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 Nevaeh Amaranth Zolnerowich

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PostSubject: Nevaeh Amaranth Zolnerowich   Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:34 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: KD

In Character

Name: Nevaeh (Neh-vay-uh) Amaranth Zolnerowich
Nicknames: Nevie, Vay
Age: Born October 17 2048
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Fully Vampiric
House: N/A
School: Beauxbatons for two years, graduated at Durmstrang
Career: "Artist" for Stabler Enterprises


Parents: Vinzent and Liesel Zolnerowich
Grandparents: Stepan and Mirella Zolnerowich; Gustav and Hildegarde Stabler
Siblings: Charisma, Symphony, Jonathan, Alaric, and Nemo (though does not know of his existence)
Aunts & Uncles: Roland, Simon, Tatiana, and Veronica Zolnerowich; Anika, Alfons, Berlynn, Dagmar Stabler
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: Michael (Roland’s); Lena (Simon’s); Isabelle and Bogdan (Tatiana’s); Charles, Serena, and Kevin (Veronica’s); Ella, Bertram, Egan (Anika's)
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Natural Ravenhead, though hair changes on a whim
Hair length: Mid-way to Back
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5'6, 5'9 with heels
Build: Slender


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Available

-How I act-

Personality: Although she is the baby of the family, Nevaeh stands as a rather independent, self-sufficient witch. As is typical with the youngest-born of a clan, she is seen by others in her family, particularly the male members, as to be fragile, delicate, and needing protection, much to her annoyance. It is this attitude that drives her onward with her training in dueling and combat in hopes that someday she'll be recognized as a strong witch capable of looking after herself rather than an innocent little girl needing constant care and protection. 

With this determination and ambition comes an incredible amount of stubborness. For Nevaeh it is always her way or no way; few, if any, exceptions. Should someone attempt to push her towards another route without her consent, much kicking and screaming may be expected, as well as a hex or two. However, despite this stubbornness is a whimsical element, for it is very common, and quite typical, of this witch to change her mind about just about anything on a whim. It can very much be said that Nevaeh can be indecisive and prone to sudden changes in beliefs and behaviors. A key feature of this indecisiveness is her attitude towards being a vampire.

Her views on her vampiric status tend to sway rapidly, without warning. On one hand she values the advantages it allows her: greater speed, stamina, and lasting youth are generally pluses, but yet she also loathes the stagnancy and petrification such a lifestyle brings her. Vampires have a drawn out life, holding the same looks and positions all throughout, typically with no change whatsoever, an aspect that frightens Nevaeh, who values and thirsts for change and progress in all things, not stagnancy. She fears the locked cycle a Vampire's life brings, and fears that because she is a pure Vampire the chains binding her to such a cycle are even stronger. With that said, though some days a better than others, more often than not Nevaeh looks down on her Vampire status, seeing it as an anchor. She takes no pleasure in hunting or feasting in blood and holds no interest in the blood candies her brothers are so fond of. Instead, her interests sway to mortality, particularly the idea of death and what death may bring. It fascinates her that a mortal ages and changes appearance through the progression, and intrigues her even moreso when they die, which is an interest she studies and researches on her own time through a myriad of means.

Beneath this headstrong, independent streak though is the little girl everyone sees; a little girl wanting her way carried out, even though she herself at times is blind to what she really wants. Though she hates to admit it and is hesitant to allow it to be seen, there is a caring, affectionate side to Nevaeh, especially where loved ones are concerned. Despite her insistence that she can take care of herself, that does not necessarily mean she wants her loved ones to always fend for their selves, for she will always aid them, so long as it is possible (and not harmful or unfavorable) for her to. Within her clan especially, one can see the charismatic, playful, cheerful aura that she typically conceals under her wands and daggers.


Your Story Please? Nevaeh was born in the late hours of October 17, 2048, just two weeks before her Father's birthday and was therefore deemed by her Mother to be an "early birthday present. She was her Father, Vinzent Zolnerowich's fifth child, and the second by his wife Liesel. Unlike Alaric, the first of Liesel's biological children with Vinzent, Nevaeh's conception was not anticipated or planned and was for all extents and purposes a surprise. Upon discovery she was pregnant, Liesel was convinced it would be another boy, reasoning that perhaps Theresa Gordon had seen two boys in her vision, but had mistaken them to be the same child, for there had been no mention of a little girl, aside that of the two Vinzent already had from his previous marriages.

When the child was born and discovered to be a girl Liesel was, admittedly, disappointed. Coming from a family where girls were in an abundance and only one boy to carry on the family name existed, Liesel placed a great sense of value in sons. Though it went without saying that she loved all of her stepchildren, seeing them to be her own children minus the "step", she knew that boys were a necessity and desire of a clan, and thus wanted to provide them for her husband, if and when Fate deemed it proper for her to have children.

Liesel's disappointment had been at the point that she had barely glanced at the child when she was first born, not wanting to even hold the girl. It was only when Vinzent held the child in his own arms and assured Liesel that he was indeed truly happy about having another daughter that the witch lightened up and shed her disappointment. The baby was named Nevaeh, both alluding to 'Heaven' spelled backwards, and also suggested the opposite of 'Heaven', which the parents were sure, given the spirits of their respective clans, their daughter would have the feistiness to bring to any she crossed paths with. The child was given the middle name of "Amaranth", a flower-based name much like the middle names of other members of the family, and thus the Zolenrowich clan expanded from six to seven.


Magic Specialty Dark Arts, Transfiguration
Favorite Spell: Evanesco; likes making the unpleasant in life vanish

-Other information-

-Easily Jealous
-Bossy, wants things done always in her way
-Tends to have difficulties making decisions
-Needs change; hates and fears petrification

-Has potential to love and care
-Skilled in various methods of persuasion
-Skilled in dueling and combat 

Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Theme song: Wings of Despair By Kamelot
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Nevaeh Amaranth Zolnerowich
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