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 Lycurgus Blake's Character Extras

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PostSubject: Lycurgus Blake's Character Extras   Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:14 pm

Lycurgus Blake

About the Family
Ancestry: This particular branch of the Blake family contains primarily British and Russian ancestry, with a splash of Welsh.

Family in General: The family is your typical Old Pureblooded type, or at least it was. Zinoviya’s side of the Dolohov family was on the lower end of their social class, while Evan’s side of the Blake family was still very well off. Evan and Zinoviya are both dead, murdered by their eldest son, Lycurgus. Lycurgus and his youngest brother, Lysander, as well as their niece Selene Stone, are the oldest remaining members of the family to date.

Important Persons to Lycurgus:

Many future plots for Lycurgus’s story arc are likely listed here... subject to change about, possibly.

Lysander Blake; Brother – When Lysander was born, Lycurgus hadn’t a clue what to do with a baby brother and felt as though the baby had replaced him in the eyes of his family. He didn’t like the infant, and probably would’ve offed Lysander if he hadn’t just come home from The Institution. As of the present Lycurgus has been trying his worst to reunite with this youngest brother and get to know him. Observing how the people in Eden eventually start treating his brother makes Lycurgus develop a sort of protectiveness towards Lysander. Asking “Curry” why this is so will not yield much for an answer.

Selene Stone; Niece – Selene was, initially, the daughter that Lycurgus hadn’t had at the time of her birth. Testifying against him in court has made Lycurgus want little more than to exact revenge on his niece. The only problem, it seems, is finding her: he doesn’t know where she was taken or who adopted her, or even how to find out this information.

April Blake; Deceased – Sister-in-law – Lycurgus had a lasting crush on April, but his younger brother Leonidas beat him to the punch. A drunken night found Lycurgus confused and delusional about April’s connections to his family. He believed April to be his wife, and having an affair with his younger brother. This led to Leonidas’s murder and April’s kidnapping. When April refused Lycurgus’s affections, the wizard snapped.

Corvus Darrow; Friend – Lycurgus feels as though he has a true friend in Corvus – a brother whom he never got the chance to have since Leonidas was the Golden Child and the age gap between himself and Lysander left Lycurgus disinterested.

September-Rose Williams; Nurse; Desired Romantic Interest – Nurse Williams oversees and dispenses the potions administered to clients of the mental ward of St. Mungo’s. Her resemblance to April turned Lycurgus on, and he tried every trick in the book he could manage to try and get her to “see things his way.” After long hours of waiting for just the right moment, Lycurgus went after her but it wasn’t meant to be. On the bright side, though: he managed to rip the necklace off her, which he still keeps as a sort of trophy.

Lachina Nott; Romantic Interest – Info pending

Leslie Macnair; Romantic Interest – Info pending

Lilith MacDougal; Romantic Interest – Shortly after Corvus married Ariadne, Lycurgus started sharing a bed with Lilith. The two argued incessantly – Lilith over Lycurgus’s messy, brutish, and/or childlike ways and Lycurgus about her whining over every little thing. Eventually Lycurgus grew bored with her, and they went their separate ways.

Liara Lightle-Hall; Romantic Interest – Info Pending

Daisy; Romantic Interest – People tried telling Lycurgus that dating a Fury was a bad idea, but he didn’t listen. A “misunderstanding” in the form of infidelity, on Lycurgus’s part, led to the ruin of this relationship... as well as one particular Fury or two wanting little else than his head on a platter. His attempts to regain her failed despite being considerable in both size and number. Daisy was the first, after April, that Lycurgus truly loved. There are times where Lycurgus will simply stare longingly at Daisy (when no one is looking), and other times where he would do anything to avoid her. He sees her departure from his life as abandonment, and is resentful and heartbroken over the whole fiasco.

Annette Blake; Daughter – Lycurgus might not be the cuddliest man in the world, or the most loving wizard when it comes to children, but he is fiercely protective of the daughter he had with Liara. Even so much as a single hair out of place on this girl’s head will earn whatever poor soul the full, brutal wrath of Lycurgus. It is hardly a secret that losing Annette would tear to shreds what little sanity Lycurgus has left.

Audrey Bishop; Future/Current Romantic Interest – Lycurgus has fallen deep in his relationship with the violent witch, Audrey Bishop. He gives back what she dishes out, and will gladly go to the edge of being beaten unconscious by her. Most of the current scars mending on the wizard’s skin were likely put there by Audrey. There is still the potential for infidelity, but it seems clear to both parties that what they have is a completely open relationship.

Darcy Addison; Therapist – The relationship with Darcy is a confusing one. On the one hand, Lycurgus finds that he can go and talk to Darcy in the event of needing advice about anything. On the other, Darcy is responsible for invading his mind, drawing out Seth Dolohov and other alters for study, as well as accessing Merlin only knows what else rattling around inside Lycurgus’s head. Lycurgus even remembers the excruciating mind invasions, and his sadomasochistic ways somewhat enjoyed those instances in ways likely best not mentioned. There is trust, but it is limited.

Ava Zolnerowich-Blake; Future Granddaughter – Much like Lysander’s arrival to the family, it took quite a bit for Lycurgus to get used to having a granddaughter... let alone one who is half-vampire. To honor his wish to be called anything but “grandpa,” Ava’s parents have insisted that the girl refer to him as “Pappa Curry”.

Unnamed; Future Grandson – Info pending

Distinguishing Features (not previously mentioned)
~ Multiple scars

Medical/Criminal History
- Hospitalizations for: wounds; variously sourced (hexes, curses, physical traumas). Scarring ensued.
- Age 9: Manifestation of Dissociative Identity Disorder alter, Seth Dolohov.
- Age 10: Institutionalization for excessive force; Diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder

- Killing of a classmate; attributed to Antisocial Personality Disorder. Ruled as a case of self-defense.

- Resident at St. Mungo’s Psychiatric Ward as sentencing for several murders. Lycurgus has since undergone testing and treatments for the following disorders: Paranoid Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Sadistic Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia.

General Extras
Amortentia: Blood, (TBA), and (TBA)
Animagus?: Is not able to become an animagus
Boggart: The Healer in charge of his shock spell treatments at St. Mungo’s
Best Memory:
- Childhood: Leaving home
- Adolescence: Best left unstated... has to do with a girl he was involved with
- Young Adulthood: “Adopting” his niece, Selene
- Middle Adulthood: Annie’s birth

Birthday: December 21
Organizations and Affiliates: Purist Society
Medical Proxy: Darcy Addison (Default); Annette Blake (later)
Patronus: Doesn’t have one
Phobias (if any): Claustrophobic; fear of being restrained; fear of being locked up; fear of being/dying alone
Languages (fluency): English (native), Russian (moderate; choppy)
Worst Memory:
- Childhood: too many to list
- Adolescence: stigma of having been institutionalized catching up with him at school; involved kids turning his robes into straitjackets, beatings, and pretend “therapy” sessions where anything goes if it humiliated or hurt him.
- Young Adulthood: Shock spell therapy sessions; restrained or locked away at Saint Mungo’s
- Middle Adulthood: Loss of Daisy as a love interest; nearly losing Annie because of his anti-wedding antics

Likes (+) and Dislikes (-)
+ Women
+ Men
+ Sadomasochism
+ Getting his way
+ Blood pops
+ Booze (preferences for vodka and absinthe, particularly)
+ Smoking
+ Drawing things on the wall, often risqué or crude in nature
+ Destructive spellwork


- Oatmeal
- Grits
- Any food that has a chewed-up-and-spat-out look or texture (applesauce, cottage cheese, etc)
- Vampires
- Werewolves
- Some of the alters he is aware of
- Potions
- Being mocked
- Being ignored
- Abandonment
- Involuntary or forced loneliness


The calm before the storm...

Hanging out with Leonidas (not shown)

School photo, casual

New hair color

Young love...?

St Mungo’s Intake and Haircut

Ward waiting room blues

Trying his best...

Getting some of that hair back...

Released from the Ward

Smile... it confuses people.

Momentarily cuddly

Father/Daughter moment

Frustration upon frustration...

Decline into regret

Last-ditch apology – denied!


Stubborn withdrawal

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Lycurgus Blake's Character Extras
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