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 Corridors within the Ministry for Magic - England

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Vinzent Zolnerowich


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Name: Vinzent Zolnerowich
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PostSubject: Corridors within the Ministry for Magic - England   Mon May 23, 2011 9:25 am

Vinzent aimlessly meandered through the corridors of the Ministry of Magic. Or, rather, to the casual observer it would appear that he was on an aimless stroll. However it was quite the contrary: Vinzent did have a purpose to his madness. The only problem was that said purpose was another wizard, and that wizard had ducked out of Vinzent's sight.

It had been almost a frightening surprise, seeing Edward Invictus perched at one of the lobbies and asking directions. Wasn't he supposed to be laid to rest with the rest of his part-vampire/part-wizard and muggle kin? Looking back at the slaughter some handful amount of years back, Vinzent couldn't be sure Edward had been a part of it. To be honest, he hadn't really been looking for Edward and assumed the young man was simply amidst the chaos with the rest of his family. Now, however... It seemed as though Vinzent had some unfinished business to attend to.

He had kept as much distance between himself and his quarry as was possible, for Vinzent did not have his invisibility cloak with him. The wizard also didn't trust himself with a Disillusionment spell. Irritated that he had to admit defeat, Vinzent now contented himself with searching every ounce of the Ministry that seemed feasible. It was an exhausting job that led to further exasperation, to be sure.

Pausing in the next corridor, Vinzent glanced around suspiciously for any sign of life. Nothing. Even an uttered spell to detect others unseen proved that the only person here was Vinzent himself. Although, he had to consider that there were possible protective spells on each of the doors in this corridor. With a sigh, Vinzent opened the first. Nothing outside of the usual inanimate objects. Feeling a headache start to crop up behind his eyes, Vinzent checked each and every conference and broom cupboard on this floor.

"Damn it!" Vinzent swore in Russian as he slammed the last door. He had used such force on the portal that it sounded as though he had just fired a cannon. A pinkish-red hue began to creep up his neck, into his ears, and onto his cheeks with his impatient, pent-up fury.

Almost like an auror given orders to search and destroy, Vinzent stormed back to the lift with a stony face and a stiffened gait. As he went, the wizard swapped out his regular wand for a secondary one. His original wand was made of yew and deeply stained with cherry, giving it a bright red hue. At one point he had considered scaring the mudbloods by inscribing the letters 'TNT' onto his wand, knowing that these letters meant that if lit the little red sticks with white letters would explode. What was that stuff called? Dino might? Diamond light? Vinzent shrugged off the vague memory from the past and all attempts to conjure the strange muggle word he sought.

The secondary wand, like his primary, was also made of yew. However, this one was stained black with ebony, and had a solid ebony handle. Vinzent always kept this wand handy in case of 'emergencies'. Such as the 'emergency' he had now: when he did find Edward, there was only one course of action Vinzent felt necessary. And there was no way he was going to surrender his primary wand if he'd used it to kill. No one but his closest family members knew about the second wand that lay in wait, concealed upon his person. And no one else needed to know.

"I will find you," Vinzent growled with no small amount of irritated venom, and slammed closed the doors to the lift. The sweet music that was a scream of protest from the hinges made the wizard smirk, if only for a brief second.
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Corridors within the Ministry for Magic - England
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