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 Beatrice "Carol" Georgina Middleton

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PostSubject: Beatrice "Carol" Georgina Middleton   Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:19 pm

In Character

Name:Beatrice "Carol" Georgina Middleton
Age: May 6, 2056
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Half Blood
School: N/A
Career: Wants to be a Chef


Parents: George and Martha Middleton
Grandparents: Oscar and Lucy Middleton/Aaron and Matilda Strider
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Raphael Middleton,Harrison Strider
Nieces & Nephews: N/A
Cousins: N/A
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Hazel
Size: 5,6
Build: Skinny


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Single

-How I act-

Carol is a kind girl, though her confidence in her self is rather low and it shows in her timid way of doing things. Her childhood was full of uncertainties and events often turned out in a negative light to her. Despite this though she is stubborn and always tries to do better in life, She loves to chat with people she likes, however will clam up around people that make her uncomfortably nervous and she becomes tongue tied and jumpy when she is in trouble.

Her feeling to her wolf side are a bit complicated, since she was turned recently and the event was rather tragic she becomes rather depressed as full moon draws nearer. She is not ashamed of being a Werewolf since her much loved uncle was one. However the act of her being turned led to her uncles death Which makes her feel guilty.
She is quite loyal to those she cares about and would bend over backwards for them.if it helped.

(might be re-worked later)


Your Story Please? Carol was born as Beatrice Middleton to George and Martha Middleton. Martha sadly died when Beatrice only a year old and her Father George fell into deep depression after that almost to the point he didn't care about anything family related. When he did speak to his daughter he was cold and harsh. Although he did invite his younger brother Raphael to come and live with them. Her uncle was a Werewolf which he made no effort to hide from his young niece, He was a happy man who liked who he was and was more then happy to play the loving father figure to his niece while her father worked to support them financially and even had the house charmed with protections. He even called her Carol since his niece seemed to dislike her first name as she grew older, So he named her after a friend of his that passed away.

Carol never attended magical schools like hogwarts, the thought of leaving home for months at a time and living with strangers frightened her as a child, and that made her family look for a alternative and luckily they found one, a new little school had opened up that was much like a muggle public school then a boarding school. She came home every afternoon to do her homework and do chores like any child.One of her chores that Carol didn't mind doing was cooking dinner. Her Uncle was a horrible cook and her father was either off working or couldn't be bothered. As years went by she became quite good at it and made things for her friends and Uncle alike.

Things started to take a dive however the year she turned 16, her father lost his job and the income that had supported them comfortably was gone. With no work to keep her father going he slipped into madness and become downright cruel to his daughter,Accusing her of things that were not true and blaming her and her uncle for thing that were not their fault. To keep them selves a float both Carol and her uncle sought jobs. Which was very hard for a half blood witch and middle aged Werewolf. She found a job a low end diner as a waitress and her Uncle was a bouncer at a pub. Carol soon came to hate her job, her boss abused her in more ways than one.. She went home frequently in tears, her uncle soon could not take anymore and marched right over to the diner to give the own her a piece of his mind. Carol being worried her uncle might do something rash and get himself in trouble followed him she arrived just in time to see her uncle being knocked out by a number of people in the diner. She attempted to help him but she was eventually restrained and knocked and they were both taken away by authorities for the night and they were both put in a cell where they were to stay the night until things were sorted,however That night was a full moon and no one bothered to check. So in the middle of the night her uncle transformed in his unconscious sleep and attacked the only other person in the cell with him with was Carol.Her screams called the guards to them, Simple stunners had no effect on the raging full grown werewolf. So they turned to stronger spells and simply by chance the spell broke her uncles neck, by the angle and impact, he died due to the injury.

Carol was treated for the infection the bite caused even though now she was a werewolf and a traumatised one. There were few in her area with sympathy to her situation. Her Father blamed her for his brothers death and refused to allow her to come home even though she was underage. Carol tried her best to find jobs around town, from cooking to waitressing, but do to the traumatic events she was not the most efficient worker. She was easily panicked, and the slightest criticism caused her to cry. Often she had flashbacks to the attack and the death of her uncle which made her ability to work even more strangled. She often begged others to give her another chance, but more often then knot she was thrown out. Things were looking very bleak indeed, she started looking at other methods of making money, far less ethical ways, she was ashamed to admit she was very close to going into prostitution . Carol had no doubt she would have gone through with it if she hadn't come across a man named Viktor and his offer of becoming a member of a werewolf pack. Desperate for a way out of her situation she accepted without hesitation.

Before long she was out of the street and in the Werewolf community, being around more understanding people did wonders for the teen and she slowly started to act like she did before the incident. She even asked for a job to do when asked what she was interested in she though back to her time of cooking dinners for her family and instantly wanted to help cook, Plus the cooks reputation around the pack was legendary, she was eager, and nervous to get to work.


Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Fire Charms

-Other information-

Weakness: Low self-confidence, has mild PTSD, Emotional
Strengths: Hard worker, kind heart, Cooking
Favorite Color: Blue
Theme song:People Like Us

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Beatrice "Carol" Georgina Middleton
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