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 Raymond Tasse

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PostSubject: Raymond Tasse   Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:45 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Raymond Tasse (the ‘d’ is silent)
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: 3/4-blood (pureblood paternal lineage, mixed maternal lineage)
House: N/A
School: Beauxbatons
Previous Employment
- France Ministry: Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office (occupation: intern/inventory associate)
- France Ministry: Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee (occupation: liaison)
- England and France: Lawyer (may have worked in this occupation for both Ministries)
Present Employment:
- Beauxbatons: Professor Muggle Studies
Affiliations: Approves of the Sangreal

Your Class: Muggle Studies
School: Beauxbatons


Parents: Pierre and AurelieTasse
Grandparents: Roland and Delphine Tasse; Toussaint and Glenna Pascal
Siblings: Mathieu (would have been 41), Armel (35), and Ghislain (32) Tasse
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: Dominique (female, age 9; Armel’s) and Marielle (female, age 7; Ghislain’s)
Cousins: TBA
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Light tan
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Medium – stops at the back of his neck
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5’ 8”
Build: Slim

[Robert Carlyle]


Crushes: None yet
Mates/Spouse: Audrey Bishop (Divorced); None Present
Status: Divorced and currently Single

-How I act-

Personality: Raymond Tasse is a congenial man with a calm, reserved outer nature and a shrewd, calculating, and observant inner personality. He’s not afraid to speak his mind so long as the situation seems best suited for such frankness. The life he has led, full of necessary lies mixed with truth, forms the basis for governing his behavior. Each trait has a set of rules, and each rule has its own exception clause. All in all he strives to work towards fairness and the greater good.

With his set of personality skills and a habit which leans towards the manipulation of select individuals under very particular circumstances, Raymond could very well have been a double agent in the Ministry. A low tolerance for pain made an auror’s life dreadfully unappealing to him. Despite all of Raymond’s attempts to keep it under wraps it cannot be denied that he enjoys the taste of power. The value he places on his life prevents him from going to drastic measures to acquire greater powers.

Friendship is tentative with Raymond, requiring time for trust to blossom. He trusts children and those in their early teenage years far more readily than he trusts an adult. Friendship brings out the generous side of Raymond: so long as he has the means, or enough of something to spare, he will give it even if it means his own life ends up a little pinched for a time. One will find that his friends are met with unwavering loyalty and tactful honesty. Raymond cannot stand being betrayed or lied to, and as such these are two instant friendship-breakers. A broken friendship with him is next to impossible to repair. Be warned, however: in the astounding circumstances a friendship is reforged... Raymond will always carry that grudge.

Although he is largely reserved in his interactions, Raymond will flirt with another if he is interested enough or if he is flirted with first. He never considers the bloodstatus of a potential mate on the basis that all candidates for his heart should be treated equally and without scrutiny. While it takes a while for friendship to form, Raymond seems to give his heart with haste once he feels certain about the individual in question. For a loved one he will gladly and selflessly place his life on the line without a second thought.

When angry, Raymond prefers to be left alone for a time. If approached he will politely ask the soul to leave him be. Further intrusions after the warning of sorts results in increasingly defensive mannerisms. If pushed far enough, he will walk away rather than start a fight. If an enemy is made of Raymond, one can be assured that he will strike back. He prefers to strike indirectly and nonviolently, often by framing or otherwise destroying the reputation of an enemy. Violence is a rarity for him, though he can be driven to it if the right buttons are pushed...


Your Story Please?
Raymond is the second-born son out of four born to Pierre and Aurelie Tasse in France. He was at first miffed when attention was not afforded to him, given instead to his elder and younger brothers. When Mathieu, the eldest, died in a childhood accident, Raymond immediately missed the fact his parents would often overlook some mischief of his in times past. For one thing, Pierre blamed Raymond for Mathieu’s death. Now that Raymond was eldest the spotlights were all on him to set a shining example for the younger boys. To some degree he both loved and hated that task. His father was very strict in the upbringing of the boys, and was annoyed at best with Raymond’s interest in muggle artifacts and muggles in general. On more than one occasion Raymond’s collection of muggle items were trashed by Pierre as punishment. Raymond still kept some of the things, a few repaired by his mother in secret, but the rest were thrown away.

At the age of eleven he received a letter to attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. While he certainly wasn’t the best student the school had ever seen, he wasn’t the poorest. His parents would question why he never received top grades in all of his classes, as opposed to only the ones he was actually good at. Merlin forbid either one get word he only barely passed a test or an exam: a howler would be well on its way within the hour of discovery. Even though his family was financially well-off Raymond still took it upon himself to get a summer job in his teenage years. The prime motivating reason for this job was that it dealt with antique muggle artifacts being bought and sold amongst magical dealers who likely enchant-for-hire. All Raymond cared about was that it dealt with muggle artifacts, and that if he saved up enough money on his own he could even buy some of them without his father claiming it was a waste of the family's gold and resources.

Once out of school, Raymond made it his mission to involve himself with affairs that toed the line between magical and non-magical worlds. First, he joined France’s equivalent of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. While this occupation fascinated him to no end there was simply no hope of ever being promoted on that track. So, he switched jobs within the ministry to liaison with the Muggle French government. Sometimes he generated excuses to cover up magical activity, while others he was merely delivering messages of other varieties. His parents tried telling him that his talents were being wasted, even though his mother’s side contained mixed bloodlines. At the age of twenty-three he decided to go into international wizarding law. The career sent him all over the world. While in England he met, fell in love with, and eventually married a pureblood witch named Audrey Bishop. His family approved of her and her father reluctantly approved of him. Raymond purchased a house for them to live in England, and everything seemed grand... until the day arrived when Audrey hit him for, in his mind, no reason at all. Raymond brushed it off as an accident.

For a while Raymond was blind to the violent streak his wife possessed. He thought for sure it was purely a scare tactic put into play by her father. Accidents, bad days – anything but the notion that she was hurting him on purpose. Eventually Raymond couldn’t deny it any further, and only fought back when he wasn’t given room enough to evade or time enough to apparate out of striking distance. The fights escalated in ferocity, but the last straw was when she injured his ankle. The injury was so severe that not even Healers could mend it back to its full functionality. It forced him to walk with a faint limp so long as he used a cane for balance. While he recovered in the hospital, Raymond immediately began putting things into place for a divorce. It ended up costing him a lot more gold than he ever thought it’d take to finalize the divorce, for Audrey decided to be difficult and draw things out for as long as possible. He even lost the house he had bought in England to her as part of their not-exactly-amicable agreement.

With very little gold left to his name, he returned to France and to his parents’s estate. He took any job that crossed his desk regardless of whether the client was truly guilty or not in order to generate some sort of income again. Despite how good he became at manipulating evidence and people to suit his purposes in a court of law, the successes began to take their toll on him. He began to doubt the innocence in everyone that came to him, and could taste the sour acid in his stomach when yet another likely criminal was let free to wander off on their merry way without even a slap to the wrists - all thanks to Raymond's own lovely handiwork.

Once he built his resources back up again, Raymond resigned from his job with the law offices in favor of returning to his educational roots: Beauxbatons. He has been teaching the subject of Muggle Studies there for a grand total of six years. He also mentors the French Minister for Magic’s daughter, Melisande, in her budding career in the realms of law and politics.


Magic Specialty Transfiguration / Defense Against the Dark Arts / Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: Disillusionment Charm

-Other information-

Holds grudges
Luxuries of life
Hatred for his father
Low tolerance to pain
Potential for violence, when driven to it
Has a faint limp due to abuses at the hands of Audrey Bishop

Strives for fairness
Calm under pressure (provided he isn’t in pain)
Keeps painstakingly detailed records of clients/students’ grades; things
Refuses to suffer an injustice, or see an injustice done to someone else
Loves life (can potentially merit as a weakness in the form of circumstantial cowardice)

Favorite Color: Gold
Theme song: TBA

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Raymond Tasse
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