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 Basil Monroe

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Elizabeth Melborne


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PostSubject: Basil Monroe   Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:00 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Gender: Female
Note: I like making Characters Razz

In Character

Name: Basil Monroe
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-Blood
House: Ravenclaw
School: Hogwarts
Career:Deputy Headmaster, Histroy of Magic Professor


Your Class: Histroy of Magic
School: Hogwarts


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Christopher and Marry (Carson) Monroe
Grandparents: Lenord and Maria Monroe, Travis and Bethanne Carson
Siblings: Harrison Monroe (younger, 4 years)
Aunts & Uncles: Alistair, and Lynn Carson. Carrie Monroe
Nieces & Nephews: Hanna and Conner Monroe
Cousins: William Carson, Allison Carson, Christan Monroe
Children: Natasha, and Aiden Monroe
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light Tan
Hair Color: Brown, and Graying
Hair length: Short
Eye color: hazel
Size: 6,1
Build: Slim


Crushes: None at the moment
Mates/Spouse: Sara Monroe (nee Rosier)
Status: Widower - Avaliable

-How I act-

Personality: Basil is a very strict man, believes in order above all else and Authority. Is very much a neat freak and a perfectionist, he doesn't quit until everything is right. He also has high expections of people around him and when they don't meet that he can often come off as arrogant and rude. He is easily annoyed though tries not to show it when he is, He tries not to show any emotion really.. he believes doing so would make him weak. So he is a very privet man in terms of his personal life and past. So much so he doesn't even think about it himself most days. Ironically enough he focuses on everyone else's past but his own, Loves to read and talk about there history with anyone he believe mature enough to listen. It is his hope that it will rub off on the children he teaches that the past is imortant.

He doesn't believe in Pureblood supremicey, in his opinion his has nothing to do with how bad or good someone is.. Anyone who believes other wise is severly misguided.

He does care for his children deeply and greatly misses his deceaced wife Sara very much, even though he barries this as deep as he can.


Your Story Please? Was born to Christopher and Marry Monroe, they were half bloods them selves and both archiologist in the magical and muggle worlds. Basil was born in Asia where is parents were examining as old site where they believed Muggles and wizards lived in harmony, for a time anyway. His parents traveled the world with him since he was born and was since then learning of the old old ways of the muggle and magical cultures. History was his upbrining.. it was all his parents ever talked about it was there obsession. It was the reason they taught him to walk and talk and start to read. He eventually got a younger brother Harrison, and things changed slightly for a bit as his younger brother needed looking after and the got a house in Itatly. By the time his brother was one year old his parents had his uncle Alistar and his wife and child move in with them to look after the children for a while. Basil wanted to come with his parents but he was told he now had to attend muggle school with children his own age.

Basil was awkward around children his own age, and unintentionally alientated the others, so with no firends Basil resigned himself to ingnore the other kids, angry the were mean to him and ideas and the way he spoke. It wasn't until he was 8 when his parents let him come one another adventure with them again, and this one was to Eygpt, he spent most of the trip up in the hotel they were staying at. His parents fpound something important and he had not been allowed to come further into the sight to dangerous he had been told. Curse breakers were even having a hard time of it. His parents discovered magical artifacts used by ancient temple priests who were in fact wizards and trained there power in meditation and crafted items to help channel the magic to be useful to there pharoh and the poeple being ruled. However moments after the discovery the cave his parents had been in closed up not allowing magical or muggle means of escape or rescue. His parents were declared dead l14 days later when all manner of getting into the tomb failed.

Basil took his parents death hard like any child would, but then he became a somber boy, never smiled or had any sort of fun as his brother did. He became obsessed with history just as his parents were, they died doing what they loved and he would not shame them by forgetting it. When Basil turned 11 he went to Hogwarts where he was sorted into Ravenclaw house, Where he excelled in Acedemic's, but continued to flunder in the social aspect, Basil very soon resigned himself that even in Hogwarts everyone was the same, closed minded and Idiotic..

Sour mood from then on and to Graduation Basil continued his studies and research for the ministry on the old way of the soceity. However he was soon told he needed to give more and build a team to go out to these sites and bring back artifacts and writings. Basil did look forward to having to build a expidition.. but it meant his job so he had no choice.

Eventually he managed to make a expidition of a old ruin that the ministry asked him to excavate. He meet a young cures breaker named Sara Rosier. She was not like the others, she was smart and sharp, logical.... and yet had a heart of gold... It took years of working with her for him to admite he had fallen in love with her, He was even more shocked to learn she had fallen for him as well. No more then a few months after this discovery the two married.

It was Wedded blissed for a few months, then thing mellowed out, and the two retured to there research, even if the comfort and familiartity were still there. It was two years later that they were blissed with a child, a baby girl they named Natasha, Like his own parents he started teaching Natasha about history and artifacts from the get go, even if Sara teased him saying that the baby didn't understand and would never remember what he was talking about anyway. Basil found balancing his new baby with work a challange, he envyed Sara, who seemed to do it effortlessly.

Through afew rough patches Basil started working out work and family time with his child, plus It was likely a little easier now that Natasha was getting older. However Sara had news. she was to have another child.. It was a difficult pregnancey for his wife, horrible Nausea, and just plan feeling of illness through out the whole thing, though healers insisted the baby was fine, and that she should rest. And rest she did... Basil waited on her had and foot and took care of Natasha.. Whatever reservation he had about work, he set them all aside to care of his struggling wife. Finally Sara gave birth to a baby boy who they named Aiden, it was a mystery to them all why Sara had such a difficult pregancey why by the end they were both fine.. but as the result, Basil found he loved his wife and children more then anything even his work.

Year passed in peace, it was a happy time for the family, however when Natasha was 9 and Aiden was 5. trageity struck when there mother came home carring Dragon Pox, Aiden got it as well. There house was soon placed under quarntine and protected healers came in to help. For weeks Basil sit in wait, as the healers kept him seperate from his sick wife and son, while he stayed with Natasha.. Finally the symptoms began to lift from Aiden, and he was relieased to normal care.. However Sara only got worse.. until it was clear there was nothing the healers could do.. spells were put up and Basil and her children were allowed to visit her before she died.

The days after his wifes death Basil changed again, he started smoking and became cold even toward his children, he continued to ensure there well being, though through strict rules and firm stance. He also became obsessed with his work once again, he kept his children busy durning the day, hired a house elf to make them dinner and that was it for about a year.. Then funding for the research stopped and Basil was let go, then he persued another job..

Hogwarts School was hiring, for History of magic.. it was a perfect fit really... He still kept his children busy as he worked and worked he soon became Deputy headmaster for his hard work at the school.. even though he was not the favorite around students.. that was for sure.


Magic Specialty Histroy of magic
Favorite Spell: Silencio

-Other information-

Weakness: His deceaced Wife, His children, Cigarets, Too serious
Strengths: Photogrphic Memory, Histroy, Chess, Hardworking
Favorite Color: Black
Theme song:TBA
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Basil Monroe
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