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 Plotting for Sander 12/20/12

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PostSubject: Plotting for Sander 12/20/12   Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:35 pm

38] @ Calixta Harper : hey
[13:10:54] @ Kiara : Hey Sum =)
[13:12:11] @ Kiara : whats up?
[13:13:22] @ Calixta Harper : not too much, jusst have a little time between my two jobs so i thought id pop on
[13:13:23] @ Calixta Harper : you?
[13:15:11] @ Calixta Harper : Sander: *fancies a talk with his brother* *wonders if he might be allowed to see him today* *goes back to his nap*
[13:16:24] @ Kiara : Not to much either, was playing sims 3, just downloaded the deluxe edition xD and wondering if a firend I was supposed to meet today still wants to hang out.. haven't heard from her yet..
[13:16:40] @ Kiara : lol
[13:17:08] @ Calixta Harper : oooh
[13:17:20] @ Calixta Harper : i haven't played sims in forever!
[13:18:26] @ Kiara : oh and random but I think I took the Alex and Vicky thing back, it was really just a indulgence on my part xD Alex wouldn't really do that without my interference xD
[13:19:18] @ Calixta Harper : OK XD
[13:19:31] @ Kiara : I love to cheat in that game lol can't help it.. to tedious other wise lol
[13:19:33] @ Calixta Harper : yeah and as for Jaina and Devin, hm?
[13:19:58] @ Calixta Harper : I was looking for some pictures of Sander and I found one that actually gave me an interesting idea
[13:20:27] @ Kiara : Thats up to Sub and Lustre tis CP uni
[13:20:48] @ Kiara : cool
[13:21:22] @ Calixta Harper : I guess it really goes down to what Corvus would do with him after Jaina escapes but
[13:21:25] @ Calixta Harper :
[13:21:55] @ Kiara : xD
[13:22:02] @ Calixta Harper : I thought he might be locked up even more after that
[13:22:20] @ Calixta Harper : I think he'd try to get Curry to convince Corvus to just end his misery, basically
[13:22:29] @ Kiara : aww
[13:22:35] @ Calixta Harper : "it's been years and i havent gotten any better," he's a burden, etc
[13:22:49] @ Calixta Harper : but what if Corvus had a different idea?
[13:23:09] @ Calixta Harper : instead of just letting him lay down and die he decides yeah you know what, you are a drain on us, it's time to earn your keep
[13:23:50] @ Calixta Harper : forces Sander out into the world to make Eden look good, do charity work, basically get positive attention for Eden
[13:24:18] @ Calixta Harper : but also it's like...provoking Jaina, yeah? trying to lure her back and rub him in her face
[13:24:43] @ Calixta Harper : like parading the fact that Corvus has Lysander, in front of the world
[13:24:58] @ Kiara : nods
[13:25:19] @ Kiara : Chelsea: Uh oh..
[13:26:09] @ Calixta Harper : yeah exactly
[13:26:11] @ Calixta Harper : AND
[13:26:12] @ Calixta Harper : lol
[13:26:40] @ Kiara : Chelsea: Think i am gonna need more chocolate ice cream..
[13:26:44] @ Calixta Harper : well i think the predictions would be that sander would have a meltdown and freak out in public and otherwise screw everything up
[13:27:13] @ Calixta Harper : cause Corvus would want her to be desperate, yeah? but instead he doesn't, he actually does really well because literally it's everything he has left -- they have Will, he can't fuck it up
[13:27:59] @ Calixta Harper : so he swings and knocks it out of the park and then, I dunno -- like he's an overnight sensation, celebrity and all of that and they put billboards up of him and stuff
[13:28:05] @ Calixta Harper : so she REALLY can't get away from him
[13:28:06] @ Calixta Harper : hahaha
[13:28:08] @ Calixta Harper : sorry
[13:28:10] @ Calixta Harper : anyway
[13:28:14] @ Calixta Harper : but heres the thing
[13:28:16] @ Calixta Harper : again, i guess
[13:28:21] @ Calixta Harper : is that he actually does get better
[13:28:59] @ Calixta Harper : having cameras on him all the time and forcing him to act normal, he tries really really hard and finally gets to a point where his illness is manageable, BUT
[13:29:24] @ Calixta Harper : he figures out that it only works if he doesnt attempt any magic at all and in fact, he is at his best when there is no magic being done around him at all
[13:29:56] @ Calixta Harper : magic broke him, and that's the problem. it's like -- a severe allergy, for lack of anything else to compare it to
[13:30:25] @ Kiara : nods
[13:30:29] @ Calixta Harper : yeah
[13:30:45] @ Calixta Harper : so he gets fixed, more or less, but he loses Jaina forever, and Kit too apparently
[13:31:15] @ Calixta Harper : that'll hurt worse actually - Kit calling someone else Daddy. Jaina leaving was too expected and predictable.
[13:32:27] @ Calixta Harper : at this point he's resigned to it and doesn't want or expect anything to change, he's given up on her.
[13:32:41] @ Calixta Harper : and actually, is not opposed to the idea of getting out there and dating
[13:32:58] @ Calixta Harper : the only issue is he's still in Eden and he's not interested in that type of woman
[13:33:38] @ Calixta Harper : but that's a bridge we'll cross when we get to it, lol

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Plotting for Sander 12/20/12
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