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 Jonathan Nikita Zolnerowich

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PostSubject: Jonathan Nikita Zolnerowich   Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:15 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Jonathan Nikita Zolnerowich
Nickname: Thane
Age: (Profile is meant for an adult Jonathan Zolnerowich; as of present [2045] he is 3)
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-blood, but declares pure to keep his father happy
House: Future Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Depends on the timeline.


Parents: Vinzent and Veronica Zolnerowich
Grandparents: Stepan and Mirella Zolnerowich (paternal); (maternal unknown)
Siblings: Charisma and Symphony
Aunts & Uncles: Roland, Simon, Tatiana, and Veronica Zolnerowich
Nieces & Nephews: None yet/TBA
Cousins: Michael (Roland’s); Lena (Simon’s); Isabelle and Bogdan (Tatiana’s); Charles, Serena, and Kevin (Veronica’s)
Children: None Yet
Grandkids: None Yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Neck
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6’1”
Build: Lanky


Crushes: Rook Future – Annette Blake
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Rook Future – Dating Annette Blake

-How I act-

Personality: Jonathan Zolnerowich is a young man that tends to keep to himself. He typically does not like confrontation and as a result will refuse to make waves unless there is something in it for him that he really wants. Growing up in a household where the parent preferred Jonathan be seen and not heard has taught him how to be stealthy. It also paved the way for easy frustration, a dash of pessimism, and a huge dent in self-esteem. Always has Jonathan been searching for acceptance: even after it was learned he was Vinzent’s son the wizard still hated him, was told he’d never amount to anything and was a disgrace to the family name, being treated almost worse than the house-elves. His younger sister, Symphony, was no better. Only his older half-sister, Charisma, truly seemed to care. She seemed far more like a mother to him than a sibling.

By the same token, Jonathan doesn’t want acceptance at the loss of his own individuality. He doesn’t much care for bloodstatus, and has argued with his father on the matter to the point of threatened disownment. Although that’s usually a distressing enough threat to get the young man to back down and “behave” according to pureblood ideals, he’s not the best-behaved of Vinzent’s children. Contrary to popular belief he does have a trouble-making side... it just needs an occasional nudge. With all of the seriousness he faces at home, all Jonathan wants to do is have fun when he’s finally free of torturous family members. It is nothing for Jonathan to break into his father’s cabinets to steal a bit of alcohol or other substances in an attempt to find fun and escape, no matter how short of a time it might last for.

In turn with the earlier statement of Thane being easy to frustrate, so too does the youth possess a brutal temper – much like his father’s. Neither he nor Vinzent appreciate other people’s remarks at how alike they are. This statement alone, or any other comparison to his father, regardless of the amount of truth to it, is what sets him off the most frequently. He is highly independent and has a mixed opinion of assistance. Depending on the person one may be received well or given a clipped order to back off.

At his core Jonathan is simply a distressed youth craving even the smallest shred of acceptance but too proud and/or drained of hope to beg for it. He can be kind, warm, and compassionate to those who show him kindness in return, but at times he has a difficulties looking on the bright side for his or another’s sake. His quiet nature makes him come across as shy. Threats of rejection and being rejected are not handled well at all. He loves dangerous activities that get the adrenalin pumping, for it is these times when he could potentially die that he truly feels alive.


Your Story Please? It was assumed by Vinzent even before Jonathan was out of his mother’s womb that he was the product of an affair. Prior to Jonathan’s birth, Vinzent was a busy family man who worked at the Ministry and barely had enough time for his wife and children. Veronica accused him of having affairs. Then, when Vinzent decided to slow his climbing to the top of the occupational ladder, Veronica was out for hours on end at night. Vinzent accused her of having affairs. Somewhere in the miscommunication his parents managed to meet and conceive him, though it was very nearly a miracle that Jonathan was legitimate at all.

When Veronica learned early on that she was pregnant, she began warming up to Vinzent again. She told all of their friends over dinner that she was expecting again. It was quite possible the move was to ensure that Vinzent wouldn’t strike her and question the child’s paternity – to do so in front of company would disgrace himself just as much as it would humiliate her.

It was in late winter of 2042 that Jonathan Zolnerowich came into the world. He was removed from his deceased mother’s body by medical professionals in an attempt to save his barely-begun life. A slight head injury was suffered in his mother’s dying scuffle. Although Jonathan doesn’t remember the event himself, Vinzent stared long and hard into the boy’s hospital crib in an attempt to decide what to do with him. From the moment of Jonathan’s first wail he was never truly wanted... He almost ended up in an orphanage had it not been for Vinzent’s shred of guilt that he may have killed Veronica for nothing.

Vinzent’s parenting style weaves between authoritarian and uninvolved toward Charisma and Jonathan, and permissive towards Symphony. Jonathan’s needs were met by attentive house-elves. His wants were often brushed away by Vinzent, only to be picked up by Charisma. His eldest sister was more like a mother to him, and it was often behind her legs that Jonathan hid when meeting someone new. He is often yelled at by his father – sometimes even hexed or cursed – and is often at the mercy of his older sister, Symphony, when Charisma is away. From dressing him up like a girl to locking him in various small rooms, Symphony has done it. Vinzent does little about the sibling cruelty and doesn’t hesitate to berate Jonathan for letting his sister do these things. Jonathan is eternally stuck between a rock and a hard place, for retaliation in kind against Symphony is not at all tolerated.

Rook Future –
Is born part-vampire, as Vinzent was one when Jonathan was conceived.

Once it is proven that Jonathan is biologically his, Vinzent’s treatment toward him does not improve.

When Vinzent refuses to be Corvus’ puppet and is marked a traitor, those attributes are transferred onto Thane by some – most notably Lycurgus Blake and Lilith MacDougal.

Eventually takes interest in and falls for Annette Blake... despite the infamy of her father.


Magic Specialty Dueling, Herbology, and Dark Arts/Defense
Favorite Spell: Petrificus Totalus

-Other information-

- Likes being liked; doesn’t handle rejection well; craves acceptance
- Brutal temper
- Blood (due to his vampiric genes)
- Pessimism
- Adrenaline junkie

+ Compassionate
+ Resourceful
+ Stealthy
+ Taking risks
+ Independent
+ Stubborn

Favorite Color: Dark gray
Theme song: Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park

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Jonathan Nikita Zolnerowich
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