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 Allegra Rose

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PostSubject: Allegra Rose   Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:06 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Allegra Tesni Rose
Nicknames: Aly, or Tes. Delyth (if you’re brave)
Age: June 23, 2050
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Muggleborn (Werewolf)
House: N/A
School: Beauxbatons (until 5th year)
Career: Healer for the Solberg-Holland Werewolf Pack


Parents: Mostyn and Demelza Rose
Grandparents: James and Tesni Rose; Seneca and Ruby Taylor
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Jordan Taylor
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: None
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue-green
Size: 5’ 7”
Build: Skinny

[Meghan Ory]


Crushes: Jakeson (pronounced as Jackson) Chevalier
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: At any given time in the werewolf encampment, one is most likely to find Allegra relaxing in the sun – eyes closed, and with a smile on her face – or otherwise engaged in some sort of playful activity. Her passions other than basking in the sun include meditation, aromatherapy, meditation, energetic fitness/strength training regimens, and yoga. She also enjoys gardening. It is Allegra’s opinion that life is going to happen whether or not you’re physically and emotionally ready for it, so it is therefore best to not bother getting too upset about things and just keep going. She can’t stand what medications do to her when she actually needs them, but she has tried some recreationally on rare occasion.

Due to being used so much by her own family in childhood, Allegra can usually tell when someone is taking advantage of her. While she doesn’t like this, and will put her foot down if necessary, she also has a very giving nature. Allegra also does not conform to materialism: a few times in her life there have been instances when she has needed to simply drop everything and go. She might return later to grab what she couldn’t carry before, but only if it really matters or may be useful in the long term.

Healing wasn’t the first thing on Allegra’s list of careers. It wasn’t even the second. But it seemed to be in demand at the Solberg-Holland pack, so that was what she decided to claim as her niche. Unfortunately some of the older, more stubborn males seem to question her abilities as a Healer. Constantly feeling a sort of need to prove herself wears thin on Allegra’s patience.


Your Story Please? Allegra’s childhood was a difficult one. Her parents hadn’t been married long when her father left, long before she was born. Demelza was 19 when Allegra came into the world. Instead of caring for the baby herself, Demelza often left little Allegra in the care of Jordan Taylor, the girl’s uncle and Demelza’s brother. Jordan was a muggle obsessed with their idea of magic via sleight of hand tricks. Needless to say: when Allegra’s powers burst forth, Jordan was amazed and certain he could use her as an assistant in his act. She could do the real magic behind the scenes, while he put on the show. Not to mention little Allegra would earn him a lot of potential popularity points – she was a pretty and adorable little girl. When Jordan approached Demelza with the proposition, they both saw Allegra’s talents as their meal ticket. They had something other magicians did not, putting them a cut above the rest.

When a liaison from the Ministry of Magic arrived to explain the magical way of things, Jordan and Demelza pretended to listen. They bought Allegra some books and kept beady eyes on how well she learned the spells. They also kept watch as to how fast she learned. Allegra was punished for failure or being “unproductive” in a day of self-learning. At such a young age Allegra was very eager to please as it was, without the need for threats of severe punishment lingering overhead. Reminders of what she’d get for doing things wrong tended to make her performance suffer more often than blossom. More and more she took over the real, undercover magic in her uncle’s shows. They were in an area directly beside a magical sector which was not as strict on the statue of underage wizardry as other areas. Each night Allegra always returned home exhausted... only to be told to start learning the next greatest thing that instant instead of getting some much-needed rest.

A relief beyond relief presented itself at around the same time as Allegra’s eleventh birthday. Traditional magical schooling began at around that age. Jordan and Demelza chose to send Allegra to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, in France. Jordan, of course, shut down his magic act until the summer. Allegra turned out to be a brilliant student due to all she’d crammed into her head because of her mother and uncle’s unsubtle shoves to learn more. For the first time in Allegra’s young life, she felt free. And woe betide anyone who tried to take away that freedom... Allegra became a rebellious entity within the school, gaining detentions left and right. Her teachers tried to find evidence of cheating when she bragged that she never studied for a test, but found nothing.

At the age of thirteen, Allegra found herself a boyfriend in the form of Jakeson Chevalier. It quickly turned into a serious relationship as both of them sped toward their fourteenth birthdays. Demelza forbade Allegra from seeing the boy again without a chaperone present once she found out about it. On Allegra’s fourteenth birthday, she tore her mother’s decree to shreds: Allegra told her mother that she was going to spend a few nights with friends, but was actually going camping with Jakeson for a weekend full of fun.

Jakeson made a serious miscalculation in his and Allegra’s plans: the full moon. Jakeson was a werewolf, and had yet to tell Allegra about it for fear of getting dumped by the beautiful girl. During a fateful swim in the moonlight, Allegra watched in horror as Jakeson transformed. She screamed, swam for shore, and ran. Unfortunately, Jakeson’s wolf form was right on her heels. Allegra ran into another camp and tried to warn the magical campers. However, there was little they could do against the wolf. Jakeson tore all but one of the campers to shreds – the remaining one having apparated to notify the authorities. Allegra continued to run for dear life, but tripped on a root. Before Allegra knew it she was pinned by the wolf. She screamed in pain as the wolf tore at the flesh on her shoulder. Hitwizards arrived with the remaining camper, killed the wolf, and took both the camper and Allegra to the nearest hospital: Saint Mungo’s.

As if recuperating in the hospital and knowing not only that her boyfriend was a werewolf but also that he was dead wasn’t bad enough, Allegra’s first visitors were Demelza and Jordan. The irate adults began a double tirade that only made her sink worse into a dark and isolated abyss. Allegra ordered them to leave – going so far as to have hospital security remove them in order to get some peace. The day after that she got an owl from her Beauxbatons, which kindly asked her not to return to the school in her “condition”. School was Allegra’s sole relief from her mother and uncle. First her boyfriend was taken from her, now her chance for freedom. Allegra slipped into a deep depression. The moment she started muttering about suicide, healers referred her to the Psychology Ward of the hospital... into the care of one Darcy Addison.

Allegra didn’t know who Darcy was, but she didn’t want to see him. Unfortunately she didn’t have much choice in the matter. Allegra soon began to dread her mandatory visits with the psychiatrist: he did things to and within her mind that were as painful physically as they were emotionally. Darcy plucked at the strings, rewiring her depression into anger with his spells. In their talks, he convinced her that she should act on her feelings instead of hiding them. In a fit of what Healers would note as “psychotic rage” Allegra ran from the hospital and was viciously violent to any and all hospital healers that approached her. Her initial thoughts were to go to a best friend’s house and vent, then return in the morning. When Allegra got there it was so late that her friend’s house was eerily dark. Next stop: her childhood home.

Much like her friend’s house, her home was just as dark. Allegra broke in, gathered her things, and in her altered state of hatred murdered both her mother and uncle in their sleep. She shook as she washed away the evidence, collected everything and anything else of value, and made a beeline for anywhere but there. Allegra laid low, bargaining with the owner of a hole-in-the-wall pub for room and board in exchange for dishwork and bussing tables. When notices of her disappearance from the hospital were all over the place, followed by authorities correctly on the search for her regarding the murders of Demelza Rose and Jordan Taylor, Allegra was confronted by the barman. She offered to pay double the amount in order to buy his silence. As she tallied up her weekly budget, it became painfully clear that she would never get out of debt this way.

Allegra created a false identity for herself, altering her appearance. In this guise she went by the name Delyth Morrison. She attempted to get a job, but her lycanthropy turned out to be impossible to hide. Multiple jobs came and went through rejection, termination, or resignation. Allegra’s financial situation wasn’t substantial enough for her to break away from the pub, so she didn’t bother looking for another place... werewolf housing was almost as difficult to come by as getting a job. Going deeper into debt by the day, the fifteen-year-old Allegra considered the unthinkable.  She took aging potion to make herself appear older, altered some of her mother’s clothes, and hit the streets. As Delyth, it didn’t take long for Allegra to snag someone. In addition to what clients paid for her “services,” Allegra also picked their pockets clean. While it cost her any remaining dignity she had left, it was easy money – more than enough to pay off the pub’s barman and make a deposit on a rundown little flat of her own. She continued her business venture of sorts from her flat, needing some source of income to continue living in the apartment. To keep her spirits up in such a dark time, Allegra resorted to meditation and other alternative therapies. At one time, she tried some stuff that wasn’t exactly legal. She learned quickly how much of these things would help, make you sick, or even kill you if you weren’t careful.

A couple of years later, Allegra made the fortunate mistake of trying to seduce and pickpocket Viktor Solberg. He wasn’t interested in her physically. Instead, the man was curious why Allegra chose to live the way she does. With no small amount of reluctance, Allegra told him about her troubles – lack of employment, the high cost of renting a run-down flat, and so on. When Allegra became defensive in response to his questions, Viktor pieced the puzzle together. After much bickering back and forth, Allegra was convinced to at least visit Viktor’s pack. If she liked what she saw there, she would be welcome to stay. If she didn’t, then she could leave and continue her pitiful existence in a world where she was anything but accepted.

Skeptical, Allegra went to the pack’s campsite. At first she stayed on the outskirts, watching the comings and goings of the pack. She found herself inching a bit more into the camp each time she visited. It didn’t take long before she officially accepted Viktor’s offer. She donated her English-translated Beauxbatons school books to Rosalina Castio, the resident teacher, and got rid of a lot of other things she was holding on to but didn’t need. Viktor gave Allegra a generous amount of time to decide what she would contribute to the pack. Seeing the several unnecessary wounds caused by in-pack disputes, Allegra decided healing would be where she could be most useful. She takes classes with Rosalina Castio and treats any who approach her seeking help.


Magic Specialty Healing, Herbology
Favorite Spell: Episkey

-Other information-

Comes across as lazy
Bottles negative emotions
Explosive temper (though it passes just as quickly in most cases)


Favorite Color: Lavender blue (a.k.a. periwinkle – she loves that word)

Theme song: Mobile by Avril Lavigne

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Allegra Rose
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