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 The Want to Fly

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PostSubject: The Want to Fly   Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:06 pm

Dimitri looked around the room after having parted with his sister. He was itching to just walk out of the gathering, take his broom out of his pocket, enlarge it and then fly away. But he can't do that, not when they were in such a big event. The media would just eat that up and he could just imagine the headlines - French Minister's Son: Out of Control! And that wouldn't do any good for his father's upcoming election.

He sighed to himself and took a drink from his glass of punch. He lazily let his eyes wander around the room and wondered what else he could do around here. He wasn't one to socialize, that's for sure. And while he truly disliked these gatherings, he knew that his sister rather liked these events, which is one of the reasons he suffers through them.

He was pretty protective of his sister, which was really unnecessary because she can take care of herself and not a lot of people would dare to come too close with bad intentions because she was the Minister's daughter, which means she almost always had bodyguards scattered around the place. He downed the last of his drink and left it at a table nearby.

Might as well look for something to do, thought Dimitri to himself, looking around the room.
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PostSubject: Re: The Want to Fly   Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:48 pm

Thanks to her father's new job at the French Ministry of Magic, Jocelin Fournier found herself standing awkwardly by the entrance to the ballroom of the International Cooperation Conference, alone. There appeared to be few people her age present, never mind the fact that she was woefully limited in who she could speak to thanks to the fact that her English was barely passable and her German consisted of "hello," "goodbye," and "where is the restroom?".

So she stood in the slightly-too-long blue dress that her mother had worn when she was about Jocelin's age, silently watching people enjoy interactions in which she could take no part. Wearing hand-me-downs in the midst of all of this glamour and wealth did little to improve her already poor confidence despite the fact that it was, in truth, quite a pretty dress.

After observing the media circus around the English Minister of Magic for awhile, Jocelin got bored listening to people she could barely understand. She wandered further into the room to find something to amuse herself, or to settle for simply finding a chair from which to people-watch.
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The Want to Fly
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