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 Dennis Quincey

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PostSubject: Dennis Quincey   Fri May 10, 2013 8:30 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Dennis Quincey
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-Blood
House: Hufflepuff
School: Hogwarts
Teen Career: Assistant Clerk at a Quidditch Supply Store
Adult Career: Broom Maker / freelance inventor


Parents: David Quincey and Danielle Quincey (nee Addison)
Grandparents: TBA
Siblings: Chelsea Quincey
Aunts & Uncles: Darcy Addison, Collin and Alice Quincey
Nieces & Nephews: N/A
Cousins: Annalyn Quincey
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Cream
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Size: 4’ 9” ... though will be 5’ 10” when he stops growing
Build: Average, for a kid

[Gavin Caselegno]

Older Dennis:

[Drew Fuller]


Crushes: Jade Blackwood
Mates/Spouse: Too young at the moment
Status: Single, but a bit young yet

-How I act-

Personality: Prior to Darcy’s mind-scrambling, Dennis was consistently a happy and excitable kid much like how his father used to be. Now, Dennis is far more erratic: swinging wildly from smiling and congenial to scowling and irate. With this change is also a tendency to jump to conclusions and engage in reckless behavior. Before the change he would toe the line of trouble, knowing when to say no and playing little, mostly harmless pranks. Some of his pranks now are not so harmless, but there is still a bit of the old, harmless Dennis in there, too.

His degree of openness with other people has also altered: before, the kid was open to expressing how he felt; now, one has to do a lot of persuading to get him to say precisely what is on his mind. When feeling cornered Dennis will resort to anger in order to get the other person to leave him alone. It doesn’t occur to him that he is potentially pushing a friend or loved one away when he does this. If sufficiently provoked by this or other means, Dennis has the potential to become violent.

Overall, despite the mood shifting Dennis is still Dennis. He craves the next great, unexplored adventure, is always looking to have fun, and will work as hard as possible to seek out these opportunities. He loves to fly on his broom, and is always looking for ways to improve his flying or the broom itself. While his anger may get in the way, he is still a loyal and helpful individual towards valued friends and family. Hidden fairly deep so that Darcy can’t find and alter it is Dennis’s protectiveness over Chelsea. Although Darcy may cause Dennis to be angry with Chelsea in an attempt to wedge them apart, Dennis’s end of the promise to always watch each other’s back is staunchly adhered to when Chelsea needs him the most.


Your Story Please?
Dennis is the second-born child to happy but excitable muggleborn, David Quicey, and his fiery pureblooded wife, Danielle. His older sister, Chelsea, is four years older than him. From the moment he learned to walk and talk, his favorite pastime became to pester Chelsea. Sometimes it was the old “Whatcha doing” type questions, with repeated inquiries of “why” until he drove the girl to near-insanity. Other times he whined and nagged to get her to play with him... with his toys, of course – not hers. And at other times he was the prince of pranksters, pulling pranks out of pure fun on any in the nearest vicinity. It also wasn’t beneath Dennis to nick a toy of Chelsea’s and hide it somewhere. Although he never meant for it to happen Dennis did accidentally break one of her toys, and it was one of her favorites at that. His parents gave him a scolding and a warning to be more respectful towards his sister’s things. Since then, he hasn’t broken any other “stolen” toy. Also, despite their nearly constant sibling-typical fighting, the pair came to an unspoken agreement fairly early on that they would watch each other’s backs at all times.

There was only one thing keeping this family from being picture perfect. Darcy Addison, the older brother of Danielle Quincey, was an unpleasant but frequent visitor to the household. These visits from his uncle began as far back as Dennis could remember. At first, he was oblivious as to why his mean uncle came over so often. Whatever the reason, it seemed like not long afterward his father became strangely mean and nasty. Danielle told Dennis that his father was ill, but heard more about what was going on from Chelsea. Dennis didn’t really understand what was going on at so young an age, but fully believed his sister and stayed constantly on the side of caution whenever Darcy was at the house. It worked for a while. They even came up with a plan of sorts on how best to evade Darcy in a worst-case scenario. That might’ve worked, too, if Darcy hadn’t caught on to them...

It happened on Dennis’s eighth birthday, well after Chelsea had gone off to Hogwarts for the year. Both parents were swiftly under Darcy’s control, and a hell Dennis still didn’t fully comprehend broke loose. He didn’t understand why his parents went from pleasant to mean on a dime. They were horrible, twisted versions of their former selves that didn’t hesitate to hit or hex him on a daily level. It was precisely what Darcy needed to make a claim of child abuse against his sister and brother-in-law, and gain official custody over Dennis.

It took Chelsea’s owl a little bit to find Dennis, but when it did he wrote to her in secret. He told her how terrible things became at home, and how Darcy took him away from their parents. Dennis didn’t recall much of what Darcy had done to him, though he does tell her about the headaches he suffers some of the days. It wasn’t until he sent her a howler during one of his raging moods about a memory that never took place that he learned that Darcy was messing with Dennis’s mind just like what had been done to David’s. Enlightenment quickly turns into resentment that his parents cannot or will not do anything to rescue him. It is also beyond his understanding how Chelsea can act like nothing is wrong for so long.

Relief unlike any Dennis ever knew washed over him upon receiving his Hogwarts letter. Finally he would be away from his uncle. At the same time, though, events under Darcy’s care made Dennis burn with resentment toward Chelsea. It started when Darcy found a secret hiding place Dennis and Chelsea went to in order to escape Darcy. When questioned, Darcy told Dennis that Chelsea had told him about it. What made it even worse was the statement from their uncle that Chelsea couldn’t take care of Dennis anymore. It made the boy feel abandoned: taken away from parents that were suddenly mean, to an uncle that could be just as bad (if not worse), and now left to fend for himself because things were out of Chelsea’s hands. As a result of this slow-burning anger Dennis avoided looking for his sister on the train, and kept to himself unless he was engaged first. The Sorting Hat took a long time in deciding where to place him. He had the recklessness of a Gryffindor, and the underlying thirst of ambition for Slytherin. In the end, the Hat put him in Hufflepuff for a reason it would not explain other than it was where Dennis was meant to be.


Magic Specialty Astronomy, Dueling, Defense
Favorite Spell: Now: Expelliarmus; Later: Stupefy/Reducto

-Other information-

Mood swings
Violent temper
Overly suspicious
Doesn’t trust readily

Photographic memory
Confident (when his uncle isn’t around)
Excellent sense of direction – doesn’t get lost very often

Favorite Color: Green

Theme song: Riot by Three Days Grace

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Dennis Quincey
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