything you want is on me.
[01:53:08 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *sighs* I just wanna be my human self again...
[08:08:49 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *sighs and nods sympathetically* I know..Kaleb... hang in there okay?
[08:14:36 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: I don't know.. if something pulled at Chelsea's heartstring enough she might leave the safely of her ward to help, She is half tempted right now to be honest xD))
[10:00:45 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[10:02:44 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *lets out a long whine*
[10:06:47 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : lol
[10:12:01 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea;*winces*, please if there is anything more I can do...
[10:20:13 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *reaches her arm out of the circle, worried about him*
[10:24:35 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *has gone from Human Kaleb to Wolf Kaleb; snarls and reaches out to scratch her, then backs up*
[10:24:53 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: *snickers* Almost like Jekyll and Hyde. xD))
[10:26:31 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : xD
[10:29:46 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *gasps and winces quickly lowering her self to the ground and backing up in side the ward, staying quiet*
[10:32:58 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *tries to cover up the blood on her arm*
[10:33:27 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *howls and circles the ward, sniffing*
[10:36:17 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: **holds her breath*
[10:39:26 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *tries to step through the ward, but yelps when he is denied entry; growls and takes off into the woods*
[10:45:44 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *sighs and sits up, conjuring a bandage over the scratch on her arm, muttering* Your own damn fault chelsea.. *hopes he doesn't remember what happened*
[10:57:08 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: Fast-forward now that we've tortured them a bit? ))
[10:58:47 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: *snickers* Sure))
[11:00:13 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: *snaps fingers*))
[11:02:00 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *is in human form, waist-high in a small lake near his campsite*
[11:08:30 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *pops back in the check on him, has since treated her wound, looks around* Kaleb?
[11:15:49 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *turns at the voice; grins* Over here! *is in a tank top and swimming shorts*
[11:17:08 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : xD
[11:20:30 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *looks at the water, with a smile on her face* Human again I see, how's it feel? *takes off her outer robe and goes in to with water with her clothes on to join him xD*
[11:22:23 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: It feels wonderful. *gives Chelsea a bear hug once she's close enough* That potion of Viktor's... or yours? ... it made going back a bit more bearable, too.
[11:26:03 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *is hugged and hugs back, chuckling at his enthusiasm * I got the recipe from Viktor.. but I made it at the clinic. I am glad it helped .. Hated seeing you suffer like that..
[11:32:53 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *winces* Yeah... Never become a werewolf, if you can help it. It's a constant battle of will, and your Wolf mind won't care if it hurts you in the process of obtaining dominance... *wanders out of the water* ... Anything I can get you? *gestures to the campsite*
[11:44:16 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *nods, is still kinda half hugging him* Ah no thank I am fine, came to see how you were, being stuck as a wolf for so long, wanted to make sure you were alright after it all.. and I do believe I promised you anything you want and it is on me ^_^
[11:50:10 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Yeah, I'm okay. Grew a bit more of a beard than I wanted, so had to trim it. XD Other than that, seems to be all good. *stomach growls loudly* How about lunch? xD
[11:55:31 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *laughs* I missed you. And alright lunch it is *grins*
[11:58:37 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Missed you, too. *flings an arm around her and apparates them both to the Goblin Vault*
[11:59:18 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: *pokes Sub* Y'know... you did want your Goblin Character to not necessarily be involved with the bank, at one time, as I recall... Or you could make two... ))
[12:00:13 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Sub: *@ Muse* Don't you think you have enough profiles to finish? ))
[12:05:14 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles and blushes as they Apparate to the Goblin Vault*.. I tried to get out here when ever I could.. to keep your human side company...*turns to the house elfs * Our usuals please Milly *smiles*
[12:07:15 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : (( XD ))
[12:12:14 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *nods* I remember some of it. Not everything, though... Thanks for staying with me, despite the danger. I hope I didn't hurt you or anything. If I did... I wasn't in control.
[12:18:49 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *hesitates a moment, and takes his hand and squeezes it* I know.. and trust me.. your furry side isn't so bad.. I gave him respect and we managed to co exist in relative peace
[12:24:58 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *gives her hand a squeeze back* Yeah, and he probably tried provoking you a couple times, too.
[12:30:48 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Not really, if anything I tried not to provoke him.. *smiles when there drinks get there* Cheers to being human again? ^_^
[12:33:49 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Definitely! *raises his glass* Cheers!
[12:37:43 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Cheers *taps glasses with him and takes a sip, smiles looking at for a moment*
[12:39:16 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *takes a sip, and grins*
[12:41:37 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : gah... Lucky just licked my glasses. *looks for a lens cleaner*
[12:42:03 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : and I better run to work see ya later Sub.
[12:42:05 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : lol
[12:42:48 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Okay. See you later, Kiara
[21:39:41 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : lol same time
[21:40:35 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : lol xD
[21:44:59 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles and blushes again* What do you feel like having? *chuckles*
[21:45:50 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Hmm... good question. *flips through a menu* Not sure... Do you know what you're going to have?
[21:50:41 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Erm.. *thinks a moment* Probably pasta
[21:52:00 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *nods* Was looking at that, too. Getting a bit tired of just meat. xD
[21:58:27 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *giggles* I was thinking you would be xD So pasta then? Oh and umm if you want some else to drink rather then the Rainbow your more then welcome.. *sheepish, will likely get something with alcohol if he does xD *
[22:07:14 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[22:08:15 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins* Yeah, pasta sounds good. So does a drink, if I can persuade someone to join me...
[22:12:53 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *blushes redder again, and nods* Anything you like, and yes, I will join yeah xD
[22:19:30 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Awesome.
[22:24:29 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *beams, and places their orders in with the house elves* Oh and what will the drink be then... I ah.. don't drink to often, but i am not picky
[22:32:50 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Hmm... Kinda looking at The Golden Bladvak... or Pickaxe. Hmm. Never knew that was the word for it in Goblinese... xD Looks like it's got apple and lemon juices, honey, vodka, and a secret spice blend. Whatcha think?
[22:37:32 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* Sounds good actually, Sure go for it. *nods her head, curious to try it*
[22:42:42 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins*
[22:46:29 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *grins back, and decides to hug him again, happy all that time as a whole didn't traumatize him or anything xD and he his still him*
[22:49:42 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : * wolf.. gah..
[22:50:34 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *hugs back* What do we owe Viktor for his help?
[22:54:39 27/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Dang it. gotta run lol see ya sub
[22:54:56 27/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ok See you later, Kiara
[03:26:41 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *pauses looking thoughtful* Hmm he didn't give a price.. though I am sure his pack is always in need of something... we'll have to ask him. I have to return the book he lent me to help you later.. *looks up at him* Can come with me if you like?
[08:29:38 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *doesn't look all that keen on going to see Viktor* Erm... we'll see. So... how're things at the clinic? No crazy critters trying to start fights anymore, I hope? xD
[10:29:29 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: I promise he won't recruit you or anything.... Won't let him XD and no.. no fights thing have been pretty typical there lately... and for that I am thankful
[10:32:42 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smirks, though doesn't reply further about the recruitment* Good. Glad to hear things have gotten back to normal.
[10:39:04 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *Grins when the pickaxe drinks arrive* So am I.. *knocks on the counter, in hopes her luck doesn't chance any time soon* Here.. I would say you well earned this
[10:39:34 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ^ *is hand the drink to him
[10:47:13 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins and takes the drink, inadvertently brushing his fingers across Chelsea's* Thanks. I certainly feel like I've earned it... You've earned yours, too, what with all you've likely put up with the past few days.
[10:56:27 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *chuckles* Ah but it was worth every minute.. *Rises and tilts her glass to him, before taking a drink*
[10:58:58 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smiles, lifts his glass and tilts it towards hers, making the glasses clink, then takes a sip*
[11:04:23 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Milly: *brings in their food* Enjoy your meal *grins and sits the plates down in front of them* Anything else Milly can get you's?
[11:08:07 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: Smells wonderful, Milly, Thanks! And I think I'm good for the moment. How about you, Chelsea?
[11:15:32 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* All seems perfect for the now Milly thank you so much, *turns to Kaleb* Dig in ^_^ xD
[11:24:23 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smirks* You don't have to tell me twice. *grabs silverware and digs in, though with considerably more table manners than his wolf self xD*
[11:38:49 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *giggles* Didn't cross my mind, *goes to eating herself, had forgotten how good their pasta was xD* how is it?
[11:40:52 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *nods his head, since his mouth is full* Mm. *swallows* It's very good.
[11:48:53 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* Good... tastes even better then usual really..though could be the company I got. *smile sheepishly and takes another drink *
[11:58:27 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smiles and feels a light blush tinge his cheeks* I haven't tried the pasta before, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I do know the Rainbow was even better than other times I've had it, so you could very well be onto something, about the company.
[12:09:28 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *beams again and blushes, and finishes eating, takes a drink and figures it like isn't a surprise to either of them anymore, but wants to say it anyway*
[12:10:43 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *continued, enter button* Kaleb? Erm... Mind it I talk to ya about something?
[12:12:17 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *blushes and quickly adds* when you finished eating of course xD
[12:13:27 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *also finishes his meal, and sets his drink in front of him* I'm all ears. *takes a drink*
[12:22:15 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Well... I suppose I should confess I have had the biggest crush on you.. for a long time But now.. over time I guess it is more then that...*swallows* I care about you... alot..
[12:33:37 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *swallows an unintentionally large amount of his drink; is curious about a few things but isn't sure he should ask lest the questions be taken entirely the wrong way* I care a lot about you, too, Chelsea. ... Not sure I know anyone else willing enough to spend hours on end with a transformed werewolf, even at the risk of getting bitten. ... You really sure you wanna get that involved with someone as dangerous, and as old , as me?
[12:46:03 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *blushes* I don't care how old you are *giggles* and I know there is an element of risk involved.. but I wouldn't use the word Dangerous either... So yes I am sure... your a good man and well I do care for a very great deal
[12:54:20 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smiles* I'm pretty sure the critters I've hunted in that forest wouldn't agree with you about me not being dangerous. xD
[12:55:11 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *whispers so not to be over heard, but her face is beat red to* Not to mention your a good looking big ol werewolf to..
[12:55:26 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : XD
[12:58:32 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Well... thats different... *bites her lip* Perhaps I am associating 'dangerous' with something bad... and to me your not
[13:00:59 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *can't help but grin; finishes his drink and lowers his voice to a more seductive-y tone* You're rather enchanting, yourself, Chelsea.
[13:03:57 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *glances down at the table* At least when I'm in control, I'm not exactly bad... *shakes his head, and offers her his hand* You ready to get outta here? Could go back to my place... or your place... Or do you have to work today?
[13:15:35 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *blushes redder if possible xD but doesn't know what to say* Your not bad any time.. control or not... there were moments when your other half could have hurt me.. but he didn't. *takes his hand* No.. finished work today.. though Tom can contact me if there is an emergancy.. and your place is fine.. I have become quite associated with it now xD
[13:18:51 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *is tempted to ask if he wants desert xD but moves on, taking money out for the tip*
[13:20:27 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[13:22:51 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins* Awesome. *gets ready to leave a tip, but pauses when Chelsea does it instead* You sure about taking care of the bill? I have a bit of gold on me...
[13:26:44 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Hey, I promised this one was on me, *hands Milly the money to take* And I keep my word *smiles at Milly* Wonderful dinner as always Milly, take care ^.^
[13:29:10 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smiles, first at Chels and then to Milly and nods to confirm his thoughts are the same*
[13:32:20 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* Lets go then? *gives his hand a gentle squeeze*
[13:33:26 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *gives her hand a squeeze back, and smiles* Yep. *opens the door, and waits for Chels to step out first*
[13:51:10 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles, and blushes again before hesitatingly stepping out first* thank you XD
[14:24:19 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins* You're welcome. *apparates them both to his camp once they're far enough away from the door*
[14:35:02 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *takes a deep breath once they are back at Kaleb's, turns around and smiles at him* Nice night this is turning out to be xD
[14:36:38 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins, and nods* A very nice night. It's missing one thing, though...
[14:44:25 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* What would that be? ^.^
[14:45:01 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *chuckles lightly* This... *gently cups her chin in his hand, and kisses her*
[14:58:03 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles and reaches her arm up around his neck and Kisses back* Yes.. your right.. that was missing *chuckles slightly*
[15:00:59 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Muse: *kinda wonders what adult Dennis would be like*))
[15:01:36 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *places his hands on her hips; grins* Make yourself at home. My campsite is your campsite. xD
[15:02:01 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Muse: That's a good question. Not sure. Still piecing the kid version together.))
[15:02:17 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : xD
[15:02:20 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : lol, that reminds me. There was something I had a thought about and wanted to ask you about...
[15:07:21 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Can't remember exactly what it was, though, lol.
[15:08:40 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Basically seems like David and Danielle are oblivious to Darcy's antics, and Darcy is altering David's behavior. Not sure if this is what I wanted to ask, but I'm wondering just how far this altered behavior goes, lol.
[15:10:22 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles and places her hand s over his, still getting used to this sudden change in relationship* I am quite alright right here, *kiss his cheek*
[15:12:57 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *kisses back; transfigures a log into a couch, and guides Chelsea over to it; sits down and enourages her to do the same*
[15:15:04 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : lol Good question, didn't really plan out the details of the parents.. though I think darcy's inference makes them not so great parents
[15:15:42 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Cause Chelsea moves out of parents place at a very young age
[15:17:48 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : nods
[15:19:55 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Dennis will probably run away after Chels moves out. Or at least he'll try. xD
[15:21:34 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Muse: Might be the perfect opportunity for Darcy to interfere... y'know, offer to let him hide there and not tell the parents, for better to mess with him.
[15:21:37 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles and gets comfortable beside him and smiles, wraps an arm around his chest, isn;t quite sure if he wishes to talk or keep going on this line of action xD*
[15:21:59 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[15:24:29 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((I think Chelsea would try and keep in contact with him and even let him stay with her.. her only problem would be is Darcy or her parents could always take him back))
[15:25:05 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *wraps his arms around Chelsea, content to just be unless Chelsea wants to do something else xD*
[15:25:20 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((nods))
[15:34:56 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *looks quite comfortable like this, though a part of her still can't believe this is actually working out, that he actually likes her back like this, hesitates a moment and strokes his cheek*
[15:39:28 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *leans into her touch and plays with her hair*
[15:40:11 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Chelsea: *at 16, has gotten a room in exchange for interning at a clinic, has just unpacked all her things, though worries how Dennis is doing and sends an owl to him with her adress inviting him to come "visit" her if he wants *))
[15:44:04 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Dennis: *is 12, reading Chelsea's letter; hides it in his room and starts packing in secret to run away; doesn't know why his father/parents are so different now, but isn't liking it*))
[15:47:42 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles and leans her head on his shoulder and looks out in the wilderness* I like this... See why you love it so much xD
[15:50:42 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((Darcy: *flos over and quirks eye brows at Dennis* Where are you going boy?
[15:55:07 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smiles, and kisses her on the cheek* It's even better with company, too. My Dad and I used to see shapes in the sky, other than the constellations, and point them out to each other...
[15:55:54 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((Dennis: *swallows at Darcy's question* Erm... camping.))
[16:10:50 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *smiles* Aww, That sounds fun actually.. never did stuff like this when I was a kid.. *looks up at the now almost night sky*
[16:13:08 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *raises eyebrow* Really?
[16:14:27 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *shrugs* It was a lot of fun. *looks up at the night sky* I already see the start of a dragon's head. Look... *takes out his wand, and casts a spell for flames to draw out the shape he sees in the stars*
[16:24:03 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: Yeah... * decides now is not the time to get into how messed her parents are thanks to her uncle.. Smiles at the shape he sees.. * Hey that is awesome, didn't see that xD *tilts her head to see if she can see anything, blushes when her mind sees a shape of a wolf howling, glances at Kaleb and back at the shape before shyly drawing out what she sees*
[16:26:51 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *chuckles* Awesome. *presses a kiss to her temple, shifts slightly so as not to be right next to her ear, and gives a playful howl to the drawn wolf that is about as good as can be managed with human vocal chords xD*
[16:37:44 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *giggles and bites her lip a moment before debating on somethingm decides the heck with it and puts her hands around her mouth and mimic his howl with her own xD*
[16:39:27 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[16:41:26 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *hoping she didn't butcher it or something xD*
[16:41:35 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins, chortling* Not bad. xD *gives her a one-armed hug*
[16:45:04 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *sheepish* My first howl xD *giggles and kisses him*
[16:50:44 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *kisses back*
[16:53:17 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Gotta go for a little bit soon, gotta get dinner and take care of rent... lol I don't wamma go...
[16:56:38 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : lol ok
[16:57:02 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *starting to feel more confident, deepens the kiss*
[17:03:33 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *kisses back with equal enthusiasm, and strokes her cheek*
[17:05:49 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : okay brb
[17:06:04 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ok
[18:10:20 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *Makes a shaky moan when he strokes her cheek, though in a good way xD*
[18:10:57 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[18:15:02 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : lol evil just had a though about that idea with Curry, Kaleb and chels xD Me thinks Chelsea get hurt in the fight again, like enough to lose contiousness, and Curry's doing of course after that Wolf Kaleb and Curry fight.. Curry leaves and sometime later human Kaleb comes too find Chelsea hurt and is like "Shit... Did I do that?" lol just a thought the came to me at the bank
[18:15:50 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : lol nods xD Sounds plausible.
[18:19:43 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *smiles slightly through the kiss at her moan; shifts to start kissing Chelsea's neck*
[18:27:23 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *lets out a small laugh, and tilts her hand to give him more access, and runs her hand down his hair, Caressing his cheek and jaw
[18:35:16 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *moans lightly into her neck at her touches; gently tugs her into his lap, and returns his lips to hers*
[18:37:07 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : xD
[18:45:16 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[18:47:57 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *grins, making herself comfy on his lap xD, and kisses back with excitment, looks at him looking like she wants to say something but is at a loss of words*
[18:53:26 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *stares into Chelsea's eyes; tucks a bit of hair behind her ear and senses she wants to say something* ... Penny for your thoughts?
[19:02:37 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *bites her lip a moment thinking, and smiles* Your a very good kisser *giggles and kisses him again, had meant to say something else, but thinks it might be to early XD*
[19:03:12 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[19:05:12 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Kaleb: *grins, and snickers* Thanks. You, too... *kisses back*
[19:11:57 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : ((lol Re-reading Kalebs history, chelsea is shooked by all he has gone through, want to go back in time and slap his mother xD ))
[19:13:28 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : ((lol xD))
[19:16:48 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Muse: *smirks at the two* Kissy kissy
[19:17:51 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : xD
[19:19:58 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Muse: Bet Kaleb never thought he would fall for a young healer eh?
[19:21:23 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Muse: *snickers* No, doubt he saw that one coming. xD Age doesn't really matter to him so long as she's of age. xD
[19:23:02 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Muse: Yep XD I putting this perhaps 10 years from presant, so she would be 25-26 xD
[19:24:32 28/12/12] Dorian Leventhal : Muse: *nods* And that'd make Kaleb 39 or so. xD
[19:27:33 28/12/12] @ Madison Isaac : Chelsea: *blushes again, though doesn't say anything, Rubs her hand over his chest and smirks *

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Chelsea and Kaleb Plotting
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